Wondering How To Earn Money From Instagram In India & Abroad? Try These 9 Insta-Approved Ways



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Over 1.1 billion people use Instagram today. And not just for staying updated or entertaining themselves, in fact, for making money. And one question must have crossed everybody’s mind at least for once- Can we earn money from Instagram?

Well, the answer is YES! Because:-

  • Over 90% of Instagram Users follow at least one brand on the platform.
  • 2 out of 3 users actively engage with a brand via the platform.
  • Instagram successfully competes with the top social media site- Facebook, when it comes to getting engagement for brands.

Wondering How To Make Money On Instagram In 2022? Try These 9 Insta-Approved Ways

Influencer Marketing is quite a trend these days. With the tremendous growth of social media, the count of influencers is going up every year. And what’s the typical favorite place of all the social media influencers? Of course- Instagram.

But does Instagram pay influencers?

Yes, Instagram pays influencers. In fact, not just those born with a silver spoon in their mouths but for typical influencers as well, Instagram is a great platform to earn a pretty nice chunk of change.

Now a common question that arises in the mind of netizens is- how much does Instagram Influencers make? Can we earn money from Instagram just like most influencers? This further gets followed by certain other questions as well, like:

  • When Does Instagram Start Paying You?
  • Does Instagram Pay You For Followers?
  • Does Instagram Pay For Views?
  • Does Instagram Pay Money For Reels?
  • How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1K Followers?
  • How Much Instagram Pay For 10K Followers?
  • How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1 Million Followers?
  • How Much Instagram Pay For 1 Million Views?

Well, this blog will unfold all these aspects for you. So make sure to give it a read!

Why Look Up To Instagram For Earning Money?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where the count of content creators is growing like anything. But what are the probable ways to earn on this platform, and how to get on that track? Let’s see that now.

Often, Instagram Monetization gets swapped with selling products/services on Instagram. Though that is a way to earn money, Instagram monetization is a whole another story. Instagram Monetization revolves around the generation of revenue from the content, be it in the forms of reels, image posts, or videos.

So you can ask that again- Does Instagram pay for views, followers, reels, etc.? And, of course, the answer is, ‘Yeah, it does.’ But all this money doesn’t come that easy, for that one has to get a huge follower base and must know how to engage them.

It takes continual efforts to be a social media influencer. And that means looking past the number of followers. No doubt, the number of followers matters for monetizing Instagram content, but a social media influencer is someone who does have the ability to sway people to invest in a particular product or service.

And if you think that is a cinch, let me tell you that is not the case. An influencer’s job is ultra-careful because they have to use the product/service and then share their reviews with the audience about how exactly it went for them, especially when there are over 40 Million people globally who regard themselves as social media influencers.

Users tend to follow the influencers who they adore and trust. Thus, influencers experiment with different trends and bring up entertaining ways to keep their followers engaged while sharing valuable insights. That means influencers have to be up and ready to be available for their audience’s and interact with them. 

This continual effort makes it plausible for an influencer to get trusted by their audience. This, in turn, fetches deals from big brands for influencers. However, it has a lot more spices to add to it and a lot more that can’t really blend in that well with influencer marketing (more on that later).

So be happy because if you want to know if Instagram pays for followers, then the answer is YES! After all, Meta, the developer of the 4th most popular social media site, has announced to invest 1 Billion USD incentives on creators by the end of this year so as to boost their enthusiasm.

But money isn’t the only compensation Instagram Influencers get. Apart from monetary benefits, influencers also get free gifts, subscriptions, etc. Enough motivation, I guess, so let’s know how can we earn money from Instagram.

9 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is certainly an entertainment platform, but also it is no less than a hub of purchasers, as over 80% of the users on Instagram go after getting purchase suggestions on the platform. There are over 2 billion users already on the platform who’re actively engaging with brands and influencers. The platform is widely used by travel bloggers, food bloggers, and comedians, and of course, we can’t miss out on vloggers as well. 

