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Hire Dedicated Resources From Mind Mingles

People are the biggest asset and resource of a company. That’s why you must hire dedicated resources.

Resourcefulness is imperative to a business’s growth, but getting it is not that easy. E-marketing has just revamped the whole publicizing scenario, and if you fail to hire dedicated resources for managing your business’s online presence, then you are losing a big game. In today’s digital era, when the market is full of service providers, picking the right resource partner is far more complex than it seems to be.

Hiring dedicated resources isn’t a cinch. It requires proper planning and analysis in place. Today’s dynamic business environment demands offshoring altogether with outsourcing. And, it also can fetch over-the-top rewarding results for you. Whether you have a short-term project at hand or you run a business organization, some key targets are common to hit for both

  • Professional Approach
  • Transparency
  • On-Time Project Delivery
You get this all if you hire Mind Mingles' dedicated resources!

Hiring Dedicated Resources: Is It Really Worth It?

If you’ve any of the below-stated requirements, hiring dedicated resources can be one of the best decisions you’ve taken till now:

  • Need To Increase The Team Size
  • Require Constant Moderations In Most Projects
  • Can’t Spend Time In Hiring Or Training But Need To Add A Perfect Fit To The Team

Hiring dedicated resources have such major benefits that you can’t overlook them.

Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Resources

No Supervision Needed

When you hire dedicated resources, you need not monitor them all the time. The company will deliver daily, weekly or monthly reports to you.

Save Your Money

Our app developers can develop native, hybrid and web apps for android mobile, iPhone, android TV, android watch and desktop.

Save Your Time

Hiring a dedicated team not only saves your time that could have otherwise been spent on fetching competitive talent and training them for your project.

Smooth Communication & Synchronization

When you hire dedicated resources, a project manager will be allotted to ensure proper coordination between the activities making it easy to work on all details.

Hire Dedicated Resources

With Mind Mingles, you can hire dedicated resources in the below-stated fields:

Hire Dedicated App Developer

Investing in a full-time team of professionals can be expensive. To save such heavy costs, you can simply hire dedicated resources as per your project requirements.

React Native

Hire Dedicated Web Developer/Designer

We can provide you with single-page or multi-page website developers whether you need it to be dynamic or static with new-age features.


Hire Dedicated SEO Experts

Leverage the expertise of our SEO experts whether you need business exposure from local, national or global markets.

Google Keyword Planner
Google Analytics

Hire Dedicated Content Writers

Let our qualified team of writers create engaging and SEO-optimized content for you based on your niche specification.

Yoast SEO

Hire Dedicated Online Reputation Managers

We can provide a dedicated team of ORM experts to handle and resolve online issues and keep your positive image intact.

Sprout social

Hire Dedicated PPC Experts

Hire our paid ad experts to get the most of your campaign investment on high-performing social and search platforms.

Google Keyword Planner
Google Analytics

Hire Dedicated SMO Experts

Our social media experts can strengthen your social media presence and keep your audience hooked with bite-sized content.

Google Analytics
Social Pilots

Hire Dedicated E-Commerce Experts

We can deploy dedicated e-commerce experts to boost your product visibility online and optimize your e-store app/website.

Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Screaming Frog

Why Hire Dedicated Resources From Us/Mind Mingles?

That’s a good question, and you must know why you should join hands with us! We are up to the mark if you need to hire dedicated resources in the digital marketing field because:

We are a professional firm having the under-stated Accreditations

We Maintain Confidentiality

Whether it's a web development project or a mobile app project for which you require dedicated resources, we put contracts in place so that you aren't stressed about the confidentiality of your project or idea/concept.

We Follow A Flexible Approach

We understand that digital marketing isn't a straight ride. So to sail through the ups and downs and turns of this road, we readily exercise the strategies that need to be formulated to get your requirements fulfilled.

We Don't Overburden Your Pocket

Hiring dedicated resources seems like a next to impossible task to many small and business entrepreneurs. But with us, you have liberty to choose services that you need as per your project requirements without compromising on the quality.

We Have 10 Years Of Experience

We are not a newbie in digital marketing. Our 10 years of experience and testimonials speak for that. We have a strong grip over managing the work efficiently and understand where to not let the ends loose.

So from crafting a perfectly crisp website to a perfectly crisp SEO marketing campaign, you can hire dedicated resources from us.

Ready to hire the best dedicated resources from a competitive firm? Tell us about your business or project, and we will tell you where exactly to start.

Industries We Serve

So have you finally decided to hire dedicated resources from us? Here’s how we put the pieces together through our five-stage process:


Beauty & Skincare Industry


Attorney Industry


Dental Industry


Insurance Industry


Accounts Industry


Tourism Industry


Real Estate Industry


Logistics Industry


Landscaping Industry


Repairs Industry

How Can You Hire Dedicated Resources From Us/Mind Mingles?

With our expertise and years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, we assist the following industries in hiring dedicated resources:

Understanding Your Requirements

We sit with you to discuss every single aspect and requirement of your project.

Package Allotment

We get back to you with package services after analysis and cost estimates.

Shortlisting Dedicated Resources

We proceed to shortlist the candidates from our talent pool who have the required experience.

Final Selection Of Resources

Now it's your turn to meet and choose from the list of our shortlisted candidates

Contract & Terms

A contract is formulated stating our work policies and other related specifications based upon the discussion.

Starting The Work

We execute the plan and provide the project account manager who’ll report to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We provide dedicated SEO experts to optimize your business’s online visibility and provide higher returns on your investment. Our team allotted to you will entirely look after your project with utmost focus.

This can only be determined after analyzing your project requirements and complexities.

We are open to providing customized dedicated services as per your project requirements.

That can be decided after analyzing project requirements and complexities.

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