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Many say that we are already in the middle of the “Voice Search Revolution.” Do you believe in it or think it is just an exaggeration? However, when you look at the statistics, things clearly show that we are already there, and the trend is continuing to rise each year. For instance, 55% of today’s younger generation use voice search using their smartphones, and about 40% of the adults are following the same. Of the total percentage, 20% of the queries received by Google are voice searches.

There has been a surge in the optimization of search using voice since 2008. Nonetheless, things become interesting when you begin to dig deeper. Apart from using smartphones, Voice Search Marketing is also common on desktops running on Windows 10! Yes, that is a surprising fact, but true. More people are talking to their computers. About 65% of Amazon and Google users cannot imagine going back to type a keyword to search for information or product on the internet. It is evident that the voice-based search will continue to grow and will remove the keyboard-based search one fine day.

Benefits of Voice Commands for Search

With the voice search technology achieving a 95% accuracy rate, users now realize its importance and how it will benefit for a search. According to Google, the following are the benefits of voice commands for searching on the internet:

  • It provides flexibility and enables to multitask without compromising on the quality
  • Voice search increases productivity (3.5x speed compared to keyboard-search)
  • It helps in providing instant solutions, and details of the search carried out
  • It improves the daily routine simple and straightforward

As an example, you will benefit from a voice-based search while cooking where you require checking the contents and quantity of ingredients needed for a recipe. Furthermore, it is easy to talk to a smartphone to ask a question instead of typing and waiting for the results. Although many are learning about the benefits of using voice search to receive information, it is becoming a valuable tool to ease the search process.

Why Voice Search Optimization Matters? 

Voice search optimization matters for any business, as people are continuing to use it for information. You must invest in the strategy to ensure that search engines can show your business based on the search query. Plus, Google’s local search document states that your business will only appear on the search list when it meets the essential things – prominence, distance, and relevance to a search query.

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The other reasons why it matters is because:

Sales From Voice Search Optimization Amount To More Than $2 Billion

People are using a voice-based search to locate a nearby business. You must optimize your site for a voice search to ensure that you add more leads to your business.

More than A Billion Voice Searches Take Place Each Month

People began using their smartphones and voice-enabled devices to find products, information, and more. With at least a billion searches taking place each month through voice search, taking advantage of the situation is possible when your website is ready for voice search.

Adapting To Voice Search Helps Increase Digital Commerce Revenue By 30%

With more businesses adding each year and optimizing for voice search, investing in SEO helps increase revenue. You must invest today to reap benefits in the future.

Voice Search Will Increase By 50%

With voice search becoming more accurate and several devices supporting voice commands, voice search will increase by 50% and become a favorite medium to find information. If you want to be part of these customers, investing in voice search optimization is the solution.

Tips To Get Started

The main difference between keyboard search and voice search is the language. You cannot deny that voice search is changing digital marketing and its strategy. Therefore, you must change your approach to ensure that both keyboard and voice search are different. The following few points affect SEO:

  • Use of conversational tone
  • Transforming text search to long-tail questions
  • Emphasizing on snippets
  • Giving priority to authoritative and informative content

Additionally, how the level of conversational tone changes makes a significant difference between keyboard-search and voice search. For instance, you may input “best restaurants in India” while you say, “Hey Google, what are the best restaurants in India?” Conversation tone is the basis for voice search, and therefore, you must ensure that your content has a natural-sounding tone.

Strategies To Create A Voice Search Optimization

1. Using Conversation Queries

People speak in a conversational tone than they type. Therefore, consider it as part of your optimization. It is subtle because you are talking to a device as if you are speaking with another person. Brainstorm different queries that the audience might come up with related to your information.

2. Optimizing Local Presence

It is pivotal to build a local presence to reap the benefits of voice search. Google My Business listing presents with local businesses based on the search query. You must claim the listing, input information related to your business, add photos, update operating hours, etc. Additionally, try integrating local keywords relevant to your area.

3. Direct Answers

If you like to gain profits from voice search, try to provide direct answers to queries. Featured snippets help customers find their solutions. Get into this position with precise answers to increase visibility, credibility, and reach the top of the listings to promote your business better.

4. SEO Best Practices

Even a voice search uses keywords to pull the information from the top of the search results. Therefore, you need to optimize your site to make it appear at the top. You can do so by:

  1. Integrating keywords
  2. Optimizing the site for mobile
  3. Improving site loading time


With voice search becoming more prominent and reaching higher accuracy, it has become essential to optimize your business to earn more sales. You can follow the optimization tips to begin your journey to make changes to your site and increase voice searches to your organization or business’s website.

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