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Don’t Overburden Yourself With Unproductive Advertising Costs. Avail Best PPC Management Services

Affordable Advertising Seems Next To Impossible? Mind Mingles has got your back!

Invest in our PPC Services In India and get cost-effective advertising solutions. Pay-Per-Click Ads are an effective way to display your products/services name in front of your target audience via different marketing channels.

What Is A PPC Ad Campaign?

Advertising on different social media channels and search engine results page to reach out to the target audience is common these days. The specialty of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad campaign is that it only generates cost when someone clicks on that ad (or the desired action is taken).

Major platforms where PPC Ads can be placed are- LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Bing, etc.

PPC Management Services

Do You Really Need PPC Services?

Today people spend most of their time on the internet whether for entertainment or shopping. That’s why promoting your products and services over the internet has become quite essential.

PPC Ads are the most influential and sought-after way to publicize your business. Behind every pay-per-click ad campaign, there is a business goal that you as a business owner want to achieve. Times have changed and internet marketing is much more in trend than traditional media ads. PPC Ads are a cost-effective solution for businesses to promote their products or services via paid ads.

Benefits Of PPC Services

Immediate Effects

Paid ads have immediate effects and are thus the best to promote seasonal sales or time-bound deals.

Flexible Strategies

PPC strategies are the most flexible form of advertising and can be modified based on business needs.

Brand Awareness

PPC ads services can give you the desired exposure across the web by optimizing your ad campaigns.

Measurable Results

Paid ads bring opportunities to target the untapped areas and give quantifiable results to see the real progress.

Our PPC Management Services

Search Engine Ads

Search engines have become a go-to place for people when they want to discover a product/service. We can make your business appear in top positions in search results with search advertising. These ads will show your business’s door to the actually interested prospects.

Display/Banner Ads

Snappy and engaging display ads (banner ads) can sway your audiences’ interest in one go. We make sure you get the relevant placements that improve your brand authority over time. So whether it's a social media platform or a website, your business will be noticed.

Social Media Ads

Reach your leads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Social media ads target social audiences based on their preference, interest, and networks. PPC Ads on social media will retain your prospects’ interest in your business offerings and deals.

Remarketing Ads

We run highly cost-effective remarketing ad campaigns. With advanced ad extensions, we’ll help you reach the most profitable audience segment that has previously visited your website/store but did not purchase. Remarketing ads will drive in potential leads that have higher chances of converting into sales.

In-Stream Video Ads

Want to create a long-term impression on your audience’s mind? We’ll showcase your business offerings on top social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook with compelling and concise video ads. PPC Ads on social media are a great way to target different audience segments.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions Ads

Mark a professional image in your audience’s mind with our Gmail Sponsored Ads. These ads bind an interest as the audience reads and thinks about the offerings. Our GSP Ads are highly result-oriented that can work like wonders for getting conversions through actionable CTAs.

Amazon/E-Commerce Marketing Ads

When people search for products online, Amazon/E-Commerce Marketing Ads are the key to driving business. Amazon’s algorithm is a little different from that of search engines. This makes Amazon PPC Ads the best alternative for amazon sellers. We follow proactive ads strategies for ecommerce sellers.

Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads can work like magic for your business promotions. We provide tailored PPC Solutions for local service providers. Geo-targeting can be done extraordinarily well with these types of ads. Startups, small businesses, and franchise businesses can get the most benefits from local services ads.

Why Choose Us For PPC Services?

Expert Campaign Management

We’re Google AdWords Certified PPC Management Agency. Our PPC Ads Management Experts are highly experienced and formulate an effective and flexible strategy to suit your business’ needs and achieve your business goals.

Effective Retargeting

We reach out to those who have visited your website some time previously. Our PPC Services in India & US are known for establishing a unique brand image for your products/services.

Keyword Research

We run extensive keyword research whether it is for promoting your services or products. With advanced keyword tools and years of experience we figure out what can get you discovered.

Campaign Testing & Review

We run several campaign tests before going for the final campaign launch. We run A/B Testing for our ad copies, text-based reach, interest analysis, content testing, etc. and accordingly improve it.

Pay Only For What You Want

PPC Ads stand distinctive from other ad campaigns because they don’t attract unnecessary ad expenses. These ads only attract costs as and when an ad is clicked or a particular ad goal is achieved. Thus, businesses can get substantial benefits from these ads. Especially, startups and small business owners can get the maximum benefits by investing in PPC Management Services.

If you’ve not yet invested in PPC Ad Campaigns and are surrounded by doubts regarding whether it will work for you or not, then these doubts are common. But today you need to target your audience where they spend their time the most and these PPC Ads are the most influential way for this. Because every audience is different, that is why pay-per-click campaign strategies have to be modified as per the requirements. You can get the desired results only if you implement a flexible and proactive PPC Plan. This can be done well with a professional pay-per-click advertising agency by your side.

We can suggest to you which type of PPC Ads can work best for your business. Our PPC Strategies improve your SEO Strategy and get quality traffic, leads and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We utilize the best in industry tools to forecast PPC trends and analyze the data through several stages beforehand. Our PPC experts keep a tight watch on campaign performance to ensure how to modify any aspect in real time. We are a certified PPC marketing agency working in this field for the past ten years.

Of course. Local Services PPC Ads are the most cost-effective advertising solution for small businesses and startups. It’ll allow you to target a geo-specific audience that has a higher chance of converting into sales. Since you only pay when a particular advertising goal is achieved (like a ‘click’), these ads don’t generate any unnecessary advertising expenses.

PPC advertising cost depends on several factors including keyword competition, bidding mechanism, ad placements, ad types, etc.

SEO and PPC both are powerful digital marketing tactics. But which one will work the best for you, will depend upon your advertising requirements. If you want to see your conversions and sales shoot up really fast, then PPC Ads are what you need. On the other hand, if you wish to grow your online business organically and gradually, SEO is the right choice.

We run PPC Ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and search engines like Google or Bing.

PPC Bidding depends on your budget and business size. It also depends upon the difficulty level of the keyword or the keyword set that you wish to target.

PPC Ads follow a bidding mechanism that is just similar to that of an auction. Just like people bid for a thing in an auction, business owners bid for a specific keyword or keyword group to secure the highest advertising placement on search engines and social media platforms. Your bidding amount will specify how much you are willing to pay for making your ad appear on search engines or social media sites. If you can’t find your ad appearance reasonably frequent for that particular keyword, that means other businesses have made higher bids for the same keywords. In such a case you might need to increase your PPC budget.

The success of your PPC Altw1d Campaign depends on the ‘Advertising Goal’ you’ve chosen. It can be Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Ratio, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Customer Acquisition Cost, etc.

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