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For the past two decades, Google has been ruling the search industry. However, there are several search engines other than Google that can serve similar functions.

Although Google is leading the charts of top search engines, many other search engines are also used. In this article, we’ll discuss a list of search engines apart from Google that you can use.

There can be various reasons for discovering other search engines including data sharing preferences, differences in results ranking, and marketer’s one of the favorite- making search engine submissions. Not only that, marketers need social search engines to learn about the latest trends and social listening as well. In addition, image search engines also play a key role in taking cues for visual content. So let’s start with the most prominent search engines around the globe.

5 Most Used Search Engines Other Than Google

S. NO. Search Engines URL
1 Bing https://www.bing.com/#
2 DuckDuckGo https://duckduckgo.com/
3 Yandex https://yandex.com/
4 Yahoo! https://in.search.yahoo.com/
5 Baidu https://www.baidu.com/

(i) Bing

Launched On: June 3, 2009

Owned By: Microsoft

Bing is the second most used search engine after Google and holds more than 3% of the market share. It offers a splendid visual and search experience with customization options similar to that of Google. With Bing, you can perform reverse image searches, look for neutralized video results, use its AI-powered program called Chat GPT, etc. Not only that, Bing also provides redeemable points when users search or shop using the platform.

Best Alternatives To Google


1 Rewards Program Bing offers reward points for performing searches on it. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, games, sweepstakes entries, subscriptions, nonprofit donations, etc.
2 Content Generation You can use the Bing AI feature to generate content for professional copy, email, essays, etc.
3 Image Generation Bing can also generate images as per your specific needs.
4 Knowledge Cards Bing provides Knowledge Cards 2.0 which suggests related queries for the performed search helping users to know about related key topics.

(ii) DuckDuckGo

Launched On: September 25, 2008

Owned By: DuckDuckGo (Independently-held)

If you’re concerned about your privacy while performing online searches, then DuckDuckGo is one of the best alternatives to Google. DuckDuckGo doesn’t keep track of users’ data and doesn’t have any search history storage. It also stops ad interruptions and provides impersonalized search results. In addition, the privately-held search engine offers bonus features like Bangs.

Search Engines Other Than Google


1 Bangs DuckDuckGo offers bonus features like Bangs. This allows users to perform searches on a particular website in an instant using shortcuts. For instance, ‘!w’ takes you to Wikipedia.
2 Tracker Radar DuckDuckGo launched its own open-source Tracker Radar that comes in handy for individuals, researchers and developers in creating tracker block lists and gathering information about it, which is still getting improvements.
3 No Search Filter Bubble The search filter bubble is used by various search engines like Google which shows results based on our personal preferences hinted at by shopping history, search history, location, etc. DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect users’ information and search history thus fostering private search criteria.
4 Encrypted Searches DuckDuckGo not only provides a safe search experience but also stops third-party apps and websites from tracking user information.

(iii) Yahoo!

Launched On: September 1, 2021 (previously known as Oath- 2017 & Verizon Media- 2019)

Owned By: 90% by Apollo Global Management & 10% by Verizon Communications

Yahoo! is among the most widely used search engines other than Google introduced at the beginning of the internet era. It proffers features that help users personalize their search experience. It was primarily used for news, weather, sports, and trending searches or for sending and receiving emails. With time it has expanded its horizons and now offers information on several types of content including sports as a basic topic.

Search Engines Other Than Google

Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005 and grew its community, although it has many competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, SmugMug, etc.


1 Yahoo Mail Yahoo has evolved its own set of algorithms and crawlers for the filtration of search results called Yahoo Slurp.
2 Yahoo Slurp Yahoo has evolved its own set of algorithms and crawlers for filtration of search results called Yahoo Slurp.
3 Diversified Coverage Yahoo is designed in this way to provide information about specific fields. For instance, searching ‘Yahoo Finance’ will return the latest indexed results on finance.
4 Linked With Microsoft Bing Yahoo’s search algorithm works in line with Microsoft Bing, so you can expect similarities in the search results. However, the result presentation is different from that of Bing and Google.

(iv) Baidu

Launched On: January 18, 2000

Owned By: Robin Li and Eric Xu

Baidu is also a popular search engine used in place of Google. It was introduced in China because the govt. there has restricted the use of Google. Baidu holds 70% of the market share in China and offers all the features that one can expect in a search engine.

Search Engines Other Than Google


1 Baidu Tieba Baidu Tieba is a forum discussion app that Baidu introduced in China to connect people with open discussions.
2 Baidu Baike Also called Baidu Wiki, Baidu Baike is an online encyclopedia from Baidu. It is simply a storage of information on a vast number of topics that are often ranked at the top in search results on Baidu.
3 Baidu Wangpan Baidu introduced its cloud storage service called Baidu Wangpan for file management and resource sharing. It also allows third-party integration. 
4 Pay4Placement (P4P) P4P is a part of Baidu’s advertisement plan that allows users to display their text-based ads in front of an interested online audience. It works on the keyword bidding mechanism.

