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Business organizations and researchers also utilize it for-In this technology-driven era, new revolutions can be eye-witnessed everywhere be it ordering food or investing in Bitcoins. But there is something that has been a part of our lives in whichever arena we see- chatbots. Today, we’ll talk about what is ChatGPT and how it has revolutionized several industries.

ChatGPT is a diligent chatbot released by OpenAI in November last year. It garnered limelight as and when it was out. All thanks to the highly advanced Generative AI that was behind the automated responses in the form of texts and images to ease the working.

The digital bright minds of this era are highly inclined toward building a framework for anything and everything. Long before ChatGPT was released many chatbots already got launched. But even after being so progressive this technological advancement has serious downsides (more on that later). However, OpenAI experts are constantly running tests and developing solutions for the problems. To know that, you need to scroll down a little…..

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI-based chatbot that can respond to user queries be it about lyrics of a song, code generation or scientific concept, basically almost everything. ChatGPT has quite a human-centric nature that made it fetch  quite some headlines as soon as it was out. This powerful innovation is the development of OpenAI, a San Francisco based research lab.

ChatGPT delivers highly conversational responses that are aligned with knowledge on diverse topics. So you can surely ask about anything from ChatGPT be it a game review or a history of a particular ingredient.

What Does GPT Stand For In ChatGPT?

GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer in ChatGPT. These transformers belong to Large Language Model (LLM) networks, which is a sophisticated design system for deep learning systems. In simple words, it is a highly advanced machine learning system that programs the responses of the bot on different levels to produce human-centric conversations.

What Is ChatGPT Latest Version?

The latest version of ChatGPt based on GPT-4 model was released on 26th March, 2023.

ChatGPT Previous Versions

ChatGPT project was out for the first time in 2018 when its very first version GPT-1 was released. Gradually, subsequent versions were also released in the following years GPT-2 (in 2019) and GPT-3 (in 2020). In March this year, the 4th version of ChatGPT was released.

Is ChatGPT Free?

After traveling such a long hauling journey to launch ChatGPT, OpenAI is surely willing to reap some monetary benefits. Moreover, maintaining and updating this hard-to-beat chatbot invention also requires large chunks of money. That’s why both free and paid versions of ChatGPT are available. However, OpenAI has confirmed that its paid version (ChatGPT Plus) can be accessed in the US and around the world for $20 a month.


What Is ChatGPT


Although there are rumors that ChatGPT estimated cost to run per day is $700,000, there is not a supporting factual representation regarding the same. Nevertheless, Microsoft is reportedly working its fingers to the bones to bring up a chip called- Athena to reduce the costs associated with ChatGPT so that more people can leverage its benefits.

How Can Chat GPT Be Used In Business?

OpenAI Chat GPT has already been put to use by many businesses. It serves a plethora of purposes in business because it doesn’t have just a single functionality. It is a multi-purpose design of deep learning innovation that is used for-


What Is ChatGPT


1. Automated Customer Response

ChatGPT is a highly advanced virtual bot that accelerates communication as and when users ask a query. It responds to their questions and directs them to the relevant useful resources in an instant. Automated customer interaction is the basic feature of bots and is heavily used in SMS services, E-mail responses, and even when we visit any website these days.

2. Report Generation

Generative AI mechanisms like ChatGPT emerged as a reliable helping hand in generating reports. While analyzing large data, it utilizes an advanced set of protocols based on the given commands to bring results in almost no time as compared to manual results.

3. Faster Content Generation

With the emergence of online publications and digital marketing, content creation has become inevitable. Many high-tech companies, researchers, students, and writers deploy ChatGPT to produce content.

Especially for marketing purposes the amount of content required to be produced daily is high. But entirely copying the information from ChatGPT can make you stand in deep waters on account of plagiarism. That’s why one must use this to brainstorm content ideas and then create unique content.

4. Translation Purposes

ChatGPT supports 29 languages so you can get any transcripts, instruction guides, brochures, or documents translated in a few minutes. In the era of online marketing, ChatGPT can help in executing the techniques of Multilingual SEO more diligently.

How Does Chat GPT Work?

We have seen what is Chat GPT, now let’s see how it actually functions. The working of Chat GPT is programmed in such a way that it responds to a user’s query in a more typical tone and format. It rather indulges in a conversation with the user than displaying all the information available on the internet.

In order to answer user queries in the most simple and understandable format, Chat GPT runs on several neural program patterns. These patterns analyze the search query of a user to go to the roots behind the search intent. All this is backed by a machine-based deep learning mechanism that produces results (in the form of text, image, video, music, etc.) based on what the user is trying to ask. For this purpose, it utilizes the data available over the internet.

Think of a child who starts to learn new words, form sentences, responding after listening, reading, and writing. In the case of Chat GPT AI, deep learning and coding becomes the base using which it grasps the understanding. Generative AI bots are programmed to analyze human tones based on their previous learning database, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) and then exchange a bull session chat experience.

