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Upscale Your ROI With Our Affordable Digital Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing is the new-age marketing approach that has affected industries all around the world. There is no sector that has not witnessed the influence of digital marketing. Of course, you too, are looking out for the most suitable digital marketing solution for your business. If so, Mind Mingles’ digital marketing packages will make your eyes shine with glittering hopes.

While exploring the market for the best digital marketing packages in India, you must have come across many. And we mean really so many, but which one would be the “best” or we must say the “bestest” for you, will depend upon your business’s requirements.

We at Mind Mingles have different digital marketing plans to meet the online marketing needs of every niche and firm size. We are more than happy to provide you with customized packages as well if that is what you need. Whichever of our plans you pick, one thing is guaranteed, your e-marketing strategy will get a 360-degree revamp.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the modern-day technique that focuses on online marketing to foster a business’ online presence. It makes it easy for businesses to reach out to their online market and earn revenues. With the internet being used more than ever, people are increasingly inclined toward digital marketing services.

Digital marketing has become inevitable for businesses that wish to boost their online promotions. That’s why the competition in online advertising is so cut-throat, and no business owner wants to stay behind.

Why Should You Invest In Digital Marketing Packages?

Considering that the internet is the first place people go looking for products and services, digital marketing packages are really a worthwhile investment. It multiplies a business’ ROI to major extents. There are three key reasons why business owners should invest in a digital marketing plan:
Tough Competition
Tough Competition
To Earn Customer Loyalty

Benefits Of Investing In Digital Marketing Packages

Digital marketing has to be on your priority list if you wish to get your business shown in the online market. These packages are of significant advantages for any business as they:

Build Brand Awareness

Every business firm wants to make people aware of their products and services. Especially when it comes to the online market, it is a lot more tedious. Digital marketing can boost brand awareness for businesses of any size. It makes it easy for your client to find your business. This means a well-structured digital marketing plan can get you more clients.

Are Cost-Effective

Digital marketing packages are cost-effective in the long run. These might seem like a massive investment at first, but if you do the aftermath, its advantages weigh much more. Among today’s media channels, internet marketing is the one that provides more in less. With a suitable package by your side, you can keep track of whether it generates optimum results for you or not. You can even modify the campaign strategies and shift the investment to the areas that are generously generating revenues for you. But you’ll only be able to reap these benefits if you’ve picked the RIGHT PLAN. For that, you first need to know different kinds of digital marketing models for pricing packages.

Increase Engagement

Businesses must not just highlight themselves on online platforms. They must try to build a healthy relationship with clients so as to retain them for longer. When you opt for digital marketing plans like SMO, you will get the most engagement using social media sites. Similarly, you can expect to get the most out of the plan that you will select. Depending upon your plan, you can increase your traffic and sales from search engines, pay-per-click ads, and social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Pricing Packages Models

Since there are enterprises of different sizes and their goals also vary, pricing packages differ for digital marketing agencies too. The three primary digital marketing pricing models are:
Hourly Rates
Monthly Rates
Project-Based Rates

How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Package For Your Business?

Define Your Goals

Firstly, you need to figure out your goal. Only after analyzing your business’s digital marketing needs will you be able to select a suitable package.

Set A Budget

Then you need to think about the amount of investment you can make in a particular digital marketing package.

Choose The Right Agency

There are a plethora of digital marketing companies in India and abroad. But it is up to you to go for the one that can meet your business requirements. So make sure to take out some time for thorough research before hiring a digital marketing agency.

Discuss The Terms & Conditions

Once you’re confident about the digital marketing agency, you must discuss with them your requirements and goals. They’ll tell you about their working procedures and terms. After the discussion, you can move on to the final step.

Pick The Plan

Once the discussion ends and you’ve made up your mind as to which plan to go ahead with, you can start formulating the necessary procedures.

Our Digital Marketing Packages At A Glance

Comprehensive SEO Packages

Boost your website visibility with our comprehensive SEO Packages at pocket-friendly costs.

Mobile SEO Packages

Avail best Mobile SEO Packages from us in your budget and get a mobile-friendly optimized website/app.

SMM Packages

Our social media marketing plans will get you the best engagement through promotional campaigns.

Content Marketing Packages

We offer the most affordable content marketing packages for blog/article publishing along with a do-follow link from high DA sites.

