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One way or another, every business known to man will somehow face a provocation involving their reputation. It might be about an angry customer’s online post about services or an unflattering story angle circulating the web.

If you’re relatively new to the industry, you might take the hit a little more personally than those who have been in the biz for years already. And that’s normal. Entrepreneurs are still humans underneath that unfazed and robust facade, you know. 

A reputation hit might happen sooner or later, so instead of just hoping that no one attacks you even for the most trivial stuff, you have to be prepared instead to face it when it arrives.

Here are ten online reputation management services that can help you shield your brand from hostile external forces.


Brand24 lets you create projects under their system. Once you have all your projects in place, you only need to key in a few words related to that project, and they will give you a comprehensive list of all the times your brand has been mentioned on a social media post and across the worldwide web.

With Brand24, you don’t have to sift through every social media post manually. It will do the job for you to check what people say about your brand.

The Brand Grader

The Brand Grader is like an online popularity meter for brands. If you want to know the accurate number of times your brand has been mentioned somewhere, it is the best place to go.

They can also pull up all the articles, write-ups, and blogs about your brand, helping those who want to know your brand more. Once they see that people write about you positively, it will likely turn into a good conversion.


Awario is another social listening tool that can help you track all your brand’s mentions across different platforms. It may be limited to only the major social networking sites, but the fact that you can instantly reply to any of those mentions is a plus point for this tool. 

It can even provide more comprehensive data, including the percentage of both the positive and negative feedback you have received about your brand. 

Google Alerts

Google is a multifaceted platform that can address plenty of human needs. It’s so diverse that you can even use one of its programs called Google Alerts to help you monitor your brand’s presence online.

Using Google Alerts is not a complicated process. You just have to type in the search box your brand’s name and other terms that could help you streamline the search.  Once inputted, you will now regularly receive email alerts whenever your brand appears or mentioned in Google’s databases.

The number of alerts depends on your preference. You can choose once a day or once a week. 


If you belong in a medium or large enterprise, the perfect online reputation management software for you is Brandwatch.

With their extensive tools and functions in terms of helping you track social media and web mentions, their service is one of the bests in the industry.

They also have a reputation management dashboard to give you a data overview.

Online Reputation Management Services


LocalClarity isn’t only helpful in terms of tracking your brand mentions and customer feedback. They also provide the users an extensive research data about how a brand is faring in different locations, making it the right online reputation management tool for multi-location businesses.

It can help you identify which of your business locations aren’t doing so well so that you can draft a plan that can improve your strategies. 


One of the best free ORM tools available in the market is Rankur. It’s complete with all that you need when it comes to tracking brand mentions and customer reviews.

You can also opt to turn on the notification for this software so that it can alert you whenever your brand has new reviews. 

This software can detect even press releases and blogs about your brand. You don’t have to use many tools to check what people have been saying about you.


Another powerful social listening tool that can help you with your business reputation is YouScan. It works like most of the tools mentioned in this list, but it can also provide you with an analysis of how these mentions can impact your brand. 

It also has an impressive image recognition feature that can help you track your brand images’ usage across the web.


By the sound of the name itself, you know exactly what it does for your company. It can help you track down where all the negative feedback is coming from and address them right away through the software.

It’s a no-frills tool that gets you straight to the root cause of your reputation problems.

SEO SpyGlass

Now, SEO SpyGlass is different from all the other tools we have mentioned above. 

While the rest of the items in this list talks about tracking brand mentions and customer reviews all across the online sphere, SEO SpyGlass works differently.

It looks into your brand’s reputation from a different perspective: SEO. This tool focuses on the backlinks for your brand, helping you pinpoint which part of the link building went off the rails. It gives you an analysis of your backlink profile so that you can assess the situation efficiently.

All of the tools we’ve included in this list are top-notch when it comes to the magic they do when safeguarding your brand’s online reputation.

So, it doesn’t matter whichever you choose from these options, as long as you pick the one that works best for you. Most of these tools have ORM packages that will best fit your company, so there’s not much to worry about.

Then again, these online reputation management tools are only here to prepare you for the worst type of brand mentions out there. 

Essentially, the best that we can do to keep our company reputation with little to no dirt at all is to ensure that we do our best to provide high-quality products and services to our consumers.

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