How To Enhance SEO: 8 Methods That Don’t Require Unique Content?



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Are your pages not positioning where you need them to be? We should fix that.

SEO is a long-haul game. You need a reliable technique, the eagerness to execute or more all, persistence.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any low-hanging chances to improve SEO. There is bounty, a considerable lot of which are promptly noteworthy and don’t expect you to make new content.

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1. Improve the CTR of Your Top-Positioning Pages

The title tag is the HTML component used to specify the title of a site page.

For what reason is this significant?

The title label goes about as the feature of an article. Its primary responsibility is to lure the searcher into navigating to the page.

The proportion of individuals who wind up clicking your connection (or any link) is known as the Clickthrough rate (CTR).

Presently, Gary Illyes of Google has unequivocally said that CTR is not a positioning component. But, numerous SEOs still accept that CTR has an impact on your rankings.

In any case, it doesn’t make a difference. The reason for positioning #1 is to get guests to your page. If you can compose a title label that induces individuals to pick your page over the others, you’ve won.

2. Advance the Page Speed of Significant Pages

Ever navigate to a page that took ages to stack?

If you’re in any way similar to this, you most likely tapped the back button and attempted your karma somewhere else.

In 2010, Google said page speed is a positioning element. With versatile first ordering, page speed has turned out to be much progressively significant.

So indeed, if you haven’t gotten the reminder at this point, slow pages are terrible for business and SEO.

To check your speed, you can utilise Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool (it’s free!)

Also finding an SEO Plan is very useful for the best result!

3. Invigorate Content with Reducing Traffic

Discover the pages with lessening traffic by investigating your Google Analytics. Then again, glue every one of your pages into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and examine them (start with your significant pages first!).

Refreshing doesn’t invariably mean revising the entire content. It relies upon your objective keyword and its opposition.

More often than not, you should invigorate the obsolete areas.

4. Fill Content Holes in an Existing Content

Individuals are searching for something very similar to multiple points of view. Google gets that and positions an almost indistinguishable arrangement of results for some keywords.

As indicated by our examination, a standard #1 positioning page will likewise rank well for around 1,000 other applicable keywords.

As you’re refreshing and invigorating the content, you should incorporate these subtopics. If you’re an enthusiast of the Switch, a portion of these might be self-evident. But there are quite often a few things you may never have thought of referencing.

5. Imitate Backlinks from Obsolete, Low-Quality Pages

Does this experience sound well-known to you?


  • Searched for a term in Google;
  • Clicked through to the #1 result;
  • Found an appalling bit of content that didn’t answer your question.

You pondered to yourself, “how on the planet is this positioning #1?”

There’s uplifting news. These sorts of results are openings.

Consider it: if these weak bits of content can get vast amounts of excellent connections and rank in Google, so can you.

You need to have something better. What’s more, if you usually invigorate your content, odds are: you as of now have something better.

You should simply have to locate these mediocre bits of content (that have bunches of connections) and get the individuals connecting to them to communicate to you.

Content Marketing Services can help you to utilise this process in a more convenient way.

6. Lift Pages with Inside Links

Inside connections are joins from one page on a similar space to another.

At the point when utilised deliberately, inner connections can help support the exhibition of pages in the search engines.

Why? Since interior connections help the progression of PageRank around your site. As a rule, the more inside connections a page has, the higher its PageRank. Furthermore, PageRank is an affirmed Google positioning component.

7. Fix Broken Backlinks Going to Your Site

Broken backlinks are broken inbound connections from different sites.

These usually happen because:

  • You erased or moved a page that has backlinks;
  • The connecting site committed an error when connecting to you.

This isn’t perfect.

Consider it: if you have broken pages that numerous locales are connecting to, not exclusively are you losing potential referral traffic, you’re likewise dropping the “interface value” from those connections.

Hence, you should fix this.

8. Follow Highlighted Snippets

Fundamentally, it’s when Google demonstrates a full or fractional response to a question straightforwardly in the search results.

As per our investigation, highlighted snippets get ~8.6% of snaps by and large, while the page that positions underneath (otherwise known as position #1) will get ~19.6% of snaps.

If there are no highlighted snippets, the #1 positioning outcome will get 26% all things considered.

In this way, for reasons unknown, the included snippets are taking snaps from the #1 positioning outcome.

Go through the rundown to discover the snippets you don’t claim. Dissect the contending site and attempt to make sense of why they claim the bit and you don’t.

Here are some potential issues and arrangements:

  • Your content doesn’t stick to the configuration searchers need to see. If the positioning page has a numbered rundown, and you don’t, that is likely motivation behind why you don’t yet claim the bit.
  • You have organised mark-up issues. Google depends on proper HTML mark-up to help comprehend what your content is about and organised. If you don’t have the appropriate increase, Google may think that it’s difficult to identify your content and highlight it on an included snippet.

Last Wise Words

Each one of these strategies can support your rankings in the search engines. But don’t anticipate that your rankings should bounce medium-term. Our research proposes that solitary 5.7% of all recently distributed pages arrive at the first page of Google inside a year. That is nothing unexpected. SEO is a long haul game.

So while it bodes well to concentrate on these low-hanging strategies, they’re no trade for a long haul SEO system.

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