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LinkedIn rates ‘Digital Marketing Specialist’ as one of the most ‘in-demand jobs’ currently. With free online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google, you have a chance to be backed by the tech giant as you take steps into this competitive world.

According to ILO’s report, World Employment and Social Outlook Trends: 2024 – both the global unemployment rate and labor market outlook are worsening. In 2024, 2 million ‘job-worthy individuals’ will enter the placement search market. Are you worried about the tough times ahead? We bring you some respite. 

As you scroll down this post, you will get an idea of the plethora of Google-backed free digital marketing courses, their description, and the available job opportunities. Let us explore the specifics – 

What are the Google certified free digital marketing courses?

Here are some of the most noted courses – 

1. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing – Google Certification 

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing


40 hours 

Modules – 26

Beginners (somebody looking for upskilling can also take this course) You must complete the 26 modules and answer the MCQs to get the certificate 

What does this course offer? 

This free digital marketing course backed by Google is globally recognized and simultaneously endorsed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe. Offered by the Google Digital Garage (now under Google Skillshop), this course provides you with an overview of the ‘what works’ and ‘what not’ in the digital marketing domain.

Things Covered-

  • Ways to build and market a brand. 
  • Content marketing (in domestic and international domains).
  • Comprehending customer behavior and expanding your online outreach.
  • Multiple SEM and SEO strategies.
  • Capitalizing social media marketing and display advertisements. 
  • A precise idea about web analytics and data insights.


What are the job opportunities? 

To start with, you can handle the profile as a Digital Marker or Digital Strategist. Apart from that, you can excel in any particular area of your interest like SEO expert, copywriter, graphics designer.

2. Google Ads Certifications 

Google Ads Certificate  2-4 hours 

Modules – depends on the course you choose 


(available for intermediate and advanced learners as well)

You must complete the modules (as per the course choice mentioned below) and answer the MCQs to get the certificate 

What does this course offer? 

Offering this free online marketing course through Google Skillshop, this certification enhances your marketing strategies and helps you become eligible for the Google Partners Program. What’s more interesting is – that under this umbrella terminology, you can specialize in a range of Adverts like, Google Ads Display certification, Google Ads Search, Google Ads App, and Google Ads Measurement.

Things Covered- 

  • Detailed idea on the advantages of Google Ads and online advertisements.
  • This will help you get an update on the – creation, measurement, management, and optimization of Google adverts.
  • The course is categorically designed to showcase the newly integrated concepts of advertising, analyzing and determining the formats that work the best, and dissecting the available data feed for further usage.


What are the job opportunities? 

The job profiles you will be capable of handling include – Google Ads Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Brand and Product Manager, and Social Media Manager. 

Under this free online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google 2 domains have garnered maximum popularity over others – Google Ads Display and Google Ads Search Certifications. Let us explore the specifics – 


  • Google Ads Display Certification 
2.6 hours  Beginner  Learn the usage of Google Display strategies and campaigns 

Align the demands of Google Display marketing with other online advertising techniques 

Curate specific Google Display advertisement campaigns to retain customers and target potential clients 


  • Google Ads Search Certifications 
2.6 hours  Beginner  Know how to create strategies, approach bidding, and find keywords 

Tailor Google Ads search campaigns for wider outreach 

Understand the advertising market and develop actionable skills 

3. Google Analytics Certification 

Google Analytics  4-6 hours  Beginners (specific analytics courses at intermediate and advanced level) To get this certificate, you must complete 70 questions, in 90 minutes with a score of 80% (pass score)

What does this course offer? 

The beginner courses on Google Analytics offer you a chance to see what works for the market (check out the data on which further campaigns are to be curated). These free digital marketing courses aim to provide insights on how to analyze ‘what the market is searching’ and the ‘actual numbers’ that determine the results of every campaign. 

Things Covered- 

  • Ways to create accounts and navigate the Analytics interface.
  • It also explains concepts of tracking campaigns, ways to analyze and monitor performance reports and find ways to ensure business growth.
  • Apart from that, you will get to learn ways to set up dashboards, analyze acquisition reports, and set up goals.


For those who wish to take the advanced free Google certificate courses on Analytics, you will get to learn more about the multiple configurations like – Custom Metrics and Dimensions, ways to utilize channel/audience reports, and marketing strategies. 