(v) Yandex

Launched On: September 23, 1997

Owned By: Yandex LLC

Yandex is a search engine other than Google and a go-to option for performing online searches for many. It shares native roots with Russia where it was developed. While Yandex is first in Russia, it is the 5th most-used search engine in the world. Semrush confirms that Yandex has employed many ex-Google employees which means we can expect similarities between the two in terms of algorithms and features. It facilitates services like video and image searching, map accessing, translations, mail services, etc.

Search Engines Other Than Google


1 Data-Based Search Experience Yandex utilizes data collected from users’ browsers, email, maps, etc. to return results based on the matching location and language.
2 Yandex Metrica Yandex comes with its website analytic tool called Yandex Metrica. It can help you analyze your website’s performance.
3 Cloud Storage Yandex also provides 5 GB of free cloud storage.
4 Yandex Email Yandex also provides an email facility just like Google offering separate folder categories, scheduling features and signatures, etc.

Generally Used Search Engines Other Than Google

(1) Aol

Search Engines Other Than Google

If you’re looking for search engines like Google, then Aol is just a click away. Aol and Google’s partnership is fostering which is the reason why both share similar ad formats, video results, mailing features, etc. Moreover, you also get personalization features, spam email filtration and avant-garde virus protection with Aol.

(2) YaCy

Best Alternatives To Google

YaCy is more of a software that makes it an unconventional alternative to Google. Instead of any server, YaCy runs on the computer network directly and makes search decentralized. It allows users to specify pages for indexation and offers uncensored results.

(3) Buzzsumo

Best Alternatives To Google

Buzzsumo is not just an alternative search engine other than Google feasible for content discovery but also provides information on top influencers in your niche, best-performing keywords and hashtags, audience behavior, and other essential marketing metrics. It offers free trial and paid options as well.

(4) Tailwind

Best Alternatives To Google

Tailwind is a smart search alternative if you’re looking for image design ideas, captions, video scripts, meta ads, summaries, copies, etc., and assists in scheduling posts. It also proffers Firefox add-on, Safari extension and paid plans.

(5) Gigablast

Best Alternatives To Google

If you want to access All The Internet, Yahoo!, Google, Startpage, Bing, Ask.com, and DuckDuckGo, then Gigablast provides you with straight search bars of these prominent search engines in a single dashboard. You can utilize it to compare the search results of the mentioned search engines.

(6) Lukol

Alternative Search Engines

Lukol is a Google custom search-enabled platform that returns only web and image results. It stores cookies and also shares data with third-party apps/platforms and makes online ads more relevant.

(7) Kagi


Best Alternatives To Google

Kagi is one of the most amazing search engines other than Google which works on paid-business models. It doesn’t show the promoted or advertised results in search at the cost of dominating search results. This search platform comes with its own web index and claims to anonymize user data.

(8) Yep

Alternative Search Engines

Yep delivers a smooth search experience and provides an integrated AI Chatbot that resolves queries faster in a conversational tone. This means you can get specified answers to your queries. In addition, you can read about recent publications on the web and news.

(9) Presearch

Best Alternatives To Google

Presearch is an appealing search engine other than Google that provides crypto search points when you use it. It delivers decentralized search results in a similar format as that of Google but doesn’t (a) track location, (b) use third-party cookies, (c) store any search terms (d) track users across sites. Users can also launch a node on this search platform.

(10) Ask.com

Alternative Search Engines

Ask.com provides specific tabs for various particular topics right when you open it to perform a search. Like Google, it also shows the “People Also Ask” section in the search results. However, related search queries show on the top-right side of the search engine results page (SERP).

Privacy-Focused Search Engines

If you’re not comfortable with Google tracking your web activity online, then switching to a privacy-oriented search engine is a good choice. However, you must go through the search engine’s privacy policy to see if it fits your requirements or not. One of the most prominent private search engine alternatives to Google is DuckDuckGo (discussed earlier in this article). Below we’ll discuss about 8 search engines that allow private searching:

(1) Qwant

Best Alternatives To Google

This is a France-based alternative to Google that comes under the category of privacy-focused search engines. Qwant offers fast results with filters available for country-based and time-based results. It doesn’t track data, offers its maps, and comes with a Qwant Junior version with kids-appropriate features.

(2) Starpage

Alternative Search Engines

Startpage is another privacy-oriented app that offers search results that aren’t influenced by your browsing history because it saves no search records. With options to filter your results, you also get an encrypted connection and freedom from retargeting ads and trackers.

