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Recently Google announced its October 2023 Spam Update that will roll out in a few weeks. What is it exactly? And how to recover from it? Read this article to uncover the whole scenario.

After the Helpful Content Update, Google is now focusing on spam detection. It has recently declared about the upgrade of its spam detection systems. The upgrade aims to cover a plethora of languages and strain search results for spam, specifically for “cloaking, hacked, auto-generated, and scraped spam.”

Google received a few complaints regarding spam results in searches (including web pages, images, videos, news content or other material that Google finds from across the web) from its Help community. Responding to the issues, Google released this update and states “We expect this to reduce the visible spam in search results.”

Google October 2023 Spam Update

Name: Google October 2023 Spam Update
Launch Date: 4th October, 2023
Roll Out: Google confirmed update will roll out in a few weeks
Purpose: To reduce the visible spam in search results
Languages Covered: The update will target multiple languages including Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, and Chinese.
Penalty: There isn’t any specific penalty but the sites which don’t comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines will get a hit
Impact:  Sites and web pages that don’t provide any valuable information to users and rely on cloaking, auto-generated, scrapped spam, etc. will experience a sharp decline in web traffic and ranking.
Counter Measures: Analyze your site for spam issues, resolve spam issues and submit the reconsideration request

In the race to acquire top search engine rankings, the use of spam techniques has increased. Google has thus improved its automated spam detection systems. Talking of its take on reducing spam, Google has rolled out numerous updates previously as well; the most recent ones include the December 2022 link spam update and the October 2022 Spam Update.

This time, Google has come up with a new update that will focus on the filtration of search results with more advanced spam detection systems.

Here are the key highlights:

Targets Cloaking, Hacked, Auto-Generated & Scraped Spam

Although Google’s diligent automated spam detection systems will analyze your website completely for spam issues, this update will put emphasis on:

  • Cloaking Spam: The practice of manipulating search rankings by showing different content to the users and search engines.
  • Hacked Spam: Sites that lack standard security measures can land in trouble with hacked spam wherein hackers can place malicious redirects, codes, and content into the site.
  • Auto-Generated Content Spam: Sites that host content that is produced by programming tools and are devoid of any value to the users, are covered under this spam category. This technique is used merely to gain better SERP rankings, but the content is obfuscated to users.
  • Scraped Spam: Sites that host copied content or after a little modification without offering any unique value to the users, fall in the category of scrapped scam.

These four practices will be targeted primarily by this Google October 2023 Spam Update.

It Will Cover Multiple Languages

This update aims to target spam across multiple domains or languages including Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, etc.

Google is working on more such updates that can track which sites comply with its spam policies better. This is a cue we might get to see more related updates in the coming time from Google. You can check the updates on the Google Search Status Dashboard.

How Do I Recover A Website From Google Spam Update?

Google integrates various machine-learning systems and manual checks to find and hit on spam issues in a site. One such system is SpamBrain which detects unnatural links, content quality, and reviews. All this is done to refine the search results and provide the users with relevant and authoritative results on top.

Once the Google October 2023 Spam Update gets rolled out, site owners might experience changes in their site positioning and web traffic. If your site experiences a hit by this update, you must:

1. Run Website Analysis:

Website analysis can help you check the exact issue on your website. You need to evaluate what kind of spam is found on your site. Google enlists various types of spam categories so that site owners can evaluate their site.

2. Rectify/Resolve Spam Issues:

After successful diagnosis of the correct spam problem, you need to plan and rectify the issues. You can only expect to see improved search engine rankings when you’ve resolved the issues.

3. Submit Reconsideration Request To Google:

Lastly, you need to submit a reconsideration request to Google so that your site comes to their notice.

How To Submit Reconsideration Request To Google?

Google states that to submit a reconsideration request, you need to-

  • Log in to your Webmaster Tools account.
  • Tools > Request Reconsideration
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and explain “what you think was wrong with your site and what steps you have taken to fix it.”
  • You’ll get a confirmation message in the Message Center after the successful submission of the request.

Google will then review if your site complies with the Webmaster Guidelines or not. 

If Google finds the issues resolved, your site will enjoy good positioning and traffic. Otherwise, it’ll ask you to resolve the persisting issues.

Quick Look

Google has announced the October 2023 Spam Update that will roll out in a few weeks. It focuses on eliminating the spam results from the search results including web searches, images/videos, news, etc. The noteworthy point is that it’ll target various languages.

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