Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sorts of businesses do you work with?

We deal with all types of businesses. Unlike other companies, we do not differentiate between companies considering their yearly turnover. We are the digital marketing company with experience of working with companies with different size. We have clients belonging to different sectors starting from a local businessman to a corporate. We have clients with national and multinational tags. We work for individuals like doctors, lawyers, photographers etc.

How much do you charge?

Our charges are as per the market rates. Rather, we charge the sum that is very affordable for our clients. But, we may not be able to give you the exact rate in one word. Our charges vary from companies to companies. We work with several projects and the charges are fixed according to its variability.


We have entry level companies who cannot pay much. We charge only few hundreds from them. There are big budget clients willing to get more strategic services. We meet their need and charge few thousand dollars.


Speak to us to know our charges. We will give you the most competitive rate in the market.

Can you guarantee results?

Nobody can guarantee results in digital marketing but we can give an estimated time frame that can vary. There are too many variables in digital marketing world. Every now and then google is changing its algorithm. We are updated about the same. The rules of SEO are constantly changing. But, out experts work day and night to keep our clients web pages among the top 10 list of google search engine.

How will you report and how do we know what you'll be working on?

We provide every detail of our work to clients. Our expert SEO will send you monthly reports on what we have done. In between say after a week or in 15 days if you wish to get a report, we will be able to provide that to you. Also, we teach and guide our clients so that they can access their dashboard. After we go ahead with some marketing activities, there are some changes in the analytics of your website. We will show that to you.


Normally, the performance of the website increases. We will show you the result after specific intervals.  We also create a list of activities that we have proceeded with. You can let us know if you want something more. We will be happy to take a skype call & give the consultancy to you.

How will we be able to contact you?

You can visit our website and get all our contact details. If you have spoken with a particular representative of our company, same person can contact you. We have phone number as well as email addresses. You can contact us in any way. You can contact us through the social media or skype chat.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the way of promoting products and services of an organization through internet. It gives you relaxation from the expensive traditional marketing. This is also known as data driven marketing. Various techniques are used in this marketing. Those are social media, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content based marketing, use of backlinks, referral marketing, etc.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. The main function of SEO is making your website or brand name stay at the top list of google. If you have a website, you need to go ahead with SEO techniques on a regular basis. Or else your website page will fall back after hundreds of web pages. This, will decrease your website visibility. Thus, visitors may not find your website handy.  As a result, you suffer from loss.

Why do you always talk about Google, there are other search engines?

It is true that there are many other search engine. But, the most authentic search engine as recognized by people worldwide is google. Also their market share is highest. People from various parts of the world are inclined to google search engine. Also if you compare the result of google search engine with those of other you can find, the google give more accurate and useful result.

What is PPC?

PPC is abbreviated as Pay per click. This is also one of the ways of digital marketing. You must have seen many advertisement banner in several website where you wish to get some information. Now, visitors like you click those ads as and when they get interested. The advertiser as well as website owner gets benefitted when you click. The benefit will be much more when you become the potential buyer of the product. This is how PPC works.

Do you only use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is most common way of getting traffic. But, we also concentrate on other PPC services. Yes, there are various social media sites from where traffic can be drive in. Some of them which are popular include Facebook, paid stumbles, linked in advertisements, twitter, etc. You will get many more once anything comes in the market.

Appearing at the top of Google is all about money isn't it?

Well, this is one of the common misconceptions among people. People thinks, getting at the top of google search engine involves money. But, this is not a true fact. Getting at the first position is not all about money. All you need is a good SEO service provider. We are going to provide the same to you. We will give you certain points on the basis of which your website’s top rank depends. It is important to create quality and unique content. Social media marketing is another important step.

What is content marketing?

As you know that there are different types of marketing techniques, content marketing is one of the type. The concept of using contents to promote good and services has become really successful. Yes, these days online marketing experts are using quality contents to gain visitors and enjoy profit.  Content marketing is the technique of attracting visitors through quality contents.

What is local SEO?

As the name suggests, local SEO is all about getting recognized in local market. Here, people staying in other regions or countries are not the target of marketer. They targets groups and individuals belonging to local area. The main intention is to stay among the top list of location based searches. For example if you have a bookstore in Manitoba, the focus keyword will be the same. People should find you after placing the keyword in search engine.

Can you provide references?

This is something we will provide you before you say. We have a list of clients with whom we have worked. Some of them are still availing our services. Most of them come back to us repeatedly. We will be more than happy to introduce them to you.

What are your payment terms?

We have written terms and condition that we have with all our clients. We mention everything including our payment terms over there. Mostly we charge on a monthly basis and  we require the payment before starting the project. We will convey the budget and expenses to you before signing the agreement.

Do you have minimum lengths contracts?

We are flexible about our contract lengths. However we would love to go ahead with a long term contract. This gives us enough time to move with the project. Regular and long-term service can be beneficial for both of us. However, we don’t mind signing a short term contract as well. You can avail monthly basis rolling term also. We have experts who can provide best result in minimum duration of time.

Do you do social media?

This goes without saying. Social media has become the life blood of every business. These days’ people communicate more in social media. We know about this fact. Thus, we always go ahead with updates in social media. Our expert social media expert are well versed with this technique. We are aware of the tone which the customer will accept in social media. Thus, we go with the same.

We have a Google penalty, can you help?

Yes, we will definitely help you with this. These days google has change too many rules. People are busy with their own work. Naturally, they hardly have time to see the updates. Unfollow of rules updated by google can give rise to such issues. This is not at all your fault. How would you know when did google made repeated changes. To all these, we are present. The google penalties are quite common these days. Thus, we can easily solve this issue.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes, we do work with the agencies. Our client list belongs to companies, individuals and also the agencies. If you are one of the agencies and wish to avail our services for your client,  we will be happy to do so. Just call up or drop us an email about your interest.

What software do you use?

We are the license holder of several software’s. We also deal with the industry’s leading tools. We are not restricted to a single tool. Rather, we analyze and find out which tool with be suitable for which project. Don’t worry, we are going to use the best software for your project.


We also give our clients information about the tools that we use. If you need the same, drop us an email. We will be happy to serve you.