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Instagram has not only leveled-up the way of connecting with people but has also escalated its perks and payments for the creators and businesses. The platform has become a hub of social media influencers with over 1 billion active users. Today, we’ll discuss how much does Instagram pay for 1k followers, 10k followers, 1 million followers, and more such questions. 

The count of content creators and influencers on Instagram is going up and up like anything. And so is the count of followers for many. The number of IG followers immensely impacts the income stream from this much-adored Meta-owned app. A plethora of prominent personalities are raking in a nice chunk of change by investing their time and creativity in Instagram to keep their followers engaged.

If you too are setting your foot in this direction, you must know how much does Instagram pay to influencers and content creators with varying numbers of followers. That’s exactly what we’ll discuss today, so let’s get started.

How Much Does Instagram Influencers Make?

First of all, let’s get this straight, Instagram will not pay you because you’ve earned 1k or 10k, or 1 million followers. But the platform will surely open doors of opportunities for you to earn through your content once you attain 1000 followers. Apart from that it will also give you additional perks on achieving some milestones.

So, what do you think, how much does Instagram influencers make? Well, here are the Instagram earnings of the top 5 IG influencers in 2022 around the globe:



1 Christiano Ronaldo 583 Million 2.40 Million
2 Kylie Jenner 390 Million 1.84 Million
3 Leo Messi 462 Million 1.78 Million
4 Selena Gomez 416 Million 1.74 Million
5 Dawyne Johson 379 Million 1.71 Million

(Source: Hopper HQ)

Similarly in India also, celebrated personalities like Virat Kohli, Varun Aditya and Aashna Shroff have previously added 5 Crs, 8.6 Lakh and 2.6 Lakh to their bank accounts for every single IG promotional post respectively, GQ India confirms.

Such creators and influencers have shown the way to budding influencers so that they can earn money on Instagram.

How To Earn Money On Instagram

One can go for affiliate marketing, promote products/services, or collaborate with brands to generate cash from Instagram. But the question is- how to fetch such an enormous follower base on Instagram? Well, as a newbie in influencer marketing, you must remain focused and patient to see the results and learn some organic ways to increase followers on Instagram.

Gradually, when your follower count will go up, you will be intrigued to know how much does Instagram pay for 1K followers, then 10K followers, and so on. But before we talk about how much does Instagram pays to various influencers based on follower count, let’s understand the top influencer categories on Instagram-

  • Nano Influencers (1k to 10k followers)
  • Micro Influencers (10k to 100k followers)
  • Macro Influencers (100k to 1 Million followers)
  • Mega Influencers (over 1 million followers)

Also know that Instagram starts to provide access to monetization tools and features when you comply with its monetization policies and-

  • You’ve a creator or business account, and
  • Your followers count reaches 1000.

How Much Does Instagram Pay?

how much instagram pay for 10k followers in india

Instagram surely provides a plethora of monetization features and tools for creators/businesses to earn. But Instagram doesn’t pay you any fixed amount because you’ve reached a follower’s count. Instead, the Meta-owned platform provides ample opportunities to collaborate with brands and promote them to earn.

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1K Followers?

If you’ve 1k (or 1000) followers on Instagram, you can start to earn through the platform’s monetization features. This means you can leverage your community through many programs including refer and earn, affiliate income, sponsored content, etc.

In a survey conducted by HypeAuditor, it is found that on average, Instagram accounts with 1k to 10k followers earn $1420 every month. For creators who are wondering how much Instagram pay for 1000 followers in India, the answer is 117,590 Rupees as per the present conversion rate.

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 10K Followers?

When your Instagram follower count goes up from 10k (or 10,000), you might attract affiliate deals where you get a fixed percentage of commission from a brand or business every time someone makes a purchase using the affiliate link you provide.

Apart from the pre-fixed commission, affiliate creators also get $40 for every affiliate post for the first ten months from Instagram itself. Quite a nice deal! So try your level best and understand which brand matches your niche. It’ll increase your Instagram earnings. This is what HypeAuditor’s survey indicates-

S. NO. Number Of Followers Average Monthly Earnings From Instagram (in USD)
1 10k to 50k 2061
2 50k to 500k 3517
3 500k to 1 Million 5847

(Source: HypeAuditor)

The above table satiates your curiosity regarding how much Instagram pay for 10k followers in India. Creators with Instagram follower count ranging between 10k to 50k can earn up to 170,671 Rupees, between 50k to 500k can earn up to 291,243 Rupees and between 500k to 1 Million can earn up to 484,190 Rupees on an average per month in India.

