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Pay For Performance SEO

We are a leading Pay for Performance SEO Company offering best in class performance based SEO services; we are paid only when we hit specific milestones. We ensure that our clients pay for results instead of time. In the past, this wasn’t possible for most SEO companies as we also have to pay for employees, SEO tools, overhead costs, conventions and conferences etc. Nevertheless we are so confident in our skills and abilities, that we are starting a performance based SEO program for our clients.

In essence, what this means is that if you don’t see an enhancement in rankings (calculated through SEO tools) then your next month is without charge.

Why Hire Us For Pay For Performance SEO?

pay for performance seo
  • Open and clear pricing: Free keyword and consultation research. Pay for performance SEO…No trick no gimmicks.
  • Grouped Keywords: We don’t charge separately for “SEO Company Delhi,” “Delhi SEO Company,” “SEO companies Delhi,” etc. We focus on phrases with the highest per month searches.
  • One Search Engine: We don’t charge for rankings on Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. We know that Google sets the standard, and other search engines would automatically follow.
  • “White Hat” strategy: Other Pay for Performance SEO companies use manipulative strategies which can only get you short term rankings, however sooner or later they will be flagged as spam. On the other hand we focus on White Hat tactics that are sure to stand the test of time.
As one of the leading Pay for Performance SEO Company we ask our clients to pay only on results, otherwise we won’t bill you! We offer our clients results such as: improvement in their rankings and websites flow of traffic, before charging them for services. This creates a win–win situation for our clients and provides them a considerable return on investment.

Benefits Of Pay For Performance SEO Service:

  • You only need to pay when you see your website ranked on the top pages. Our result oriented service ensures constructive results in the committed timeframe.
  • Only pay for those keywords which you choose yourself.
  • There’s no monthly commitment at initial stage which is a big advantage for our customers.
  • Our expert SEO professionals efficiently run SEO campaign for your website and make sure that the SEO process followed is ethical and sticks to the Google Webmaster Policy.
  • No worry of rankings going down because of updates in various search engine algorithm. No extra charges to get the rankings back.
  • We’ll only employ ethical techniques.
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