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This year, Snapchat’s community got an escalation of 14 Million users as reported by Statista. The platform gets visits from 375 Million users every month. That is to say that your business must be marketed on this social media platform to garner business, especially if your target audience is younger people. But if you wish to fully exploit its potential, then you must know Snapchat emoji meanings. 

Anyone active on Snapchat must have seen the emoticons appearing right next to their friends’ names in the Chat tab. Have you ever wondered what exactly these different emoticons reflect? Or did Snapchat put them there for no reason except to increase the beauty of the app? Well, these emojis aren’t there because they were sitting idle yawning; in fact, they describe the interrelation between you and your friend based on your interactions.

If you want to know Snapchat’s opinion on your ties with your friends, this article is for you as it breaks down what is the meaning of Snapchat emojis.

What Are Snapchat Emojis?

Snapchat emojis are cute little emoticons that appear next to the usernames of your Friends. They can also pop up on the Snapchat Discover Page and Stories.

These emotags don’t emerge out of the blue. Snapchat itself assigns these emojis to your friends based on how often you interact with them. Learn Snapchat emoji meanings and see from mutual friends to BFFs, what bond you share with others in Snapchat’s opinion.

Decoded: Snapchat Emoji Meanings 2023

Snapchat tracking tools did put in a lot of effort to decide what emoji best describes the relationship between you and your friends. It undertakes the different patterns of interactions between users to depict the bond between them. Here are Snapchat emoji meanings:

Snapchat Grimacing Face EmojiGrimacing Face Emoji

There is a reason why this emoji features a grimacing face. This emoticon depicts that the two users are best friends, BUT…Yes, there is a ‘but’ here. Okay let’s not stretch it further, two Snapchatters are best friends but your #1 best friend is also their #1 Snapchat best friend.

Special Comments: Both of you have similar choices for mutual friends.

Snapchat Smiley Face EmojiSmiley Face Emoji

You’ll get to see this emoji a dime a dozen if you’re an active Snapchat user. This appears when two users are close friends as in they send a plethora of Snaps to each other. However, they don’t hold the top positions in each other’s Snapchat friends list. 

Snapchat Smiley Face With Googles On EmojiSmiling Face Emoji With Sunglasses On

This Snapchat emoji meaning is that two people share a mutual best friend. That ‘mutual best friend’ can be your colleague, neighbor, friend, or schoolmate.

Snapchat Yellow Heart EmojiYellow Heart Emoji

Also referred to as Gold Heart, this Snapchat emoji shouts that two people are #1 best friend for each other on the platform. Best friends as in they both share the most Snaps with each other. So based on their interaction frequency, they both are close Snapchatters. Congrats on finding your #1 Snapchat bestie.

Snapchat 100 Emoji100 Emoji

This isn’t your test score! 100 emoji on Snapchat pops up to indicate that two people have been sharing Snapstreaks for 100 consecutive days. Good going Snapchatters!

Snapchat Red Heart EmojiRed Heart Emoji

Now this Snapchat emoji meaning is that two people have been sharing the most snaps for the past 2 weeks in a row. This is to say that your bond is growing quite quickly. Snapchat says ‘Aww!’

Snapchat Baby Face EmojiBaby Face Emoji

When two people become Snapchat friends recently, a baby face emoji appears next to their usernames in each other’s friends list.

Snapchat Double Hearts EmojiDouble Hearts Emoji

Check out quickly with whom you get this double heart emoji because this Snapchat emoji meaning is to say that two people have grown strong together in the past 2 months. So with this, Snapchat declares you two each other’s official #1 Best Friend for the past two consecutive months. This emoji is also called the Pink Hearts emoji.

Snapchat Fire EmojiFire Emoji

This fire shouldn’t be left to cool down. This emoji indicates that two Snapchatters have been sending Snaps to each other (not Chatting) continuously without any break for the past 3 days. Snapchat calls it Snapstreak. A number also shows alongside this flame or fire emoji which indicates your Snapstreak count.

Snapchat Hourglass EmojiHourglass Emoji

Well, this hourglass emoji relates to the fire or flame emoji we discussed previously. This hourglass emoji is an alert that your Snapstreak which you maintained with your beloved friend for so long is about to come to an end. Why did you and your friend lose contact? Now you must send each other Snaps within 24 hours or else your streak will expire. Quickly send a Snap to your friend and ask for a Snap in return as well.

