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Is Your Website Traffic Not Turning Into Conversions? Generate Excellent ROI With Mind Mingles- The Best Conversion Optimization Agency

While SEO and PPC attract new customers, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services help retain the existing clients with a tactful approach. Mind Mingles is an experienced conversion optimization agency that focuses on boosting your brand presence and ensures that the quality traffic turns into regular buyers for your business.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

CRO is the process of implementing certain activities that encourages users to take an action when they come across your website or app. It is linked with the action (or measure) that a business owner wants its prospective buyers to take. Here are a few conversion measures-


Add To Cart


App Installs




In the era of digital promotions, conversion rate speaks of the growth potential of a business. That’s why more and more business organizations are getting thoughtful about it.

Benefits Of Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Acquiring new customers is a troublesome task even after investing heavily in online promotions. Despite high website or app traffic, businesses often face a phase where they can’t generate optimum profits. This is where conversion optimization services can prove to be beneficial. CRO deals with eliminating the problems that become a barrier between your business and your actual buyers’ purchase decision.

CRO Services have the following positive impacts on a business-


Assists in formulating data-driven strategies.


Helps in designing user-friendly resources


Increase the flow and quality of the sales funnel.

Whether you want to flourish your e-commerce business or generate ROI from your app or website, CRO Services can help you. With Mind Mingles, you’ll experience a drastic reduction in your cost per acquisition and see your ROI going upwards.

With Conversion Rate Optimization Services, You’ll Get

Website Traffic


Page Views

Click-Through Rate (CTR)


Exit Rate

Bounce Rate


Key Conversion Rate Optimization Metrics

Reliable Data Insights

Enhanced Site/App Structure & UX/UI Design

Optimized Title, Headings & URLs

Easy Navigations

Simplified Field Forms

Optimized & Noticeable CTAs

Performing Keywords

Boastful Ad Campaigns

Improved Sales Funnel

More Leads & Conversions

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Our Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Mind Mingles is a trusted conversion optimization agency helping clients in India & US with end-to-end solutions to increase conversions. Our area of conversion optimization services include

User Behaviour Analysis

We analyze user behaviour for browsing patterns and purchase patterns. Our expert team utilizes advanced tools and researches industry trends in your niche. It helps in forecasting the users’ expectations based on data-driven results and modifying vital elements accordingly for conversions.

CRO Auditing

We run auditing for landing pages, sales funnels, and promotional channels. It helps to analyze how well your audience is interacting with your site/app. It highlights the obstacles in your business growth and creating a flexible strategy targeting your goals.

Heat Maps Analysis

We track heat maps and provide helpful insights like where users spend more time on your site/app and how far a user scrolls. We also figure out the non-performing areas and elements including CTAs, content, graphics, etc. for improvement.

Google Analytics Data

Our CRO Analysts plan strategies based on analytical data about page visits, views, organic traffic, user time, user engagement trends, etc. from Google Analytics. Google-backed reliable figures and our experts’ data evaluation will present crystal clear performance of your site/app.

Website/App Design Improvisations

We make the placements of CTAs, content, graphics, and other elements presentable. To boost user engagement and product demand, we provide website design and development services for e-commerce and other businesses. Till date we have increased conversions for our several clients.

A/B Testing

As a part of our conversion optimization services, we do A/B testing. We also run several multivariate tests for optimizing your website/app. These hypotheses and tests serve as a building block for working on functioning areas of landing pages.

Content Writing

We have an excellent team that can prepare enticing, to-the-point, and seo-optimized content that can increase user engagement and stimulate users to take purchase-oriented action. Our appealing content pieces have boosted conversion rate for many e-commerce site projects and an app.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our CRO team and SEO experts work together to optimize your site/app for desktop and mobile, and manage your ad campaigns. We deploy advanced tools for keyword research and performance monitoring. Our clients have seen a major increase in their conversions.

Why Choose Us For Conversion Optimization Services?

Mind Mingles is a specialized conversion optimization agency that offers-

Expertise & Experienced Team

Our experienced CRO team, SEO experts, and the team of writers put in collaborative efforts for your project. With expertise and years of experience, we have uplifted conversion rates for several businesses in e-commerce and retail.

Meaningful Approach

Our team performs in-depth R&D and then works upon the key factors including mockup designs, coding and A/B testing. We use high-tech industry tools for analyzing user behavior patterns, industry trends and site/app performance.

High-End Tools

In such a dynamic era, we stay updated about technological and algorithmic advancements. That’s why we research, compare and evaluate different tools. We utilize reliable and advanced tools for analyzing industry trends and user behaviour.

Affordable Services

Our conversion rate optimization services are budget-friendly and highly effective. We are known for providing quality services at competitive prices across different industries. That’s why our client base includes large, medium and small-scale business enterprises.

Proven Track Record

We have assisted many e-commerce and retail business owners in increasing their conversion rates. Our strategies are comprehensive and leave no area unaddressed. We have over 500+ happy clients who have seen their conversions going upward.

On-Time Reporting

We keep you posted with the progress on your project over regular time intervals. We would love to show you the fruit of our efforts and detailed insights into improvement in various CRO metrics.

Platforms We Refine











Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) revolves around implementing certain activities that increase the percentage of users who take a desired action, for instance- make a purchase, while they are on your website or app.

Conversion Rate is calculated by dividing the total number of conversions by the total number of visitors (or users) of your website or app.

Let’s say your website got 2000 visitors in a month but only 200 purchased the products (purchase being your conversion measure here). In that case, your conversion rate would be 10%.

CRO Services are essential for every business organization that wants to increase its revenue. However, businesses dealing in e-commerce, digital marketing and performance marketing must invest in CRO Services.

It mainly depends on the industry and firm size. In addition to that, it also depends on the nature of the business, site/app structure, content, graphics, etc. So there is no hard and fast benchmark for it. That’s why our CRO Experts develop a well-suited plan of action for a business after analyzing various elements.

SEO and CRO are both different concepts. SEO is related to activities that boost your business’s online presence before your audience. Whereas, CRO is related to activities that encourage your audience to take a desired action when they come across your website or app. A business can get maximum benefits by compiling both SEO and CRO techniques.

We assign canonical tags to the main page so that search engines can crawl them without any confusion. This shows how better the new designs are likely to perform for your site/app.

We utilize third-party tools and applications to gather and assess data for CRO based on which we formulate a strategic plan. Our CRO services have reduced cart abandonment for several e-commerce sites and have turned prospects into customers for businesses in diverse niches.

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