Here are a few ways in which you can earn money from Instagram:-

(i) Collaborate With Brands

Brand Collaboration is an exquisite way to earn money on Instagram. According to research, 92% of users had made a product purchase on Instagram as and when they came across it. Over the top of it, half of Instagram Users visit a brand’s website after they see its Story.

This makes brand collaboration a typical way to earn from Instagram, which all social media influencers swear by. By going for brand collaboration, influencers explain a product’s or service’s utility and encourage their audience/followers to give it a shot. In turn, the influencers get paid by the brand they are promoting. Sounds quite simple, right? But in reality, it is not that easy.

A creator or business account is a must for anyone willing to earn income from Instagram. An influencer has to build trust and authority in the eyes of the followers, which isn’t as simple as pie in an era where 70% of total Instagram Accounts are of influencers.

As an Instagram Influencer, you must give your followers a reason to be by your side and to the new ones to get on board with you.

Most importantly, in this rat race of becoming a social media influencer and making a fortune from platforms akin to Instagram, people usually overlook some critical aspects and make frightful mistakes. Like there are Instagram Influencers who’ll promote anything and everything. This dwindles the audience’s trust in your reviews and negatively impacts your image.

Also, don’t just go for enlisting good and appreciative reviews about a product that you’ve not used or well-researched about. Because if you do so and your followers’ experience doesn’t stand well with that particular product or service, at a certain level, they will lose faith in you, and you won’t be able to retain the followers for long. Simply because if they don’t find something worthy enough for the value they are spending, they’ll not be interested in your reviews or suggestions anymore.

Moreover, brands are also inclined towards selective influencers who have established online reputations in their niche.

Another thing that influencers, especially newbies, must keep in mind is using relevant hashtags in the post (remembering not to make the post-over-flowing with the hashtags). Try to bring out a creative and relatable way to share your experience and stay authentic.

Mention the link in your bio for your audience so that they can land on the page where they can find that service or product. Bear in mind that Instagram currently allows sharing a single link in the bio, so that means you need to have a considerate time gap between promoting different products/services. Otherwise, use Unique Promo Codes that can be mentioned in the post’s description/caption and in the post itself.

(ii) Go For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is often confused with brand collaboration, but both are as different as day and night. We’ve already discussed brand collaboration in the above-mentioned point.

Affiliate Marketing is when an influencer promotes products/services of a brand, but rather than receiving a lump sum single-time payment; they get a fixed commission every time someone makes the purchase via their provided link, which happens to be trackable, of course, otherwise, how are you going to get paid. You can also mention promo codes in the caption or reels, or image post itself.

Apart from commissions, an affiliate creator also receives a payment from Meta, provided it has earned $30. It states on its official site that it’ll give $40 for every affiliate post or live video for the first ten months. 

Meta released an update in August 2022, stating that it has ended the previous affiliate marketing program, and now the eligible creators and sellers must access the “Creator Marketplace” for earning through affiliate networking.

Now, if you go a little deeper, you’ll analyze it as an enormous pool. Influencers must watch out for one thing: when they agree to promote a brand, they give the brand the exposure to get highlighted in front of their audience base.

Moreover, you may also allow the brand to use your post or video on their Instagram Account or handle, which means more added benefits. Cutting it short for you, how much you get paid is up to the deal. Worry not, as you’ll get an idea by the end of this blog about how much you can expect to earn depending upon the number of followers.

Though affiliate networking has mega opportunities for influencers with a huge audience base, there are many renowned and well-established brands on the platforms that also accept partnerships from small affiliate marketers, provided that they have an authentic presence and reach. So as an affiliate networker, you must put in the effort to provide the best to your audience.

As we discussed in the point mentioned above, as an affiliate, you must be self-aware of the product you’re promoting.

(iii) Encourage Supporters To Purchase Badges

Earning Badges in a Live Video over Instagram is also one of the many ways to make money. But how? Now, suppose that you’re running a Livestream video, your supporters or fans can purchase badges (single or multiple) to extend financial support to you.

