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Instagram reels videos are swaying netizens’ hearts. No wonder every other person today wants to know how to make reels on Instagram. In fact, reels are the latest trends on this one of the most popular social media apps.

Instagram has surpassed the limits of anything with over 2.2 billion community base, and more than half of it is crazy after reels. Instagram reels are a way to earn revenues and engage audiences for many social media influencers and businesses. You can be the next person or entity to own a share in this community provided that you know how to make instagram reels.

Short-form video content like Instagram reels is most thrilling for netizens. But before jumping onto the procedure and learning how to make trending reels on Instagram, let’s see what Instagram Reels are and why a person or a business entity should use IG reels.

What Are Instagram Reels Videos?

Of course, you already know that Instagram reels are short-form videos. They’re quite attention-catchers with music, transitions, and other augmented reality effects. But you might not realize that instagram reels are a win-win opportunity to make your brand name discoverable. You’ve already seen a plethora of reels on Instagram. But now you must learn how to make reels on instagram whether you’re a social media influencer or a business firm. Why? Okay, let’s see that now.

Why Must Businesses Use Instagram Reels Videos?

Digitalization is encapsulating the marketing industry more than ever. This hit has resulted in expanding the horizons of social media sites from just being connectors to promotional platforms. And since we’re talking about Instagram, it perfectly fits the benchmarks of a promotional platform. Wondering how? Well, read further to explore.

  • More than 90% of the total Instagram user base follows at least one brand on the platform.
  • The engagement rate on Instagram shows that reels capture 22% more attention than other forms of content on the platform.
  • Over half of the platform’s community actively connects with brands to make a purchase.
  • Around 90% of the Instagram community loves to binge-watch video-based content on weekends.
  • Unlike Stories that usually do disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Reels videos stay posted as a post until manually removed.

All-in-all, there a 4 Key Benefits Of Instagram Reels For Business

  • Expanded Reach
  • Increased Engagement
  • More Discoverability
  • Increased ROI

Though the procedure of making instagram reels might seem a little puzzling initially, you will gradually be a pro at it once you come to know how to create instagram reels

How To Make Reels On Instagram

You can make reels on Instagram, whether you have a private account or a public account. Follow the below stated steps to get started with instagram reels:

1. Think About It

Even before you get into all the steps regarding how to make a reel on Instagram, think of the concept that your reel will revolve around. Plan the storyline that you wish to show in it. For instance, festival greetings, what I ate in a day, behind the scenes, about your company, launch of a new product or feature, are a few ideas that can be covered in a reel. The choice of reel video content foremostly depends on your niche. Then, you’ve to come up with a creative concept to deliver your message.

  • Launch the Instagram App and tap on the Reels icon. It appears right in the middle of your screen at the bottom. Or else, go to your Instagram Account, tap the plus icon   and select the ‘Reels’ option.
  • Now press and hold the video icon  on the screen and record the video.


How To Make Reels On Instagram

  • While shooting by yourself, you can set the timer. To do so, tap on the timer icon  to set the countdown.
  • In case you wish to add a video from your phone gallery, tap on the camera roll icon at the bottom towards the left.

How To Make Reels On Instagram From Gallery

Reels are a really fun visual treat. But just recording one every time isn’t necessary. You might feel like compiling a bunch of small photos or videos in a reel. Thankfully it can be done if you know how to make reels on instagram from gallery. So continue reading and discover how to make a reel with photos and how to make a reel with multiple videos.

How To Make A Reel With Photos On Instagram
  • Launch the Instagram App and tap on the Reels icon. It appears right in the middle of your screen at the bottom. Or else, go to your Instagram Account, tap the plus icon  and select the ‘Reels’ option.


How To Make A Reel With Photos On Instagram


  • Tap on the camera icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • In the drop-down section, select a specific folder from which you want to add the photo.
  • Pick and add a photo to the reel.
  • Then you will come across audio options (we’ll discuss that shortly).
  • Now drag the slider bar and set the time span for the photo. Once done, tap on ‘Add’ to adjoin another photo from the gallery. Repeat the same process and add multiple photos to your reel.