Quick Note: Group Snaps won’t be considered for streak, you need to exchange Snaps on personal chat.

Snapchat Birthday Cake EmojiBirthday Cake Emoji

As it is clear from the name itself, a birthday cake emoji emerges next to your friend’s username if it’s their birthday. So you must thank Snapchat later for reminding you of this, first, go and wish your friend a happy birthday. Snapchat is so considerate, it saves your friendships.

Now it depends on you what kind of relationship you want to foster with your friends on Snapchat. If you want to get a yellow heart emoji next to a friend’s username, be certain that you and that friend regularly exchange the most Snaps with each other. In case you want to see a fire emoji next to your friend’s username, then don’t let the strike expire.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings In Chat

Now you know what Snapchat emojis indicate about two people’s connections and interactions on the platform. But you are also free to send these (and a plethora of other) emojis to your Snapchat friends in a Chat. These emojis pep up your conversations and can express you when you’re short of words. But, but, but, it’s better to learn their meanings beforehand:

Snapchat Grimacing Face EmojiGrimacing Face Emoji

This emoji is the best fit for an awkward situation. For instance, you wished someone a birthday but later got to know their birthday was gone. Or you cracked a joke that is not that funny. That’s an awful lot awkward, right? 

Snapchat Yellow Heart EmojiYellow Heart Emoji

This one is a mark of a strong bond among friends. You can send this to your best friend/s occasionally or even daily while saying Goodnight. Good idea, right? 

Snapchat Smiley Face EmojiSmiley Face Emoji

It is a typical emoji that can be used in multiple instances, like thanking someone or expressing likeability for a service or product. You can even use it in chats in reply to a concern-filled message or for appreciation.

Snapchat 100 Emoji100 Emoji

This Snapchat emoji meaning in a personal or group chat is that you totally agree with what the other person shares on Snapchat. Furthermore, it can also be used in reply to a meme or joke to express how funny it is.

Snapchat Birthday Cake EmojiBirthday Cake Emoji

Do we even need to discuss this one? You already know a birthday cake emoji can be used for wishing friends, colleagues, or family members on their special day.

Similarly, there are a plethora of other emojis to use in a Chat like those we use on other social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

How To Customize Friends Emoji On Snapchat?

You now know the Snapchat emoji meanings. But did you know that you can customize friends emojis on Snapchat? Yes. you can. Read further to know the procedure:

For Android

  • Launch the Snapchat App.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down a little to locate the ‘Customize Emojis’ option and tap on it.
  • Now select the emoji that you wish to customize and select your favorite customization option.

That’s all you’re good to go.

For iOS

  • Launch the Snapchat App.
  • Go to your profile.

How To Customize Snapchat Friends Emojis

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down a little to locate the Additional Services tab and tap on ‘Manage.’

How To Customize Snapchat Friends Emojis

  • Now tap on Friends Emojis and pick a Category.
  • Proceed by selecting your favorite emoji.
  • Then hit the back arrow, and your changes will get saved automatically.

Let’s say you edited the Grimacing Face Emoji, then you’ll see the customized emoji in its place with your friend’s username.

How Can Snapchat Emojis Benefit Businesses?

If you think discovering Snapchat emoji meaning is of no use to business, think again. The majority of the users on Snapchat belong to the Gen Z generation who spends lion’s share of their time on this platform. Now we’re going to discuss amazing ways on how Snapchat emojis can be beneficial for business organizations:

  • A Fun Way To Add Caption: Finding a perfect caption for every single post is a biting a bullet kind of task for businesses. That is where Snapchat emojis come to the rescue. These self-explanatory emoticons can play a crucial role as you can add them as a quirky caption to a post when you run out of ideas.
  • Evoke Emotion Among Your Audience: Aligning emojis with your snap, whether in a caption or post itself, can do wonders in hitting the perfect spot of emotion conveying the thought. You can target the audience efficiently by describing and evoking the Snapchat emoji meaningful use. For instance, birthday cake emoji can be used by bakery owners quite well.
  • Emojis Have A Wide Fanbase: As per Snapchat’s latest reports, 90% of users feel enthralled to spend their time on Snapchat Stories. Whereas, 94% are thrilled with filters or lenses and Discover features separately. To add to this, the Gen-Z generation has a craze of talking in emoji language. This indicates that there is a huge scope for attracting youth over this platform.

