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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

If your website is turning away visitors and your shopping cart abandonment rate is too high then you are in serious need of conversion rate optimization services.

A conversion is an explicit action you would like your website visitors to take on the website or the landing page

For Instance:

  • Register
  • Buy
  • Download
  • Refer us
  • Chat
conversion rate optimization services

And more, conversion events change the website visitors into customers or leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the art of getting a high percentage of your websites visitors to leap in and make a purchase or generate a lead. As a Mind Mingles client, you would get full-service optimization solutions for design, web analytics, copywriting, development as well as implementation. You’ll obtain test results to statistically verify which website or landing page variant gives you most conversions. With us, you can considerably improve your conversion rate without any extra work by you.

Your website is almost certainly getting new visitors while you are reading this. But how many of them will turn into leads? Conversion optimization process can help you increase the proportion of visitors who’ll turn into your next customers.

We start the process by analyzing what sort of website traffic is going to which pages. It is essential to make sure that each page is getting traffic from the correct sources. For instance your home page should not be receiving traffic for searches of your products and services; instead each type of products and services should have its separate landing page. This way, your users immediately locate what they are looking for and are more probable to take an action like making a purchase or requesting your services.

How We Can We Help In Your Website Conversion Optimization Goals?

  • We reduce the amount of calls-to-action to bare minimum and ensure that they correspond with the intent of the user that has stumbled upon the landing page.
  • We reduce the amount of visual distractions on your web pages to focus the eyes of your users on something which will turn them into a potential customer.
  • We analyze every landing page, to ensure that the messaging on the web page is understandable and matches with the types of searches that will direct users to discover the page in the first place.
  • We eradicate unnecessary requests from users by reforming the process through which either they make a purchase or they request services.

Our teams add elements to your landing page or pages to inculcate trust with the user.

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