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Take Your Business To New Heights With Our AdWords Management Services

Mind Mingles is a Certified Google AdWords Services Provider Company that can effectively introduce your business to new audiences. Google Ad is a great way to promote your business among the masses through its partner sites and a diversified network.

We are a Google AdWords Certified Professional Company that has over 8 years of experience in managing advertising campaigns. Our clients are from different industries and have witnessed their ROI going upward with us. We promote your business, products/services before your target audience across a wide range of networks and bring in new opportunities to grow.

What Are Google AdWords Management Services?

Google AdWords is an online platform wherein advertisers manage their business ads for a particular keyword or key phrase. AdWords management revolves around bidding for keywords that a business owner wants to target.

Does Your Business Need A Google AdWords Company?

Every business wants to direct its efforts toward becoming a familiar and reputable name among its audiences. Google AdWords gives them a hub of opportunities for this. However, it can be a little puzzling for a business that doesn’t know how to leverage those opportunities. That’s where a Google AdWords Company can assist you.

A Google AdWords Certified Company can help you with an effective strategy to improve your advertising campaign. They design and strategize your Google Ad Campaigns to boost the chances of getting your business highlighted in searches. Such ads require a lot of planning and a practically feasible approach to target the highest-performing keywords. Identifying the highest-performing keywords for different audiences and deciding the optimum bidding amount for them is itself a complex task that requires high-level research. All this work is quite time-consuming and demands a thorough understanding of ad campaigns management. A professional AdWords Management Company can align all their strategies with your business goals very well. We’re a result-driven AdWords Management Company that will foster your business’ ROI.

Our AdWords Management Services

Search Advertising

Also called as search engine marketing ads, search advertising revolves around boosting the online visibility of a business. Keeping business visibility intact on search engines will be much easier with our AdWords Services. We strategize how to run your campaigns and manage them. These ads are displayed with an “Ads” label in search results on Google and its Partner Sites.

Display Advertising

Display ads or banner ads are an effective way to get your business in front of people. These ads generate direct user engagement through creative advertising strategies. Whenever a user reads online published content, these ads grab their attention and they’re likely to click on them. Such ads are mostly displayed in blogs, articles,

Shopping Ads Campaigns

Deal in ecommerce business? Shopping Ad Campaigns will get your products highlighted. They appear with an image of the product on the top of the SERP. These ads are also displayed in the “Shopping Section” on the SERP. These PPC Ads have a higher chance of converting into a lead because usually, customers with a purchase

Video Advertising

 Video ads have a more lasting impression as compared to other ads. We’ll run video ads to convey your message by targeting your audience on video-supporting platforms such as YouTube. If you want to get audience engagement, there is no other way better than video ads. With result-oriented advertising strategies and attention-grabbing visual effects, we assure you maximum ROI.

Remarketing & Retargeting Ads

Remarketing and retargeting ads are a splendid way to recapture the attention of those who’ve previously visited the website but did not convert into sales. We create action-oriented advertising plans not to just remind them about your products/services but also to turn them into a conversion. Our team identifies, segregates, and retargets your audience to make them your actual customers.

App Promotions Ads

 We run mobile app promotion ads with a diligent approach to target the audience based on their interest and actions. Our comprehensive app promotion advertising strategy builds and targets your audience based on their interest, location, and actions on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, iPads, and iPhones. An increase in app installs becomes easy when people interact with your CPC ads.

Benefits Of Google AdWords Services

Attract More Traffic

Google Ads have unparalleled potential to drive more web traffic to your website or app. They will help you in targeting your potential prospects across different networks and devices.

Increased Conversion Rate

Google AdWords allows you to target an audience based on their specific interests, actions, and language. This helps businesses in driving more conversions with each penny spent on advertising.

Faster Results

Marketers and businesses have seen tremendous growth with Google Ads in quite a short time period. In fact, Google Ads generates results faster than SEO with varied ad diversions.

Economical Spending

Google ads are highly economical because they generate costs on completion of an action and go a long way when you need a diversified advertising alternative with limited investment.

Best AdWords Management Services

Mind Mingles is a Certified Google AdWords Services Provider Company that can effectively introduce your business to new audiences.

Improve Your Quality Score With Our Google AdWords Services

Google Ads provides the most efficient ways to promote your business. If utilized with a diligent and flexible approach, these ads can leverage your ROI to a whole another level. Businesses are competing to get the highest rank with Google Ads which is based on Ads Quality Score.

Google analyzes several factors to decide about ad placements across different channels, platforms, and partner sites. Quality Score determines your ad placement and is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, the higher, the better. This score determines your ad’s ranking across varied networks. Mind Mingles is a Certified Google AdWords Company that puts in every effort to get a higher QS for your advert with a smart approach that we’ve developed over 8 years of experience in this field.

Quality Score considers three factors which are- Expected CTR, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience. We optimize all these aspects for you to leverage the usability of Google AdWords. Our strategy focuses on selecting keywords that align best with users’ search intent. We implement our plan of action to analyze the performance of those keywords and set benchmarks. Lastly, we optimize your landing pages for those keywords and technical aspects. Through this optimization, we ensure your ads get the highest Quality Score and attain top rankings.

Our Google AdWords Management Approach

Our Excellence Brings Guaranteed Opportunities For-

Why Choose Our Google AdWords Agency?

Certified Google AdWords Agency

Mind Mingles is a Certified Google AdWords Company that has generated exceptional ROI for many businesses with its AdWords Services. We’ll create and run your ad campaigns on Google and its partner sites to target your audience based in different locations, based on their search intent and preferences. Our experts will keep a track of your campaign progress and modify the strategies as and when needed. We cover 360-degree aspects of your ad campaigns that will look after everything from keyword research to ad formats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PPC Ads are the most economical sort of advertising mechanism in which a business owner pays an advertising company whenever an ad is clicked.

We provide the following Google AdWords Management Services-

Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Google Shopping Ads
Video Advertising
Remarketing & Retargeting Ads
App Promotion Ads

Some key formats that Google AdWords support are-

Responsive Ads
Text Ads
Image Ads
Call-only Ads

We target various B2B and B2C PPC Networks for advertising your business including social media platforms, video-supporting platforms, and websites.

We use high-end tools to analyze the performance of ad campaigns. A few paid advertising metrics that help us determine the actual ROI of an ad campaign are-

Click-Through Rate (CTR)- Number of clicks
Cost-Per-Mille (CPM)- Cost per thousand clicks
Number Of Impressions- Number of times people come across your ad
Cost Per Acquisition- Cost of acquiring a lead
Engagement Rate- Audience interaction percentage

Keywords that don’t have the potential to perform better for your business are referred to as negative keywords. Negative keywords don’t target your audience effectively. Such keywords must be identified so that you don’t spend time and money on them. As a part of our AdWords Services, we identify and create a list of negative keywords so that you only spend on those keywords that will perform for your ad campaigns.
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