(3) Search Encrypt

List Of Search Engines

Search Encrypt provides a tracker-free private browsing experience and is also one of the search engines other than Google that provides an autocomplete feature to fill queries on their own. This platform encrypts the data even while fetching the search results. In addition, the search results disappear or expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.

(4) Mojeek

List Of Search Engines

With Mojeek, you can expect an anonymous search experience because it doesn’t keep an eye on what you’re searching online. It provides a search bar on the top and bottom as well, so you need not jump to the top again to run a search. Search results are crawled by its own set of algorithms. It also allows users to add different search engines to see their search results in just a single click.

(5) MetaGer

List Of Search Engines

Want to use search engines other than Google to get rid of data tracking? MetaGer can be a good choice. It keeps the IP address anonymous and thus restricts data tracking. That is to say, you need not fret about cookies and browser fingerprints.

You can also become a club member on MetaGer, to keep ads at bay.

(6) Ecosia

Alternative Search Engines

Ecosia is another search engine alternative that is a solid solution if privacy is your concern while performing online searches. It provides an AI chat feature, doesn’t track users’ personal information, disallows external tracking, and deletes users’ search databases weekly. Furthermore, this search-based platform contributes to the economy’s betterment by planting trees and donating its profits.

(7) Brave Search

Best Alternatives To Google

Looking for search engines other than Google for privacy concerns, but with the same layouts and interface? Then Brave Search can be a good choice. It offers a private search experience and allows a trial before you make up your mind to download it.

(8) Swisscows

Privacy Focused Search Engines Swisscows is among the search engines other than Google which comes with privacy features that restrict data tracking, doesn’t save search history, and has its in-built firewall protection. It displays related search queries in the top-right corner and also gives a preview of results.

More Search Engines Other Than Google

S. NO. Search Engines URL
1 creative commons (CC Search) https://search.creativecommons.org/
2 Internet Archive https://archive.org/
3 Naver https://www.naver.com/
4 LYCOS https://www.lycos.com/
5 WolframAlpha https://www.wolframalpha.com/
6 Elastic https://www.elastic.co/elasticsearch
7 SEZNAM.CZ https://www.seznam.cz/
8 info.com https://info.com/
9 DISCONNECT Search https://search.disconnect.me/
10 dogpile https://www.dogpile.com/
11 excite https://www.excite.com/
12 Sogou https://www.sogou.com/
13 HotBot https://www.hotbot.com/
14 Youdao https://www.youdao.com/
15 meta crawler https://www.metacrawler.com/
16 You.com https://you.com/
17 OpenSearch https://www.opensearch.org/
18 WebWiki https://www.webwiki.com/
19 Wiki.com https://www.wiki.com/
20 Million Short https://millionshort.com/submit-site
21 Carrot https://search.carrot2.org/#/search/web
23 Gibiru https://gibiru.com/
24 SearX https://searx.space/
25 iseek https://www.iseek.com/#/web
26 Oscobo https://www.oscobo.com/
27 yippy https://yippyinc.com/
28 All The Internet https://www.alltheinternet.com/

Socially Connecting Search Engines

These search engines can help people discover and connect with each other:

(1) LinkedIn

List Of Search Engines

LinkedIn is a social networking search platform connecting business organizations and professionals who can collaborate. It is an optimum platform for job seekers to discover their desired career path. Top-notch recruiters hunt for their perfect fit who can become a valuable asset for their organization. The platform helps people and businesses build a community and display their specializations, expertise, offerings, and building networks.

(2) X (formerly known as Twitter)

List Of Search Engines

X is one of the fastest search engines for getting the latest updates and trends on countless topics. Business owners can utilize this platform with advanced filters to target local audiences and build a vast community to draw engagement.

(3) Pipl

List Of Search Engines

Pipl is an online search platform that is used for identity verification and background checks. It fetches data from a person’s online presence including their social profiles, public records, and professional profiles. This acts as a search engine for:

  • the HR department for background verification of new hires
  • fraud and crime investigation teams, and
  • businesses in verifying their customers’ identity online.

Furthermore, the data it offers serves as a base for marketing, sales, and financial decision-making.

(4) Broadreader

List Of Search Engines

Broadreader is a social search engine connecting people via community forums. It fetches results from online forums allowing interactions and giving an idea about what people are talking about. It can also help devise plans and formulate strategies according to the current market demands and solve consumer problems.

Social Search Engines For Marketing

Here are search engines other than Google that can help marketers plan strategies for online promotions:

(1) Social Searcher

Search Engines Apart From Google

Social search provides a detailed report about your business mentions, hashtags, trends, etc. By signing up for its premium services you can track real-time data and analytics related to your business search frequency on various sites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and many more.