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Snapchat Zodiac Emoji Meaning

If you’ve added your date of birth to Snapchat, you might have noticed zodiac signs appearing in your profile.

Snapchat Emojis Meanings

These purple boxes indicate zodiac signs for different birth months. Here is the zodiac Snapchat emoji meanings:

1                           ♒ 20 January – 18 February Aquarius
2                           ♓ 19 February – 20 March Pisces
3                           ♈ 21 March – 19 April Aries
4                           ♉ 20 April – 20 May Taurus
5                           ♊ 21 May – 20 June Gemini
6                           ♋ 21 June – 22 July Cancer
7                           ♌ 23 July – 22 August Leo
8                           ♍ 23 August – 22 September Virgo
9                           ♎ 23 September – 22 October Libra
10                           ♏ 23 October – 21 November Scorpio
11                           ♐ 22 November -21 December Sagittarius
12                           ♑ 22 December – 19 January Capricorn

Snapchat Emojis & Privacy Concerns

From the day of its release, Snapchat has worked around ways to bring out the best for its users and to stand out in the competition. A previous update on Snapchat used to display 3 besties of users with emojis publicly. But it did put the user’s privacy in a tight spot and Snapchat had to roll back the feature.

Now, Snapchat doesn’t showcase fast friends publicly. In contrast, it only drives this information secretly for individual users. Snapchat users breathed a sigh of relief after the previous feature was swapped with the current one. If you wish to know how close your friends are with you on Snapchat, you must get the hang of Snapchat emoji meanings.

Snapchat Status Icon Meanings

Understanding Snapchat emoji meanings is incomplete without getting a grasp of the status icons of this platform. So, here you go:

SENT When you send a Snap with audio
When you send a Snap without audio
When you send a message on Chat
When your friend request is not yet accepted (depends on privacy settings)
OPEN If a friend opened a Snap without audio
If a friend opened a Snap with audio
If a friend opened a Chat
RECEIVED You have not opened Snap/s without audio
You have not opened Snap/s with audio
You have not opened a Chat message
VIEWED The without audio Snap you sent has been viewed
The with audio Snap you sent has been viewed
The Cat message you sent has been viewed
The Snap or Chat message is pending and might be expired
SCREENSHOT A screenshot has been taken of your Snap without audio
A screenshot has been taken of your Snap with audio
A screenshot has been taken of your Chat
REPLAYED The without audio Snap that you sent has been replayed
The with audio Snap that you sent has been replayed

Understanding Snapchat emoji meanings was simple, wasn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions?

#1. Can Snapchat Emoji Change?

Yes, Snapchat Emojis can change with time automatically. It all depends on the interaction patterns between you and your friends. 

#2. What Does Grimacing Face Emoji 😬 Meaning In Snapchat?

This emoji appears next to that friend’s username who has the same person as their #1 Best friend on Snapchat as yours. In other words, you both share the same #1 best friend on Snapchat. On the other hand, the same emoji is often used as replies on either side in a Chat to say that a situation is awkward.

#3. What Does Red Heart Emoji ❤️ Mean On Snapchat?

This Snapchat emoji meaning is to indicate that two users have been sharing the most Snaps for two consecutive weeks in a row.

#4. What Does Smiling Face With Sunglasses On 😎 Mean On Snapchat?

This Snapchat emoji means that two Snapchatters share a mutual best friend on the platform.

#5. What Does Double Heart Emoji 💕 Mean On Snapchat?

The double hearts emoji on Snapchat indicates that two users have been each other’s #1 best friends for the past two consecutive months.

#6. What Is Snapchat Emoji Meaning 😊 (Smiling Face)?

This emoji will appear next to that friend’s name with whom you share a lot of Snaps and vice versa. This means this smiling face emoji will emerge when two users exchange a lot of Snaps with each other. However, in a Chat, this emoticon can be used to express thankfulness, likability and appreciation.


Snapchat is quite observant. It feels for you. That’s why it added another out of the ordinary feature for you to know what kind of bond you share with other Snapchat users in your friend list. Snapchat emoji meanings can prove beneficial in decoding how close you are to your friends on this platform. 

Not only individuals but also businesses can garner benefits from these emoticons. The above article has aimed to decrypt Snapchat emoji meanings so that users can get to the bottom of their friendships’ significance.

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