There is also an alternate way too if you want to learn how to make a reel with photos, even videos. Let’s walk you through that now.

How To Make A Reel With Multiple Videos And Photos On Instagram
  • Launch the Instagram App and tap on the Reels icon. It appears right in the middle of your screen at the bottom. Or else, go to your Instagram Account, tap the plus icon and select the ‘Reels’ option.
  • Tap on the camera icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • In the drop-down section, select a specific folder from which you want to pull multiple videos or photos for reels.
  • Then locate two overlapping boxes on the right side and tap on them. You can find them next to the Green Screen option.
  • Now select the videos or photos from the gallery. Remember to pick the videos/ photos in the same sequential order in which you want them to appear. This is so because the order in which you select the videos or photos will be applied to your reel.
  • Then you will come across audio options (we’ll discuss that shortly).
  • Once done, tap ‘Next.’
  • Adjust the time scale for each video or photograph.
  • Tap on ‘Next.’

You’ll be asked to save the video as a draft or post it. But wait, we’re not done yet. It’s time to learn how to add audio and effects to instagram reels.

2. Make Use Of Other Features

The below-mentioned features of instagram will work like icing on the cake for reels. So ensure you use them properly.

 How To Increase Instagram Reels Time Limit?


How To Increase Instagram Reels Time Limit


This icon represents the length of a reel. Tap on it to adjust your reel’s length and choose a time frame from the given options. Presently, a reel length can be extended up to 90 seconds at max.

How To Speed Up Instagram Reels Videos?

Tap on the 1X icon on the left side to adjust the speed of instagram reels. You can speed the reel up or slow it down. Bear in mind that any modifications in speed will affect both the speed of visuals and audio as well.

How To Set Instagram Reels Layout?

Setting the layout for instagram reels is easy. Simply tap on the layout icon  and choose from the layout and grid format for your reels

How To Add Stickers, Text & Drawings To Instagram Reels?

Stickers (not interactive ones), drawings, and text can be incorporated into reels. They can be a creative way to enhance the reel videos.

After recording a reel, tap on ‘Preview,’ and then tap on the smiley square at the top for stickers, on the wavy lines for drawings, and on the Aa icon for adding text to the reel.

Once added, drag the time lapse for adjusting the time of appearing and disappearing for the respective elements, place them where you want, and tap ‘Done’ to save the changes.

What Is Dual On Instagram Reels?

Want to capture the front picture and what’s happening in the backdrop at the same time? Then make use of the dual feature  the camera icon) on the left side of your reels screen.

So, is it yay or nay? Keep reading to discover more features for instagram reels and learn how to make reels on instagram.

3. Time To Add The Audio

If anything makes reels more enticing, it is the relevant audio. Tap on the musical note icon  on the left to get started with the audio part.

Pick a song from your music library. Otherwise, search for the song or import an audio file. Once you choose the song or audio track, a slider bar will appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen. It’ll assist you in affixing a specific part of the song or audio clip to that song. Tap ‘Done.’

I know you want to know how to add voiceover to instagram reels. Well, then tap on the ‘Voiceover’ option. Drag the slider bar at the bottom and select the part of the video where you want to add the voiceover. After that, tap and hold the red dot  to record the reel and then tap ‘Done.’

Original voice recordings can be incorporated into the reels from Camera Audio. Instagram provides other users with an option to use original audio clips of public accounts.

To make reels go viral, utilize the Sound Effects option and pick one from the available sound effects that goes with your reel. Tap ‘Done’ to save the changes.

4. Let’s Play With Effects

  • Once done with the audio, tap on the ‘Preview’ option. iPhone users need to tap on ‘New.’
  • Of course, you need to edit the reel. Then toggle to the ‘Edit Clips’ option to watch, trim or delete the reel video.

How To Make Reels On Instagram With Effects

Here comes the most captivating part of how to make reels on instagram. Learning how to make reels on instagram with effects is a little laborious yet fun. Instagram proffers a plethora of effects for reels, including spin, zoom, slit scan, selfie skit, tiny army, body frame, and duplicate yourself. Make sure to apply the chosen Effect before tapping the recording button.

