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Unless you have an online business, your physical store plays a significant role in your business’s success. Also, the people who are closest to your location are likely to buy from you. 

That said, you will need to implement local SEO to ensure that your business appears in relevant search results.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an optimization process wherein you target local search queries. These queries often include locations (e.g., Indian restaurant LA) or “near me” (e.g., Indian restaurants near me).

As far as search intent is concerned, people who use local search queries are ready to buy. That said, a robust local SEO strategy enables you to improve online visibility to people who are willing to buy.

Local SEO also allows you to drive more awareness to your business and boost your search rankings.

If you are still unsure whether it would be great to invest in local SEO, here are eight reasons you should consider it:

1. Improves online visibility

Approximately 72 percent of consumers who are looking for a local business will visit it within five miles. 

That’s why, if your business is found on Google Maps or in local search results, then most likely, you will be able to get new leads for your business. 

Remember that when someone in a particular location looks for your business, you are placing your business name and reputation in front of their eyes. Hence, you might as well strive to rank on top.

Let’s say you are a small business that wants to improve your online visibility. If you do it properly, you will place your small business even on top of large companies’ competitors.

Throwing money or size will not get them further than what you can do. That’s how powerful local SEO is for small businesses.

2. People are always searching

Most searches on Google usually happens on mobile. According to data by Search Engine Land, 78% of local mobile searches result from an online purchase. 

Another study found out that approximately 30% of mobile searches are often location related. And 76% who do a local search on mobile would want to visit a business within a day personally. 

This study reinforces that having excellent local search rankings should be one of your core objectives.

3. It is cost-effective

Local SEO brings in a lot of potential to your business because of the kind of audience that it attracts. Usually, these are physically near your store and are actively searching for the type of business you provide. 

Meaning, these types of people will likely become paying customers.


Return On Investment


It might be time-consuming, but optimizing your website for local search results ensures your brand will appear in front of customers who are ready to buy. Meaning, an effective local SEO campaign can lead to vast returns of an investment to your business. It is just a matter of implementing the right strategies with the help of a reliable local SEO agency.

So, think about all the work and the cost of launching a newspaper, radio campaign, or direct mail. Then, figure out how you can best use your time and resources.

4. It is easy to set up

You might want to hire someone to set up your Google My Business page. 

This can be a great idea so that you can ensure that it is set up correctly. However, this process is pretty straightforward, that you can even easily set this up yourself. 

5. It improves your reputation

When you incorporate local SEO, you will have the chance to create a better reputation online to develop a more centered campaign. 

This way, your particular niche target market can quickly receive your message or offers. Over time, as your site gains more traffic and qualified prospects, they will patronize your site and product offerings more. 

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to build relationships with prospects. You can do this by offering client support services or one-time promotions. 

6. It delivers qualified search traffic

With local search, you will be able to weed out searches that are not connected with your business. This is not because search engines are blocking local businesses to users. Instead, they want to offer relevant local searches that are based on intent and proximity. 

Therefore, someone who is 75 miles away will not probably see your coffee shop pop up when they do a local search. On the other hand, someone who is just five miles away will. 

7. Your competitors are doing it

More and more companies today are becoming tech-savvy. They are using their website and social media platforms to connect with local audiences.

That said, you must put in the effort to be relevant and separate yourself from your competitors. 

By working with a reliable local SEO agency, you can build robust marketing strategies to boost your business’s online reputation. Local SEO can also help you secure your company’s future and adapt to evolving trends in your industry.

8. Grow a following online

Through Yelp or Google Maps, people can quickly lookup a type of business, see menus and services, send a message, book an appointment or make a purchase. 

People can also ask you questions, write a review, and answer the comments and questions customers left. This level of engagement will eventually build on itself. 

Over time, you’ll be able to establish a local online community in your niche, which plays an invaluable role in marketing. 

Over To You

Other than your location, there are various components that allow you to run a successful local SEO campaign. It also includes a user-friendly website, a healthy link profile, relevant content, and an active social media presence. 

There is no denying that local SEO helps you build your business profile and boost your revenue. In addition to that, here are more reasons local SEO are worth the investment:

  1. Improved online visibility
  2. People are always searching
  3. It is cost-effective
  4. It is easy to set up
  5. It improved your reputation
  6. It delivers qualified search traffic
  7. Your competitors are doing it
  8. Grow a following online

And when implemented correctly, it can help drive qualified traffic to your website. When we say “qualified traffic,” these are website visitors who are likely to buy from you.

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