PPC Packages

Want to reach the masses in a way that you don’t go unnoticed? Our PPC Packages will do the needful for your business.

Local SEO Packages

Make your local audience familiar with your business brand name and get quality traffic.

Content Writing Packages

Get unique and optimized quality content for blogs, web pages, quora, press releases, etc.

Link Building Packages

Choose the best suitable link building packages for your website that fulfill your needs in your budget.

ORM Packages

Acquire your audience’s trust with our ORM Packages and build brand authority.

App Marketing Packages

Witness an increase in your app installs and enrich your user experience with our app store marketing packages.

eCommerce Marketing

Our eCommerce marketing solutions will increase your eCommerce store visibility and ROI.

Facebook Marketing Packages

Generate higher returns on Facebook Advertising Campaigns and develop a strong business presence

Instagram Marketing Packages

People are engaging with businesses over Instagram now more than ever, so don’t miss out.

SoundCloud Marketing Packages

Reach out to your audience through podcasts, audio lectures, etc. in an appropriate file type.

LinkedIn Marketing Packages

Get potential organic traffic from LinkedIn with the right ad sets and keep your business trending.

Twitter Marketing Packages

Promote your business on Twitter with unique video ads, infographic ads, and appropriate hashtags with our marketing strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Packages

Acquire a wide customer base with our Pinterest advertising packages and escalate your SOI.

YouTube Marketing Packages

Get visible through the right type of video ads on the most used video-based search engine.

Guest Blogging Packages

Want to develop strong connections with trusted influencers and website owners? Explore our guest blogging packages.

Blog Management Packages

We provide full-fledged blog management services so be assured of getting optimized and quality content right on schedule.

Conversion Optimization Packages

Boost your conversion optimization rate and ROI with our tactful approach.

SEO Reseller Packages

Get white label SEO Reseller services and claim all the credit for quality services.

Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Packages?

Mind Mingles have been working in the digital marketing industry for over 8 years. Our specialized digital marketing solutions are well-suited for businesses of different sizes and nature. With us, you need not worry about your website ranking, organic traffic, and client retention.

Want to know how our digital marketing packages are perfect for you? Here you go:

Customized Packages

We understand that businesses have different requirements, even if they are in the same niche. Our digital marketing solutions are created to suit the diverse needs of distinct industries. We are open to molding the packages and creating customized packages just to serve your business needs. So if you feel you need something more included in the package, then we are here. You need not worry over anything as we’ll take care of every minute detail.


We value your investment because we want to retain you. That’s why we have created affordable digital marketing solutions that have the power to transform your online marketing strategy. Our digital marketing pricing plans are built to be pocket-friendly for our clients. We are indeed not low-cost but cost-effective. There are several digital marketing agencies that charge high rates for even basic services in the field. But we believe in giving total value for your money. Our affordable packages are the reason we’re the go-to option for small and medium-sized business organizations also.

100% Guaranteed Results

Our clients trust us with our digital marketing packages in India and US because we have assisted them in achieving their business goals. We don’t make fake promises to get a project, we ask for a reasonable time and adhere to strict quality measures. Our results have thrilled our clients, and that is our motivation to deliver even better. So with our digital marketing solutions, you surely will get the desired ROI for your business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a digital marketing agency with over 8 years of experience. You can avail digital marketing packagesfor the following services from us:


Local SEO

Mobile SEO



Content Writing & Marketing

Link Building

E-Commerce Marketing


App Marketing

We can understand that online marketing is a complex area. If you’re puzzled about deciding which package will cater to all your business requirements, then get in touch with us. We can resolve this for you with a detailed discussion pertaining to your business needs and marketing analysis. Our team will inspect your case and draw out a customized digital marketing package. We will suggest the best solution, and the decision will be yours.
Different companies follow different models for digital marketing models for pricing and charge different amounts. Not all digital marketing agencies provide high-cost packages. A number of factors affect a digital marketing plan cost such as experience and business requirements. We have affordable digital marketing solutions which don’t compromise on quality.
Of course. In order to make your site discoverable among your customers, E-Commerce Marketing Packages are a must. Such a package will boost your site’s performance on different devices and make it easily accessible. This way, you’ll get maximum traffic and conversions.
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