  • The Add Effects icon  is on the left side of the screen. Tap on it and then tap on ‘Reels.’ Pick any one effect, and then you can proceed to record the reel. Zoom and spin are the typical choices for transition reel videos, while the tiny army and duplicate yourself are used for conversational reels.
  • Now suppose you are scrolling through a reel, and its effect just swayed your heart. If you think you can use it to create an instagram reel in the future, tap on the Save icon  and use it whenever you are ready. In order to access the saved effects, start all over to create the reel, tap on the ‘Add Effects’ icon and then tap on Saved.
  • If an idea did strike you at the very moment while watching the video, then look for the effect name at the bottom. It’ll display next to Add Effects icon. Tap on it. All the reel videos with the same effect will be displayed to you. Tap on the Use Effect option at the bottom and make a reel.
  • Press ‘Done’ to save the changes.

Green Screen can’t be missed while talking about how to make reels on instagram with effects. However, the green screen effect might not show up on its own. That’s why you need to browse it in Effects.


How To Make Reels On Instagram With Effects


  • Tap on the Add Effects icon 
  • Tap on the Green Screen effect. If you don’t see it, tap on the magnifying glass and type in the search box- Green Screen.


How To Make Reels On Instagram With Effects


  • Once you come across the effect, download it.
  • Tap on ‘Add Media’ and select the image or photo that you want to put in the background. You can add a photo or a video in the background. We’ve already discussed how to make reels on instagram with photos in the 1st step.
  • Record the reel.

Align is a wonderful option that puts life into Instagram transition reels videos. It lines up the recorded clips to make flawless transformations. Check this to see how the align feature works.

5. Do The Final Touch Up & Share

  • Once you’re done recording your reel proceed to post it.
  • Tap on ‘Edit Reel Cover.’
  • Then pick an image from your gallery  for the cover photo or else use a still shot from your reel.
  • The cover of your Instagram Reel must be impactful to draw attention. You can use several tools like Canva for this purpose. Remember that the aspect ratio of a reel cover varies as per its placement:
  1. For Profile Grid- 1:1
  2. For Feed- 4:5
  3. For Reels Tab- 9:16 
  • Tap ‘Done’ to upload.
  • Now think of a relatable yet out of the ordinary caption for your reel. Use appropriate hashtags (you’ll get to know how many hashtags shortly, so keep reading). Tag people (using @), or if you’ve made the reel with branded content, then tag that brand.
  • Finally, proceed to ‘Share’ your reel.

That’s all, and you have got to know how to make instagram reels. Wait! Wait! Your hard work must be rewarded with bonus tips, so here you go!

Bonus Tips

You’ve just learned how to make reels on instagram. Here are two bonus tips for you so you can make the most of your reels.

How To Make Remix Reels On Instagram

You won’t stay back once you know how easy and fun it is to make a remix reel on instagram. Remix reels are just like duet videos like that of TikTok. One half will show your reel, whereas the other will feature the reel video you picked to adjoin. Even businesses can use remix reels to showcase their clients’ feedback and reactions. This is a great way to establish brand authority.

  • Tap on three dots at the bottom while on an instagram reel that you wish to remix with.
  • Tap on the ‘Remix This Reel’ option. After this, you’ll see the chosen reel on one side and your reel (that you’ll create) on the other half.
  • Record your reel video. You can edit your remix reel for effects in the same way as any normal reel.
  • Tap on the arrow icon >.
  • Add audio or voiceover and save the changes.
  • Lastly, post the reel.

Allow Others To Make Remix Reels On Instagram With Your Reels

  • While on your Instagram Account, tap on your profile picture or icon profile .
  • Tap on three horizontal lines more options.
  • Tap on the Settings icon settings and then go to ‘Privacy.’
  • Tap on the ‘Reels and Remix’ option.
  • Enable the settings right next to Allow For Reels.

How To Download Instagram Reels?

Downloading Instagram Reels is actually pretty easy; just do as stated:

  • Go to your Instagram Profile and tap on the Reels icon.
  • Tap on the reel you wish to download and tap on the three dots at the bottom.
  • Tap on the ‘Save To Camera Roll’ option.

