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A sudden drop in your site’s ranking or web traffic can be a serious sign. Maybe your site has just got a penalty hit from Google. Don’t panic! Mind Mingles professional google penalty recovery services will get it all sorted for you.

You must have heard about websites getting suspended. The reason can be many. Google has stated a list of rule for all the website owners. If you want to be in the internet market and earn, following all the rules mentioned over there is mandate. If you don’t abide with any one rule, google will watch your website for several days. Thereafter it will suspend your account. The google penalty recovery services is the remedy in this situation.

Few websites grows like magic in the first few months of its development. But, suddenly it starts dropping down. That means, the particular website loses their visitors. This is a bad sign for every business as well as website. The reason behind the rank drop is change in algorithm of google search engine. It is not only Google, but, other search engines also did the same? You will require an experience personnel to pick you up from such a situation. Even many corporate website have suffered from high risk penalty.

Our SEO Experts are here to safeguard your site’s position. We don’t just set foot in any direction. In fact, we reach out to the root cause and then go to correct it because we understand how substantial a matter is, a Google Penalty.

What Is Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty is basically Google’s way of punishing a website because it somehow broke one or multiple Google Search Console or Google Webmasters’ norms. Now a Google Penalty can be caught in two ways:

Manual Actions :

When a website, its content, linkings, or any other aspect is found to be violating any of Google Search Console’s guidelines by a human reviewer of Google, it attracts a google manual penalty. Such activities include keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, spam comments, etc.

Algorithm Updates :

Google Algorithms are set guidelines that every website owner must follow if they wish to rank it on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google wants to bring out the best results for users’ queries. And for that, it keeps on updating its algorithms. If you miss track of any such updates, your website will be penalized by Google. Google Panda and Google Penguin updates are two major google algorithm updates that punished sites following black hat seo practices.

Any unethical practices can either be an intentional attempt to trick the search engines or negligence of certain guideline/s.

If you’ve received any such notification or any drastic downfall in your website ranking or organic traffic, it’s time for you to get in touch with a professional google penalty recovery services provider like us.

Who Needs To Invest In Google Penalty Recovery Services?

More than 90% of people use Google for day-to-day online searches. That’s why website owners must take care of their site’s ranking over this platform. Any website owner must reach out to an experienced google penalty recovery services provider firm in two cases:

Why Do You Need Google Penguin Recovery Services?

A few years back, Google rolled out one of the most substantial algorithm updates until now- Google Penguin Algorithm. It targeted sites with low-quality links and over-optimized content with keyword stuffing. As and when this algorithm was rolled out, websites with spammy link-building schemes and overuse of keywords got dwindled.

Some website owners purposefully go ahead with such unethical seo practices to outsmart google. But these algorithms are highly advanced and complex. That’s why it is strongly suggested not to incorporate any shady practices in your strategy, as it can backfire.

But if it’s already late for that, intentionally or unintentionally, then seek help from a competitive google penguin recovery services provider.

Such unethical practices not only penalizes the site with degraded rankings but can also get it banned once and for all. That’s surely not what you want. We know that, and we can save you.

Our Google Penguin Recovery Services

Backlinks Analysis

We analyze your backlinks for quality and pick out the spammy ones that have been affecting your site adversely. Our team helps you get rid of such links that are an obstacle to your site’s performance. Any kind of unnatural links, whether paid or unpaid, are going to be painstaking for your site in the long run. Such cloaked links have to be removed. Otherwise, they make your website face the wrath of the Penguin Update. Once we’re done with the link audit, we proceed to the next step.

Link Attributions Check

We address each and every violation caused due to links and help nurture your website. Our team rectifies the link attributions for “follow” and “no follow” tags, keeping in mind Google’s Testing measures. We also disavow some links if needed and get you through all these hassles with ease. The main focus of our link attribution check is to get the real picture of any discrepancy in the backlinks.

Content Audit

A content audit is also a part of our google penguin recovery services. We closely analyze the content for keyword density, hidden texts, meta tags, and backlinks over-optimization. Our content analysts get into every minute detail and key areas that adversely affect your site’s organic reach. We do an in-depth inspection and determine the content shortcomings to work on them.

Strategy Formulation

Once we have analyzed all the areas of your site that triggered the penguin penalty, we will execute our penguin recovery service plan to rectify them. We start working with the best possible solutions that can turn around the game for you. Our team removes the links that have been causing the problem and submits disavow requests for them. We take necessary actions to optimize the content of your website optimally.

