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Boost Your App's Ranking With Our App Store Optimization Services

Over 3 million apps are available on Google Play Store alone. Making your app discoverable among the masses can be troublesome in such a terrific competition. ASO Services can thus be of your assistance.

App Store SEO is a crucial part of app maintenance. In order to maintain and increase your app downloads, SEO for apps is much needed. Otherwise, you might find it hard to generate revenue from it.

Mind Mingles is one among the best App Store SEO Service Providers in India and US who don’t just make promises but fulfill them too. Our approach takes care of every crucial aspect of aso optimization, no matter how minute it is.

What Is ASO Optimization?

ASO Optimization is the process of boosting an app’s discoverability on app store platforms.

Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) are prime app store platforms. As an ASO Service Provider Agency, we have helped several clients with app visibility.

Benefits Of ASO Services

By investing in seo for apps, you can expect the following benefits:

Organic Conversions

ASO Services improve visibility of an app and drive organic conversions. This finally results in increased downloads and installs, thus, increasing organic conversions.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Investing in seo for apps means giving app icon and aesthetics a 360-degree revamp. A visually catchy app appearance helps grab the audience’s attention.

User Trustworthiness

App store SEO investments focus on improving app functionality and handling complaints. This builds a positive and credible brand image and retains users.

ASO Optimization: How Does It Work?

ASO Optimization puts together a number of activities that foster an app’s visibility, discoverability, and authority. This process works around the below-stated three key areas:


App Title, Subtitle & Description


Designing Logo & Screenshots


App Reviews & Ratings

These areas are optimized so that your app can get the following:


Increased Visibility


Improved Discoverability


Improved Rankings


More Downloads


Improved CTR

Our App Store Optimization Services

Mind Mingles is one of the best App Store SEO Service Providers in India and US. We have a practically feasible approach for handling seo for apps. Have a look at what we have to offer for boosting your app’s presence:

Keyword Research

We pick the most searched keywords that the audience of your niche is using to discover a similar app. We utilize the best in industry keyword research tools and run extensive research and metrics analysis for app store seo.

Social Media App Promotions

We create a buzz for your app marketing through a strong social media strategy to direct the audience to your app. We have a creative plan to amplify your app awareness even before its launch to post-launch.

Link Building & App Promotions

We provide backlinks for your app that are directed from genuine app listing sites, infographic submission sites, review site content submissions, etc. We also optimize app screenshots for best frame fitting, titles, subtitles, descriptions, etc. with natural keyword integration.

App Reviews & Ratings Management

Our team knows the math of handling negative feedback and reviews professionally so that your app’s image doesn’t suffer. We also implement means to keep your audience posted through social media platforms and ask about their experience and engage with them.

Why Choose Us

High-End Tools

We utilize state-of-the-art tools for determining analytics and accordingly strategize our approach, be it for keyword research or icon designing. We believe in adapting to new-age technological shifts and thus provide splendid results to our clients.

Detailed-Oriented Strategy

One of the reasons that we’re the best if you need app store seo services is that we are detail-oriented. We don’t overlook the significance of any step, be it deciding the suitable subtitle or category.

Experienced Team

Our team is highly competitive and leaves no room for complaints. We’ve assisted many businesses of different sizes in upscaling their revenue from apps. Not just that, our thoughtful approach has helped us keep them retained.

Connect With Us To Make Your App Stand Out Together.

App Optimization Pillars


Enhanced App Visibility


Optimized Landing Pages


More Downloads/Installs


Improved Conversion Rate

Mind Mingles ASO Process

Requirement & Goal Analysis

We start by understanding what goal you want to achieve with our ASO plan. We frame our plan of action based on the KPIs you want to foster.

App Development

We design a robust and well-performing app for you. Just tell us what kind of app you want- native, hybrid, or web app, and we begin the work.

App Optimization

We undertake an app optimization strategy before and after the app launch.  We optimize app title, subheading, descriptions, screenshots, and preview videos, to improve visibility, downloads, engagement, and user experience.

Monitoring & Reporting

We track app performance, keyword performance and compare it with the pre-decided standards for improvements. We provide the report of progress to you at regular intervals, sharing real-time insights.

App Store Optimization (ASO) V/s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ASO is done to make an app easily found on app store platforms. A number of activities that are performed in SEO for a website also apply here as well. The only difference is that in seo, efforts are made to improve a website’s rank on the search engine. In contrast, when it comes to aso optimization, efforts are directed toward improving an app’s ranking on different app store platforms.

ASO is crucial to increase the potential reach of an app on app store platforms such as Google Play Store and App Store. On the other hand, website seo fosters the online presence of a website on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

In case of SEO, websites have to be optimized for desktop and mobile versions. When it comes to ASO, the primary focus remains on optimizing the mobile version of the app. Nevertheless, it does not mean that ASO totally overlooks an app’s browser optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ASO comprises a set of activities that foster an app’s visibility and discoverability so that it gets the most downloads.

ASO focuses on improving an app’s visibility by integrating the most searched keywords in its title, subheading as well as description.

Though ASO and SEO undertake similar activities, they are not the same. This is so because the former focuses on increasing the downloads by making the app more visible on app store platforms. On the other hand, the latter focuses on the overall discoverability and performance of a website.

ASO does not directly affect an app’s functionality, as it primarily increases the app’s visibility. However, it is always suggested to update your app so as to enrich the user experience.

ASO is a splendid investment for both newly launched apps and old apps. If your app launched recently or is about to launch, ASO will increase the downloads and installs from the very beginning. As for old apps, ASO can improve the rankings and thus increase the conversion rate.

Our ASO strategy is prepared after detailed trend research to discover opportunities for promotions. In addition, we deploy advanced keyword research tools and test landing pages beforehand. This helps us deliver the best options to our clients.

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