What are the job opportunities? 

Once you have completed this free online digital marketing Google certificate course, you can get placements as – a Data Analytics Associate to start with. If you have completed the Advanced Google Analytics course, you can also become a Lead Generation Specialist, Senior Data Analyst, and Reporting Manager. 

4. Get Started With Campaign Manager – Google Certification 

Campaign Manager  7 hours 

Modules – 12 

Beginner  Complete the module and answer MCQs for the certificate 

What does this course offer? 

This free digital marketing course on Google, offers you a chance to understand what goes on behind any ‘marketing campaign.’ You must have seen how a product launch or a specific campaign becomes a hot topic on social media. Once you complete this course, you will also get to know the ‘creative efforts’ and ‘market strategies’ that go into these campaigns.

Things Covered- 

  • The art of creating and measuring campaigns that meet your digital marketing demands. After that, you will learn to optimize those techniques and seek out ways for them to reach the ‘target’ audience.
  • You will learn the art of curating campaigns that work well for both mobile and other digital platforms.
  • Figure out the concept of implementing Floodlight tags to comprehend and measure the conversion rates.
  • Monitor the performance of the campaigns consistently and change the verification settings accordingly.


What are the job opportunities? 

The available job opportunities in this domain are – Advertising and Campaign Manager, Campaign Specialist, Brand Promotion Specialist, and Brand Manager.  

5. Drive Advertising Revenue With Google Ad Manager – Certification 

Google Ad Manager  5 hours  Beginners  You must complete the modules and attempt the MCQs to get the certificate 

What does this course offer? 

Classified as the job to drive advertising revenues, this free online digital marketing course with a Google certificate teaches you the specifications of using Google Ad Manager. You will also understand the ways to create an inventory and manage the usage of adverts in the long run.

Things Covered- 

  • You will get to learn ways to set up ad campaigns, prepare inventories, and optimize creative outlets.
  • The correct way to utilize Ad Manager and monitor the traffic, understand the reports and manage the inventory programming.
  • Lastly, you will get to see how the Ad Manager drives up the advertising revenue, and check out the programming capacities in the long run.


What are the job opportunities? 

The available job opportunities include – Digital Advertising Manager, Media Manager, and Google Ads Specialist. 

Why Are Google Certificates So Crucial?

Assuming you have read this post, you are better aware of the available free digital marketing courses that are certified by Google. Additionally, you may have also heard of other online marketing courses that are doing the rounds. Hence, it is only natural to wonder – why does ‘Google’ certification matter so much?  We have the reasons for you right here – 

  • Your skills get validated by Google

The biggest advantage that you can get out of this course! The Google Partners platform offers a range of ‘opportunities’ and ‘leads’ to you. It validates your acquired skills and entitles you to its events such as – beta testing opportunities, support, promotions, and more! 

  • A huge boost to your resume 

The free Google online marketing certificate courses enhance your career portfolio. When you have the tech-magnate backing your expertise, compared to others, your resume becomes more ‘job-worthy.’ Potential employers value your qualifications and specific categories of positions open up for you.

  • A glimpse into the workings of real-world 

Another of the key benefits of enrolling in a free Google-certified course is your chance to get a glimpse of the real world. The trainers associated with these programs do not only provide theoretical information. They rather offer you a chance to sneak peek into real-world analytics and compare your studies with that. In this way, you will get to see how you will have to function in the cut-throat competition in real-time. 

  • Wider career opportunities 

Lastly, with all the points mentioned above, these free online courses offer you a wider career perspective. Whether you are looking for a career transition or an upskilling – these certificates prove your mettle in that field. A report by the McKinsey Global Institute states – that by 2025, the digital marketing sector will create 60-65 million jobs globally. When you have certificates for digital marketing courses in your resume – assuredly, you have an edge. 

The fact that Google certifications bring forth this range of benefits, assuredly makes it highly ‘in demand’ compared to the random free courses available online. 

Conclusive Words 

Standing in 2024, the online market has become extremely competitive. With more individuals preparing to enter the market with their skills, you need to stay ahead in this game. Keeping that in mind, the opportunities offered by free online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google are worth a bite! These certificate courses offer a fantastic headstart to your career and back you up strongly against the competition. 

We recommend you visit the platform to get a wider idea of the available courses and kickstart your digital marketing career, with the best of the bests!

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