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1 Million Followers?

Mega influencers having more than 1 Million Instagram followers are earning a nice change of chunk. With this huge Insta community, you would not only be attracting sponsored deals but also be able to generate income from your followers through Special Thanks and Badges. You’ll be thrilled to know how much does Instagram pay for 1 Million followers for badges. At present, a creator gets the entire revenue earned through badges after deducting a 30% cut of Google Play Services and Apple App Services.

Moreover, you can also rake in Instagram milestone bonuses. The platform’s parent company, Meta, invested $1 Billion in rewards and incentive programs for creators last year.

Now talking of average earnings of a creator with over 1 Million followers on Instagram through a variety of activities on the platform, as per the survey are $15,356 (or 127630.36 Rupees) a month.

This was the story of how much Instagram pay for 10k followers in India or 1 Million followers in India and US. But how much does Instagram pay for 1 Million views? Let’s learn that now…..

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1 Million Views?

Amid the growing craze for Reels on Instagram, many wondered if they can earn from views on Instagram. Well, Meta itself previously introduced Reels Play Bonus for creators as a part of their investment towards the creator’s rewards and incentives programs wherein creators used to pile up their bank accounts depending upon the number of views their reels garnered.

But from March 2023, Reels Play Bonus was concluded, so it is not available anymore.

But don’t lose your hopes because views on IGTV Ads can help keep your pocket intact. As of now, Instagram distributes 55% of the IGTV Ads revenue among the creators based on the number of views.

Factors Affecting Instagram Income

Although we have talked about how much does Instagram pay, certain factors highly affect these numbers. What are these factors? And how do they affect one’s Instagram income? Let’s see…..

Factors Affecting Instagram Earnings

1. Location

As a matter of fact, how much does Instagram pays, highly depends on the location where the creator resides.

Many features of Instagram are distributed based on location. Especially, whenever Instagram tests a payment mechanism it starts with a few countries and gradually spreads it across the globe. So if a particular monetization tool/feature is available in the US but not available in India, obviously Instagram income of creators residing in India will vary from that of those who reside in the US.

2. Niche & Demographics

Usually, Instagram influencers earn through paid promotions, affiliate sales, sponsored content, etc. However, the income stream for certain industries and categories is higher in comparison to others. As per a survey conducted by HypeAuditor, the following categories have the most scope of earnings-

  1. Animals
  2. Business & Marketing
  3. Sports & Fitness

Apart from these, the following industries too have quite an audience base on Instagram-

  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Finance
  • travel and tourism
  • Beauty
  • Fashion, etc. 

When you’ll take a little deep dive into the pool of market segmentation, you’ll realize the essence of targeting different audience groups based on their demographics. This demands the analysis of the interests of audiences based on their age, gender, income, etc. to figure out estimated investment and potential sales.

3. Engagement Rate

Sure, the number of followers you have do affect your Instagram earnings. But that alone isn’t the only specification. Engagement too has a key role to play. All that Instagram is interested in is increasing the user time on this very platform. That’s why the engagement rate matters a lot.

Many people who go for buying fake followers, can’t generate engagement on their posts. In return, whatever content they create, doesn’t get enough views, shares, comments, likes, etc. This gives Instagram a clear idea that either the followers are not genuine or engaged with the creator’s content. As a result, Instagram Algorithms don’t pick that account and its content for popularizing and this leads to lower reach and lesser views, likes, comments, etc.

That’s how engagement rate affects how much does Instagram pay for 1K followers or 1 million followers.

4. Content Quality

To earn an over-the-top engagement rate on Instagram, you must create content that your audience admires and can relate to. For that, you need to go the whole nine yards and present them with useful information in different formats of the platform including stories, polls, live sessions, reels, videos and image posts as well. Since Instagram has over 70% influencers, you need to think of creative and unique ways that catch your audience’s attention.

5. Contract Deal

Lastly, how much you’ll charge for a specific post depends on the type of contract or deal you have entered into. Since you’ll be providing a brand with exposure to your audience base, you must discuss the usage rights, expected deliverables, length of the contract, etc. in advance. Some influencers take home a lump sum of money against one-time endorsement projects whereas others opt for affiliate earnings.

With all these factors in mind, you will get dual benefits from our detailed guide on how to earn money from Instagram.

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