Write Reconsideration Request

After getting everything in place for your site, we prepare a well-structured professional reconsideration request for you. In this step of our strategy, we appeal to Google that the Search Console’s guidelines are being taken care of from now onwards. We do all the backend work related to that and assist you throughout the review procedure. Our aim remains to make the process hassle-free for you. We’ve efficiently resolved the google penguin recovery problem for several clients by now


We submit a detailed report to you mentioning everything that has been worked on. Because you entrusted us with your website, we share with you the changes and the impacts of those changes. Our main focus is on client satisfaction because your worries become ours the moment you join us. So be assured that you’ll receive all the worth of every penny spent.

How Our Panda Recovery Services Can Help You?

Google Panda is another major algorithmic update from Google’s side that drastically impacts the rankings of a plethora of sites. This algorithmic update was designed to examine the quality of the content provided. As already discussed, Google aims to bring out the most useful results for its users, and this update came out as bad news for low-quality sites with thin content and poor site authority. We help recover from the google panda penalty with our strategic approach.

Our Google Panda Recovery Services

Content Analysis

When we talk of google panda recovery services, content analysis is done as a primary measure. Since Google wants results that provide a proper answer to the user query, paraphrased and thin content is harmful to the site. If Google Panda has hit your site, this is the main reason. Our expert content analysts check whether your content is duplicate, lacks usefulness, and has metadata (including titles and descriptions) that is not optimally optimized.


Spam Detox

All the links to your sites have to be checked with utmost care. Our team looks at all the technicalities and finds the areas that make your site de-indexed. We go through all the links on your site to give the website a total spam detox. Our team checks links for all the aspects that affect your site’s indexation and provide you with an improved link-building strategy.

Strategy Formulation

Considering all your requirements, we formulate a plan of action to provide you with our google penalty removal services for the Panda Algorithm. Our target is to work on all the areas that did put you in this adverse scenario. We work on your content optimization, and if needed, we also suggest you take content writing services from us. You can consider us your helping hand in overall digital marketing strategy. Any broken links, canonical errors, duplicate and thin content are totally excluded so that your site can again get a good ranking.


Write Reconsideration Request

Then we proceed to write a reconsideration request for your site. We have been working in the industry for 8+ years. Our team knows all how to bring changes for your site’s betterment and the information Google needs to review the site. We undertake every small step of our process with utmost professionalism. That’s why our clients turn to us when they need help with google penalty recovery services.


We report the changes made to your site with all the after-effects it fetched. Our success lies in getting the most out of our google penalty removal services for you. We are ready to share with you what we were able to bring to you because you trusted us. You also need to eye-witness the improvements in ranking and other areas that our google penalty recovery services have brought to you. For sure, we don’t disappoint our clients.

What Other Google Penalty Removal Services Do We Offer?

We at Mind Mingles are more than happy to help you with our google penalty removal services. Most of these black hat seo practices can be injected into your site if it has any security flaws. So even without being responsible for it, your site can get in trouble. Here’s what we can assist you with:

Google Penalty issues can not be ignored at all. So whether you need Google Penguin Recovery Services or any other google penalty recovery services, remember Mind Mingles is ever-ready to get onboard with you.

Opting for google penalty recovery services is also favorable because of professionalism. Constant submission of reconsideration requests will hamper your site’s reputation even more. Google notes that you constantly submit the reconsideration requests without efficiently resolving the issues. Moreover, you might skip mentioning a piece of crucial information while writing the reconsideration request. That’s why a professional hand by your side is always better.

Together Let's Keep Your Website's Ranking Intact

Together Let’s Keep Your Website’s Ranking Intact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Google Penalty hit is a matter of concern as it can result in lower website rankings, reduced site traffic volume, and even site suspension. That’s why website owners seek google penalty recovery services.
Google utilizes two ways to trace the guidelines violations. One of them is the manual analysis by Google’s Reviewer. If the reviewer detects any guideline violation, Google flags a manual penalty through Search Console.
Google Penguin Algorithm lays focus on the backlinks profile of websites. It also negatively affects the rankings of websites that have over-optimized their site content by keyword stuffing. It lowers the ranking of sites that use poor and irrelevant link schemes to get indexed and rank well. This issue can be resolved with the help of professional google penguin recovery services.

Of course. These services are highly advantageous to recover from Panda Hit. In fact, professionals with practical knowledge of handling such issues give a 360-degree revamp to your site. They’ll optimize the overall content of your site thoroughly.

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