Whenever a supporter buys a badge/es, you’ll get to know about it as hearts would appear next to their username depending upon the number of badges they have purchased. A user can buy a single badge for $0.99 (1 heart), two badges (2 hearts) for $1.99, and three badges for $4.99 (3 hearts).

As per Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post, the entire proceedings from badges (minus the 30% share of Google Play App & Apple App Services) will go directly to the respective creators until 2023. He further says if Meta considered charging a share for badges, subscriptions, and other such features in future, it would be much less than 30%.

The feature was earlier rolled out for U.S.-based creators only, but as per Instagram, it is now available on an invitation-only basis in the following countries:- Australia, Mexico, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, and the U.K.

Wondering How To Make Money On Instagram In 2022? Try These 9 Insta-Approved Ways

If you meet the set standards, you must request badge verification and enable it on the app.

Encourage your followers to buy badges at the start, in the middle, and toward the end of the video itself. Also, don’t forget to thank and give individual shout-outs to those who extend their support to you. After all, they have been considerate of your efforts.

(iv) Advertise Your Product/Services

One of the most typical ways of earning through Instagram is by showcasing your products and services on this platform. From bakery owners to fitness trainers to coaches to make-up artists to clothes merchandisers, people from every field understand the essence of using Instagram Ads to upscale their business growth.

People connect with businesses over the platform via D.M.s and comments. Even Instagram Stories are an exquisite way to earn new customers and rake in more revenue.

Even if you’ve developed an artistic hobby, you can take it to new heights and make it a source of income. 

Take assistance from different Instagram Ads Types to showcase what you’ve to offer.

Just make sure that you do not solely talk business on your Instagram business handle. Go for sharing insights about your niche, host giveaways, answer your followers’ queries, host Q&A sessions through polls, use trends to spread the word about your brands, and build a relationship with your audience. This way, you’ll not only fetch new business deals but will also retain clients.

(v) IGTV Ads

If the content is super-engaging and informative, people get to cling to IGTV videos. And if you’re lucky enough to have this opportunity, you are in a very good place to get benefitted from IGTV Ads. All you need to do is just promote a product/s or service/s in between your video and get paid for it. The product/s or service/s you promote can be yours or another brand’s.

It will take a little time to build that audience that will invest their time and money in your content, but once you attain that, it will be as easy as ABC to get deals from brands themselves.

When you will opt-in for earning through IGTV Ads, your content will be monetized for plays, i.e., you’ll get paid based on the number of views on a video. 

Wondering how much does Instagram pay for 1 Million Views for IGTV Ads? Well, a creator gets “industry standard,” Justin Osofsky, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Instagram, confirmed in an interview with The Verge. The industry standard happens to be 55% of the revenue, which is parity with that of Facebook and YouTube.

(vi) Reels Play Bonus

Reels are trending and make the viewers groove. But most of you must have a question- does Instagram pay money for reels? Actually Yes. But sadly, this isn’t available for everyone and anyone because Instagram hasn’t allowed it.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can get rewards in the form of a bonus. The good news is that this feature is currently being examined by Instagram in India also, which means a hub of opportunities is about to open for Indian Creators as well.

Now talking of the criteria, an eligible creator gets paid for reels based on the number of plays it gets in 30 days. Instagram states that the earnings can also be availed based on the count of reels you produce/put on the platform and a theme given to you, for instance, Diwali or Christmas. However, it also states that the revenue/bonus per view can vary over time.

(vii) Instagram Subscription Feature

Instagram Subscription works just like any other subscription plan. You get paid for your content, against which you provide your subscribers with additional benefits such as subscribers-only groups, discounts for subscribers, etc. You can make exclusive content for your subscribers and share it via Stories, Posts, Reels, IGTV Videos, etc.

This way, your followers will get clung to you as they will feel delighted with premium content, and you’ll also be able to come up with more enriched content for them.

Also, it’ll whip up new followers to join your subscription plan so as to get access to rewards and benefits.