And it’s done! Want to know how to make reels go viral? Then scroll down a little.

How To Make Reels Go Viral?

So far, we’ve talked about how to create instagram reels. Now, let’s see how you can make your reel go viral on Instagram. IG reels have added a new level of fun and excitement to the videos. But for creators, it is quite challenging to make trending reels because the platform is a hub of influencers and creators. So here are two major aspects that must be understood well:-

1. Understand Instagram Reels Algorithm 2022

All influencers and creators want to know how to make trending reels on instagram, but only a few pay attention to Instagram’s latest algorithm. Yes, you read that right. Like search engines, Instagram has algorithms that focus on certain aspects of the reel content.

If your Instagram Reel fits the set benchmarks of Instagram Algorithm 2022, chances are it can get viral like anything. Okay, so let’s decode Instagram’s latest algorithm to make your reels more visible.

Four Key Considerations Of Instagram Reels Algorithm 2022:

  1. User Activity
  2. User’s History Of Engagement
  3. Reels Information
  4. Information Of Creator’s Account

Scroll down a little to understand how Instagram Reels Algorithm 2022 works around these aspects. 

Is Your Reel Relevant To A User’s Activity?

Instagram dives into a number of factors before determining the rank of reels. One such factor is relevancy. It pushes your reels to users based on their previous activity. Instagram reels algorithm takes notes of the type of content that the user has shown interest in,whether he/she has saved it or shared it in stories or in the form of likes and comments. So you must make use of Instagram Insights. Otherwise, there will be no use of learning how to make reels on instagram.

How Has The User Interacted With Such Reels In The Past?

The Instagram algorithm has recently been updated for reels wherein the previous engagement history of users is analyzed.

The platform serves every individual user with content they like to watch. The Meta-owned platform works on AI systems that detect the subject of interest and push similar content their way. So you’ll have to go the whole nine yards to figure out which kind of content interests your audience. This can be gauged from data and analytics related to your previous posts on the platform and make content that the audience engages with often.

Instagram favors content that users like to watch. It takes engagement metrics into account while allotting ranks to reels. Even if a user doesn’t follow you on Instagram, but has previously interacted with your reels videos content, the platform’s reels algorithm will show your content again to that same user.

What Instagram Looks For In Reels?

Instagram reels algorithm analyzes every single piece of information about a reel. It specifically examines a reel for the audio/sound, video quality, pixels, frames, reels cover, alt text, keywords, adherence to guidelines, number of times it is played, popularity, and engagement. Also, Instagram does not show any favors towards reels that were previously uploaded on another platform. So it’s better to create new reels rather than uploading from TikTok.

What Is The Link Between Instagram Reels Algorithm And Creator’s Account?

Instagram also keeps a check on the poster’s account insights. It tracks how consistently users have been interacting with that creator or business. So clearly, creators or businesses with more audience interaction win over the number of likes.

2. The Math Of Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial to make trending reels on instagram. And you know what? You can easily find hashtags on instagram itself. How? Type any term related to your niche in Instagram’s search bar and go to the tabs section. Alright, keep this secret between us, okay? Moreover, the internet is full of free hashtag generators where you can find related hashtags. Not to even mention, you can take cues from your competitors as well.

There is no argument that hashtags must be integrated into instagram reels videos. Nevertheless, your reel post must not be brimming with hashtags to the top. This is so because the over-usage of hashtags in a post makes it less discoverable. And you surely want its opposite, so you need to know the optimum number of hashtags in your reel post.

People follow different schools of thought regarding the optimum count of hashtags to be incorporated. Some people feel using 8 hashtags is best for IG reels, while others go with 12 or 25. Meta allows using 30 hashtags in reels, and it has been seen that for Instagram Reels, 5 to 8 hashtags are generally enough. Nonetheless, one can experiment and then compare and analyze the reach for reels and other posts with different numbers of hashtags. This requires keeping a check on reel insights. Some of the best and most important hashtags for Instagram Reels that can go with any niche are: #foryou, #reelsinstagram, and #instagramreels. These can make your reel more discoverable.

