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Just a month ago we were introduced to a core update by Google and now it is back with another one. This Google November 2023 core update is expected to show the impacts in the coming two weeks. Let’s see what it has in store for us.

Google is constantly evolving its systems to evaluate the content and assess the search results in the best possible way. This update too is a part of its mission to present the users with quality search results.

Broad Core updates are meant to improve Google’s own evaluation systems. They highlight overall site performance and content relevance, instead of highlighting a specific issue. For those engaged in digital marketing, it becomes inevitable now to know what this fourth core update of the year 2023 brings with it. So read further.

What Is Google November 2023 Core Update?

Name: Google November 2023 Core Update
Launch Date: 2nd November, 2023
Roll Out: Expected in the coming two weeks
Purpose: To improve Search
Penalty: There isn’t any specific penalty but the sites which don’t comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines will get a hit
Core Update: This update is a core update
What To Do: Improve your overall site performance and create people-first content

Google releases Broad Core Update several times a year. If your site experiences any negative impacts after this, mind that there isn’t any one specific issue that can be pointed at. This is so because, in the Broad Core Update, Google improves its own search assessment systems and ranking algorithms, which uplift the SERP rankings of the most relevant results. So it’s better to focus on all the parameters including, content, backlink profile, user experience, etc.

Here is what the latest Broad Core update of November brings with it:

(a) Updating A Different System

Google explained why another core update is out so soon stating, “this month’s core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month.” Used by the majority of the global population, Google puts different core systems in use that are upgraded with time. It clarifies the update released last year targeted one of many core update systems and Google November 2023 core update targets a different one.

(b) Reviews System Update Are On The Way

Another important announcement that Google made with this November 2023 core update is that it’ll soon release an update for its reviews system as well in the next few weeks. In particular, no specific notifications about the reviews system updates will be released afterward because “they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace,” says Google.

Along with that, it advised people engaged in reviews to hold tight to review guidance.

Furthermore, Google clarified a handful of queries in its Q&A section related to Google Search updates in the release:

#1 What To Do When An Update Is Out?

In such a case, you must check if your site is facing a drop in traffic. Try to make improvements as per Google’s guidelines.

#2 Is Drop In Traffic Is Due To Spamming?

Not necessarily. There have been instances when a fall in traffic wasn’t due to spamming issues. It might be due to some other specific factors or updates, though keeping a check on spam is advised with all other factors.

#3 Why Google Releases Updates In Holiday/Shopping Season?

Google says it usually avoids releasing any updates during the late-November to mid-December. However, certain updates that can potentially make Search better, have to be released.

#4 How Google Knows An Update Is Going To Be Good?

Google runs a plethora of rigorous evaluation tests and compares metrics to see if a particular update is improving the Search. The updates with positive impact are then implemented.

#5 How To Cope With Ranking Fluctuations?

Fluctuations in search engine rankings are unavoidable because online publishing is going on every minute. Every time a better and more useful piece of information is published across the web, search engine bots get to work, assess the site and content, and repositions the results. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your site follows Webmaster guidelines, stays in compliance with updates and policies and provides valuable and people-first content.

Core Updates Released In 2023

1 March 2023 Core Update
2 August 2023 Core Update
3 October 2023 Core Update
4 November 2023 Core Update


Google November 2023 Core Update is expected to roll out in the next two weeks. This time Google targets another core system for improvement which wasn’t targeted in the previous October 2023 core update. However, the base tactic to sail through this remains the same: to comply with the Webmaster guidelines. Moreover, casual improvements in the reviews system can be expected without any official notification, though notable changes would be announced as usual.

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