This feature is currently being tested for a handful of content creators in the U.S. Yes, you read that right! It would be rolled out in the U.S. first and then in selective countries gradually. 

(viii) Achieve Milestone & Earn Bonus

Meta has been seriously investing in creators who are using its very own platforms to engage people. Remember, we earlier talked about Meta disbursing 1 Billion USD as incentives for creators as a way of reward? That’s exactly a win-win opportunity for you. Stay updated with Instagram’s Challenges and seek to hit the fish’s eye so as to be above and ahead in the race.

(ix) Be An Instagram Consultant

If this thought hasn’t crossed your mind, you must think about it now if you’ve been thinking about how to earn money from Instagram in India or abroad. So far, you already have an idea how enormous the Instagram pool is, and sailing through that isn’t cinch. So you can share your insights and knowledge and get paid for it. Wondering how to earn money from Instagram in India and abroad if you aren’t an influencer? Well, you can utilize the same tactics as you’ll also come under the Creators category.

Various sources suggest that Instagram Consultants usually charge between $15 to $50 for an hour. Also, experienced ones can charge between $50 to $100.

Nano Influencers V/S Micro Influencers V/S Mega Influencers

Do you want to know how much does Instagram pays to Mega Influencers (1 Million Followers), Micro Influencers (5K- 20K Followers) & Nano Influencers (<10K Followers)? Then understand the base of every segment of influencers on Instagram, whether you wish to know how to earn money from Instagram in India or abroad.

In other words, if you think only Mega Influencers can earn a big chunk of change from Instagram, you must know that they comprise 0.41% of the base on the platform.

On the other hand, there are 54.3% Mega Influencers on Instagram, which means 45.29% of the total Influencer base on Instagram comprises Nano Influencers.

Various surveys have found that Mega Influencers might charge around 4 lakh rupees for a single post on Instagram. Whereas in the case of Micro-Influencers, this amount reduces to 1 lakh rupees per post, and Nano Influencers can expect to earn between 50K to 75K INR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now it’s time to answer your questions about how much does Instagram pay?; when does Instagram pay you?; how much Instagram pay for 1000 followers?; how much does Instagram pay for 10k followers? etc.

#1 Can We Earn Money From Instagram?

Any business or influencer can earn from Instagram, provided that they are eligible for the particular task they are opting in for.

#2 How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1K Followers To 10K Followers?

HypeAuditor surveyed 1865 Instagram Influencers last year, and they found that Instagram Influencers with followers ranging between 1K to 10K usually generate an average of $1420 per month.

Since most Instagram Users are from India, converting these earnings into INR is essential so that you’ll know how much Instagram pays for 1000 Followers in India (115,843.6 INR). 

#3 How To Earn Money From Instagram In India & Abroad?

There are a plethora of ways to make earnings from Instagram in India, which include-

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Promoting Your Own Business
  • Brand Collaboration
  • Competing In Instagram Challenges
  • IGTV Ads and Reels

#4 Much Does Instagram Pay For 1 Million Followers?

Instagram Influencers with over 1 Million followers rake in $15,356 (1,252,742.48 INR) per month on average.

#5 How Much Instagram Pays For 10K Followers In India?

Instagram Influencers with 10,000 Followers can expect to earn 62,500 INR on average.

#6 When Does Instagram Start Paying You?

To get paid on Instagram, one must have at least 1000 Followers so as to attract brands for collaborations.

#7 Does Instagram Pay For Views?

Yes, a creator gets paid based on the number of plays or views on Instagram for Reels and IGTV Videos.

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How Much Does Instagram Influencers Make

We use dedicated tools to come up with insights related to the audience so that we can create a well-structured strategy.

We’ll monitor your social media page, do competitor analysis, provide you with page management reports over time, share the statistics regarding page growth, handle your campaigns (both organic and paid), develop content and creatives, and much more. We’ll be responsible for your page’s overall health and protect it from spam also.

Our social media marketing experts are highly aware of social trends and know how to upturn the reach, followers, and engagement of your page.

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