7 Tips On How To Make Reels Go Viral On Instagram

It is not sufficient to know how to make reels on instagram, so follow these tactics for making reels more discoverable:


How To Make Trending Reels On Instagram


(I) Understand Your Niche & Audience

You must aim to give your audience what they engage with more. Why? Simply because Instagram won’t make your reel viral if the audience is not engaging with it. That’s why reckoning what the audience likes becomes imperative. This has to be critically observed from the engagement insights and metrics. You must track which of your reels have received more responses and plays in the past. That’s your cue to work upon and deliver more such content because people tend to watch and share it more.

(II) Create Compelling Content

There are a plethora of reels that are already trending on Instagram. So it takes you to go a little extra mile to create one. For creating an enticing reel, the first step is to come up with an idea/concept. Decide what you wish to convey through your reel- is it something informational that you want to tell. Or do you want to make an offer announcement through your reel, or do you wish to describe features of your product or service? Apart from that, you can also incorporate some trends relevant to your niche.

(III) Use Text & Captions

Adding text to instagram reels videos might seem like a basic tactic, but it is, in fact, an exquisite way to make trending reels. You must use texts and captions when trying to incorporate an idea or message in the way of short story narration. Not just that, adding text elevates the reels whether you’re listing a product quality or sharing a meme. Moreover, several findings have said that 80% of users watch reels and stories without audio on. Thus, integrating text and captions will assist your audience in understanding the concept even when they watch your reel without the audio on.

(IV) Play With Trends

Working around instagram reels is not just about shooting and uploading short-form moving content. If you want to know how to make trending reels on instagram, you need to have an open eye for trends. Using trending audio clips, memes, and trends can make your reel more discoverable when a person searches reels for that very song or dialogue, etc. Not just that, you must bring content in a way that relates to your niche. It’ll increase audience engagement which in turn will make your reel viral on Instagram.

(V) Use Reels Templates

Instagram is already filled with reels, and a new trend comes up every day. So to facilitate an easy way to create reels, Instagram recently released a new feature- Use Reels Templates. This feature allows the users to make a reel with preset time scales and audio. Though not every reel can be used as a template, you can tap on the three dots and check if it is available to be used as a template. If it is, you’ll see an alternative- Use As Template. All you need to do is choose the video clips that you want to incorporate, adjust their time frame, edit them and finally share them. The detailed process of how to make a reel on instagram is covered in this blog.

(VI) Post Often

If you post reels once-in-a-blue-moon on Instagram, then don’t expect them to get viral. After all, consistency is the key, even if we talk of instagram reels videos. So be certain to post reels often so that your audience gets to see your brand at regular time intervals. This way, your IG reels will get more traction. We’ll talk about the best time to post on Instagram in detail further in this blog.

(VII) Enable Facebook Sharing

Sharing your IG reels on Facebook is an optimum way to maximize your reach. However, this feature isn’t available to all users. If you have a private account, there is no use of learning how to make reels go viral on Instagram. To share instagram reels videos on Facebook, one must link their Instagram and Facebook Accounts. Here’s how to do so:

  • Tap on your profile picture or profile icon.
  • Tap three horizontal lines more options and go to Settings settings.
  • Now first tap ‘Accounts Centre’ and then tap ‘Sharing Across Profiles.’
  • The next step is to select the account from which you want to share reels and then select the account on which you want your reels to be shared.
  • Tap the switch to enable ‘Automatically Share.’

How To Earn From Instagram Reels?

In order to earn from instagram, you must have a business account or a creator account. If you already have one, then explore the under-stated ways and earn from Instagram Reels:

Reels Play Bonus

If you’re wondering how to make money on instagram reels, then you should be aware of Instagram Reels Play Bonus. Currently, this feature is being tested (in selective countries including the US and India) and is only available to selective users and/or creators to whom the platform or Meta itself sends the invitation. Instagram is planning to provide cash rewards to the creators through this program. At present, Instagram has enlisted three below-listed cases for consideration of this bonus:

(a) Based On Per View On A Reel: The bonus can go up and down depending upon the performance of a reel.

