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Performance Driven PPC Management Company

Want to grow sales and ROI really quick? PPC is the solution you need. Mind Mingles is a certified PPC Management Company that provides splendid paid ad services for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. We run result-oriented paid ad campaigns for top platforms such as- Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Specializations Of Our PPC Management Service

What Is PPC Advertising ?

PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising revolves around running paid ad campaigns on various online search platforms to increase brand visibility and ROI. It is the most economical alternative for advertising online as it generates cost as and when a pre-decided campaign goal is achieved. The campaign goal can be a click, email sign-up, contact information form, feedback form, product/service booking link, etc.

Why Does Your Business Need A PPC Company ?

Profit and thoughtful investment hold a crucial place for any business. PPC has the potential to optimally increase the former and manage the latter. Here are three key reasons why your business needs a PPC Company

• A professional PPC Agency can accelerate your sales and returns with skyrocketing speed. It is the most convenient tool for getting a wider audience base instantly.

• Not just that, pay-per-click ads also save your money from burning by specifically targeting quality leads who have the intent to make a purchase. Business firms can allocate this saved amount to other areas.

• Pay-per-click ad campaigns are also free of any kind of restrictions. You can target your audience when they’re the most active. This means you can tactfully and smartly manage your budget and run the campaign at flexible times.

Services Of Our PPC Management Agency

Want to expand your client base economically in almost no time? Get quality leads and overbrimming sales funnel your way with our top-rated PPC Marketing Services.

Paid Search Management

We ensure you improved search engine rankings with our paid search management services. Our qualified and experienced AdWords consultants are skilled in bidding and ad placements.

Paid Social Ads Management

Let’s make your business a viral name on social media platforms with our paid social ad campaigns and manage different platforms as per the target audience.

Remarketing Ads Management

With remarketing ad campaigns, we’ll ensure your old audience recalls your products/services. Such an audience has higher chances of converting into sales and increasing ROI.

Display Ads Management

Display ads can effectively contribute to your sales funnel. We’ll design compelling and catchy display ads and distribute them over search engines and social media platforms.

YouTube Ads Management

We utilize one of the most favored visual ad search engines- YouTube. YouTube advertising has an abundance of alternatives to target the audience with compelling video ads.

PPC Landing Page Creation & Management

 We can create highly impactful landing pages to direct your audience to a relevant page for lead generation or email sign up or contact forms, etc.

Shopping Ads Management

We can reach out to your target audience for ecommerce sites with paid shopping ads. This elevates the chances of sales conversions by displaying your offerings.

PPC Campaign Auditing

We always go the whole nine yards to acquire the best results for our clients. You’ll get detailed and simplified reports of your paid ad campaigns.

Benefits Of Hiring A PPC Agency

Businesses have eye-witnessed bright and sky-high advantages of PPC turning their sales curve upwards and you can too. A professional PPC Agency can thus provide you with

Improved Brand Visibility

PPC ad campaigns can make your business stand out from the crowd and highlight it in top search results.

Increased Quality Traffic

A PPC Agency will disburse your campaign budget on quality lead generation by targeting an audience with high purchase intent.

Maximized ROI

With PPC your sales will escalate and your spend will be controlled, increasing your returns in a blink of an eye.

Time Management

Hiring a pay-per-click management company will get you enough time to manage your day-to-day business operations without worrying about campaign management.

Performance Driven PPC Management Company

Want to grow sales and ROI really quick? PPC is the solution you need.

PPC And SEO Are Two Sides Of A Coin

Are you also struggling to choose between PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search engine optimization)?

PPC and SEO both are highly essential parts of online advertising. These two tactics serve the same function of promoting your business. The only difference is that PPC serves results rather quickly than SEO. But this doesn’t mean that SEO is neglectable. SEO drives potential traffic and increases brand visibility gradually which comparatively lasts for longer.

PPC and SEO when implemented altogether can deliver splendid results. When integrated efforts are made to make PPC and SEO campaigns a success. Making a stronger positive impact on brand image and ROI can be done splendidly with integrated efforts on both the campaigns. Nonetheless, if you need quick results with a limited budget, PPC is the optimal solution for you. At Mind Mingles, we have comprehensive PPC Packages and SEO Packages for different business requirements.

Advanced Approach Of Our PPC Management Agency

Why Choose Us As Your PPC Management Company ?

With our PPC Agency, you’ll get:

Result Oriented Efforts

We don’t waste your campaign budget unnecessarily on non-performing areas, rather we optimize them for driving quality results.

Compelling Ad Copies

We design compelling and optimized ad copies and run A/B Testing before finalizing them for performance-oriented results.

Overall Campaign Management

From account set-up to objective selection to campaign management, we handle every single aspect of your PPC Ads.

Transparent Reporting Format

With us, you’ll get periodic reports in simplified formats so that you can get a grasp of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The factors that determine the cost of a PPC Ad Campaign include-


Bidding Model

Quality Score

Ad Quality

PPC Bidding Mechanism has a major influence on the ad campaign. It is a crucial deciding factor for keyword and ad placements over different search platforms. You can either rely on a manual bidding mechanism or an automated bidding mechanism.

Here are major PPC Ad Placement Platforms:







LinkedIn, etc.

Here are a few activities that we perform to run a successful PPC Campaign for E-Commerce (and Amazon) store owners-

Target Right Keywords

Optimize Product Images

List Down Product Features

Assign Relevant Product Category

Manage Product Price

Utilize Sponsored Ads

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