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Whether you’re running a big e-commerce company or you’re a small business owner, this guide is for you. SEO is the single most important segment of digital marketing that you have to start using. Strong competitors are fighting for their piece of the market. And you need to fight back using SEO.

Optimizing your content for search engines is the best way to get organic traffic. It’s also the best way to increase sales and improve your business. If you’re interested in learning about SEO, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a detailed step-by-step guide. It will tell you exactly how to set up an SEO strategy for your online shop.

Let’s break it down and get started.

1. Keyword Research

Let’s start from scratch.

Keywords are the building blocks of your content. Still, finding and choosing the best keywords require some strategizing.

The process of selecting the keywords that match the purpose of your content is important. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Use a keyword research tool such as Moz and Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Focus on Local
Use keywords that have a high local monthly searches, instead of global.

be specific

Broad keywords are hard to conquer. Serious digital marketing agencies and companies are working to win over such keywords.
Instead of going for the broadest keyword, be more specific to tie it to your content.

Use Long-Tail Keyword

Long-tail keywords can work wonders for your SEO. They are perfect for voice searches, which is becoming a dominant way of asking for information online.

This is the basics of finding the right keywords for your product pages and blog posts.

For example, if you’re selling organic baby formulas, you should not go for a keyword such as baby food. It’s too broad, global, and not specifically tied to your content.

Instead, search for keywords that are closer to the purpose of your e-commerce and your online shop.

2. Keyword Placement

Now that you know how to choose your keywords, you need to understand how to implement them in your content.

There are several aspects that you need to consider. We’ll break it down for you:

Keyword Locations

There are strategic locations for keyword placement. You need to cover all of them for maximum optimization.

Place keywords in the following locations:

● page titles

● headings

● subheading

● meta titles

● image file names

● product description

These are the locations you have to cover.

– Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is wrong, and here’s why.
Keyword stuffing means using multiple keywords over and over again within the same piece of content, to rank higher for the given keyword. However, the effects of keyword stuffing are the opposite:

● your content is low-quality

● your content offers no value

● readers are disappointed

● you lose credibility

● Google recognizes your content as spammy

Avoid this completely since it will only do you harm.

– Keyword Cannibalization

If you think that more pages targeting the same keyword will do you good, you’re wrong. This is called keyword cannibalization and it’s bad for your SEO.

What you’re actually doing is competing against yourself. You’re splitting your efforts into multiple sides, making them all weak.

Instead, focus on one keyword per page to invest all your efforts into a single keyword.

It’s important that you know how, where, and why to place a specific keyword. Avoid these digital marketing mistakes and work on improving your SEO.

3. Intuitive Navigation

The architecture of your website plays an important role in your SEO.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is simplicity.

Make sure that your website offers:

– intuitive navigation

– flat architecture

– the simplest path from the Home page to the desired product

The architecture of your online shop’s website will influence your conversions, Google rankings, and bounce rate. Remember, the simpler, the better.

4. Website Speed

The longer the potential buyers have to wait, the bigger your bounce rate will be.

“If your site is loading slowly, your visitors will exit it and turn to your biggest competitor. To avoid this, you have to optimize your page loading time,” says Estelle Liotard, a digital marketing expert and writer at Trust My Paper.

Here’s what you should do:

– test your speed using a tool such as <Pingdom> or <GTmetrix>

– improve your speed by using a simpler design, compressing your images, minifying files, etc.

Your online shop needs to load quickly or you’ll lose visitors, and rank lower on Google thanks to a high abandonment rate.

5. Optimize For Mobiles

Mobile devices are slowly becoming the dominant means of searching the web and shopping online. People are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever.

That means, if you don’t have a mobile website version, you’re doomed.

Here’s what you need to do:

– code your website to have a responsive web design

– test it for all screen sizes

– make sure it works for each one

You can’t afford to lose 50% of people visiting your online shop, just because the content won’t load properly on their screens.

6. Accuracy & Value

Since blogs are a major part of digital marketing, your online shop should turn to content writing as well.

It’s important that your blog posts are:

– informative

– valuable

– entertaining

– professionally written

This will increase your organic traffic and give you the chance to use SEO at its best.

Here’s a list of helpful resources, in case you need help with content writing or editing:

Grab My Essay – This online writing service has a team of professionals who can write any type of content for your needs.
Grammarly – You can proofread your own content with this free writing tool. Just revise the highlighted parts of our content and follow the suggestions this tool gives you.
Studicus – When you want someone to revise and edit your text, you can send it to this online writing service and have them do the hard work.
Hemingway – This writing tool will let you know about the accuracy, readability, and structure of your content. Then, it will help you edit it to perfection.
Best Essay Education – If proofreading isn’t your strongest skill, you should let the professionals from this writing service handle it instead.

Final Thoughts

Writing an SEO strategy for your online shop is important. It’s a step you can’t skip and a strategic move you can’t just wing. You have to invest the time and effort into putting it together and then test to see if it gives results.

Use the advice and steps given above to write a killer SEO strategy for you online shop. Make sure you’ve got all aspects covered. That way, you’ll make great results and improve your business.

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