(2) Mentionltics

List Of Search Engines

Mentionlytics is a one-stop search engine for your social media performance monitoring. It’ll give you a clear idea about:

  • how your brand is performing socially
  • top-performing influencers in your niche
  • how actively people are engaging with it and much more.

(3) Talkwalker

List Of Search Engines

Talkwalker is another search engine alternative to Google which helps discover branding opportunities. This proffers analytical and detailed reports on market insights, trends, gaps, etc. It also acts as a social listening tool to see through your online brand persona and provide opportunities to grow.

(4) Mention

List Of Search Engines

Another search engine for getting insights on your brand voice, brand mention, market trends, audience, competitors, etc. This will also help to amplify your sales promotion, highlight your brand name, and make efficient strategies.

Image Search Engines

Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, etc. offer their own image search engines which allow both (i) searching images by keywords/queries and (ii) reverse image search. Here are some other photo search engines where you can look for images:

S. NO. Image Search Engines
1 Google Images
2 Bing Images
3 Yandex Images
4 Yahoo Image Search
5 TinEye
6 Pinterest Visual Search Tool
7 Flickr
8 Getty Images
9 Shutterstock
10 Pixabay
11 Pexels
12 Freepik
13 Unplash
14 StockSnap.io
15 Classroom Clipart
16 Openverse

(1) TinEye

List Of Search Engines

It is a reverse image search platform wherein you can find details about an image either by uploading it or by pasting its URL in the search box. It’ll help you find related images and fetch details including image sources which can come in handy for:

  • citation purposes
  • detecting copyright issues
  • competitor backlink analysis.

(2) Pinterest Visual Search Tool

List Of Search Engines

Pinterest is one of the best search engines other than Google when it comes to image search. Its built-in visual search tool helps you to discover similar images. All you need to do is pin (save) an image while you’re logged in to your Pinterest account. Then click on the lens icon at the bottom of the image. The platform will return similar images as results.

(3) Flickr

Image Search Engine

Flickr is an image search engine where people go in search of images by keyword/query. It offers a hub of licensed and free image results shared by professional photographers and enthusiasts. The platform allows users to download images in different sizes.

(4) Yahoo Image Search

List Of Search Engines

Yahoo image search works just like any normal search engine, you type in the search query related to the image you’re looking for, press Enter, and get the results. You can view the linked page and open the image in a separate tab.

(5) Getty Images

Search Engines List

Getty Images is one of the most amazing search engines other than Google which offers paid image search results. You have to opt for a particular plan as per your requirements. One can also perform a video search or reverse image search on this platform.

(7) Shutterstock

Image Search Engine

Shutterstock lets users search for image results in a wide range of formats including 3D photos, videos, AI-generated images, etc. Users must avail of a subscription or package for downloading content from this search platform.

(8) StockSnap.io

Image Search Engine

StockSnap.io is one among the best free search engines other than Google for images. It has a piled-up stock of attractive and appealing images and allows a decent discount on Shutterstock subscriptions.

(9) Pixabay

Image Search Engine

Pixabay lets you download images, gifs, videos, etc. for free. The platform is one among the most used search engines other than Google to hunt for royalty-free visual content.

(10) Pexels

Image Search Engine

Pexels comes under the umbrella of free image search engines apart from Google. It provides users with beautiful image results for the entered search query. You can save images and videos from this media engine.

(11) Freepik

Image Search Engine

Freepik is an image-discovery search engine that proffers both free and paid resources. Images of this site are vectors, icons, videos, etc. You can download 10 Images for free after signing up on the platform.

(12) Unsplash

Image Based Search Engine

Unsplash is a paid media service offering free and paid image resources. The platform has a wide range of collections of images that are open for public use, some for free, some with a fee.

(13) Classroom Clipart

Photo Search Engine

Classroom Clipart is a free photo search engine that allows users to download clipart images at no cost. The platform has a vast library of cartoon-like images for a variety of topics in different formats.

(14) Openverse

Photo Search Engine

Openverse is used for searching images and audio files. People can access the vast CC-licensed library to discover, share, attribute, and remix the content. It plans to expand its search results to include 3D models and open texts. In addition, it offers image and audio search results from the public domain and recommends users verify the licensing status of the content before utilizing it.

Wrapping Up

Although Google is the most-favored search engine, people have been looking for its alternatives for one or another reason. The above article has enlisted 80+ search engines other than Google including privacy-focused search engines, social search engines, and image search engines. Every search engine has its specific benefits, features, and offerings. Make sure to read about their privacy policies as well as terms and conditions beforehand to decide which one aligns with your needs the best.

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