(b) Based On the Number Of Reels Produced: The bonus is paid on every reel if you complete the target of creating a specific number of reels.

(c) Based On Themed Reel: The bonus is paid for creating a reel on the given theme, for instance, any festival-based reel.

Earlier, Instagram also used to take the total number of plays on a reel for 30 days into account for determining the bonus.

One must select Reels Play Bonus (if eligible and invited by Instagram) and tag the program prior to sharing the reel on Instagram. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. And you surely don’t want that, right? So do check the eligibility criteria and related conditions beforehand. 


Users on Instagram will soon be able to buy Stars and send Gifts to their favorite reels creator. Meta clarified that the feature would be piloted on a few US-based creators’ accounts. In fact, the parent company of Instagram disclosed in their recent Creator Event that users will also be able to send theme-based gifts. It will be exciting for creators to see how to earn from instagram reels this way.

NFTs For Reels

Recently, Meta announced the testing of digital collectibles- NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for Instagram Reels. This feature aims to provide the creators with a way to monetize their content on the platform. Users will be able to extend financial support to their adored creator by purchasing the NFTs directly within the platform. The feature will be rolled out in the US first and gradually in other countries. The same feature will be implemented on Facebook as well.

You can also create reels on branded content, earn badges and generate revenues from affiliate marketing through reels. Let’s talk in detail about ways to earn money from Instagram.

What Is The Best Time To Post Instagram Reels Videos?

Though you must know how to make instagram reels foremostly, that alone won’t get you the most engagement for your content. That’s why scheduling instagram reels becomes inevitable. In fact, the count of people engaging in video-based content has doubled during the past few years.

The best time to post instagram reels videos differs depending upon the industry you work in. That means there is no hard and fast way to reckon this. 

Nevertheless, here are a few considerations that can help you determine how often you should post reels on Instagram.

First of all, the time zone of a particular region plays a crucial role in determining reel posting time. So be thoughtful about your audience’s time zone.

Secondly, engagement on reels is also affected by the day on which it is posted. Least engagement is captured on Mondays, while weekends account for the maximum engagement.

Thereafter, you must consider the time of the day when they are not busy. For instance, working professionals usually become active on social media in the early morning, noon and evening. Often they scroll past videos while commuting. This indicates that posting a reel between:

  • 8 AM to 9 AM in the morning
  • 1 PM to 3 PM noon and 
  • 6 PM to 8 PM can work best. 

The timings mentioned above suit most industries. However, posting a reel between 3 PM to 7 PM would also do for students. That being said, here are the key tactics to figure out the best time to post reels on Instagram:

1. Give A Closer Look To Instagram Insights

With Instagram Insights, businesses and creators can gauge which of their instagram reels videos is raking in more engagement. They can plan to post their reels as per the response they are garnering at a particular point of time.

2. See When Your Competitors Post

Taking from your competitor’s moves can help in this regard. You can compare whether their Wednesday 11 AM reel has more engagement or the one posted at 6 PM.

3. Monitor Audience Engagement & Plan Accordingly

The struggle of when and how often to post can come to an end if you observe your audience’s pattern. See how often they’ve interacted with the reel at a given point of time. Also, social listening and third-party tools can help you become better at it.

Mind Mingles’ Instagram Marketing Services To Your Rescue

Managing instagram reels can be baffling at times, even if you know how to make reels on instagram. After all, a well-structured strategy is needed for it from the very initial stages, especially if you’ve recently learned how to make a reel on Instagram. But don’t take much load because Mind Mingles is here for you. With over 9 years of experience, we can surely tell which type of video content works best for your Instagram Marketing.

We implement an industry-specific strategy that fits your business needs. We take care of everything from profile optimization to video promotion to video title and meta optimization to hashtag trend research to targeted Instagram followers. Moreover, we’ll also guide you along the way to boost your brand’s voice on Instagram.

In fact, being a digital marketing agency, our services are not just limited to a single social media platform. We have a team of experts that manages social media handles for firms of different sizes. For more details, check our Social Media Optimization Packages.

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