What Are the Potential Applications of Chat GPT?

Chat GPT has served several industries including the healthcare sector, customer relations, education, and finance among many others. Here are its key applications-


What Is ChatGPT


An All Rounder Encyclopedia:

Chat GPT is an area where you can discover about a plethora of topics ranging from an upcoming summit to code generation. So be assured to get answers for almost all your queries.

Hassle-free Learning:

Learning aspect of Chat GPT is quite a matter of discussion among educational institutes and research centers. However, if used ethically it is beneficial to utilize the AI as an assistant for calculation purposes, solving complex equations, and information collection, rather than turning back towards it.

Leverages SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is now an imperative part of internet marketing. ChatGPT proffers such features that assist in a number of SEO activities from code generation for websites to content creation to data analysis.

Saves Time:

Chat GPT is a one-of-a-kind AI that provides time-efficient solutions. People reportedly expressed ease in planning their daily tasks, research, and even note preparation. It delivers results as per machine mind, so you can expect a task needing a full day to be done in 30 minutes or so with Chat GPT.

How Accurate Is ChatGPT?

You already know what is ChatGPT– an advanced AI mechanism that has transformed the structure of human and bot interaction. It provides results based on neural diligence eliminating the time for emotional quotient. However, its accuracy is still questionable to a considerable extent.

Most people who have used ChatGPT hold the view that it sometimes provides unrealistic results. Also, since the citations are always lacking in the summarized responses, those results become hard to verify. This creates a problem in the authentication of the results. On top of that, ChatGPT’s results are based on information until the year 2021, which means it does not consider any events, research, or information afterward.

This eventually results in not crossing the horizon of accuracy which is the most crucial aspect of any information for a user to be trusted. In this era where people can evaluate and verify the credibility of a piece of information in just a few clicks, this lack of accuracy in ChatGPT’s results garnered mixed feedback. Nevertheless, OpenAI assures that it is constantly making upgrades to it and testing it on different standards.

What Are The Limitations Of Chat GPT?

A lot of discussions going around about Chat GPT concerns have kept many huge companies on the edge. No doubt, Chat GPT is a great help yet it has some limitations that can’t be overlooked:

(i) Inaccurate Information:

Chat GPT is deprived of any information after the year 2021 and hence can not provide information based on recent incidents, events, or developments.

(ii) Unverified Results:

Chat GPT doesn’t provide citations or references, instead it summarizes answers and then responds to the user query. That’s why the authenticity of results through Chat GPT remains skeptical.

(iii) Over-repetitive Nature:

Of course, OpenAI ChatGPT is designed to generate answers for user queries in a conversational tone that can be humanized, it somewhere over-repeats the same dialogue or phrase which sometimes makes it kind of irritating.

(iv) Biased Results:

Being a product of deep learning Chat GPT is set to not answer certain issues and topics that are considered inappropriate by its developer company OpenAI. However, it still answers some of such requests that OpenAI labels as biased.

How Does Chat GPT Compare To Other AI Solutions?

Those who’re interested in knowing what is Chat GPT are also willing to know about ChatGPT alternatives. Many big tech giants and search engines were swayed to the extent that they brought in their own innovations in the competition which gave us some reliable ChatGPT alternatives:


ChatGPT Alternatives

Google’s Apprentice Bard

Google launched its own product of LaMDA (Language Model For Dialogue Applications) in March this year- Bard, which provides conversational feedback for user queries. This AI-programmed respondent from Google was being tested earlier as well, but it was launched recently with limited access controls for better information safety. It catched mixed responses from the audience and was found to be similar to the company’s own search engine.

Quora’s Platform For Open Exploration (Poe)

Just the very next month after the Chat GPT’s launch, Quora released its AI-empowered chatbot called Poe for iOS users. This year in March, the company did bring a desktop-enabled version for better browsing.

Bing GPT

Microsoft also brought its AI chatbot- Bing GPT to the table with a customized chat experience on its Edge browser. Its chat mode has exceptional features that assist you in creating the quiz to schedule your trips.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat AI was launched by Y Combinator (with the partnership of OpenAI) on 22nd December 2022. Based on the 3.5 version LLM, this chatbot serves business planning and can assist in resource distribution, formulating marketing plans, and sales procedures. It can be accessed in 29 languages and suggests reverifying the factual information due to the nature of AI to respond.

Character AI

Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas did launch the beta version of Character AI in September 2022. The combination of neural and artificial intelligence responds to users’ questions and converses with them in different characters/avatars and voices.


YouChat serves similar functions as other AI chatbots we’ve discussed so far. It was developed by the search engine- YouChat.com and can help you in many day-to-day activities translating, summarizing, and e-mail composing among many others. The best part is it provides citations and sources for various results.

Key Findings Of Comparison Analysis

  • Chat GPT has got a major entrance into the market and swayed the public with its versatility on various topics. The above-mentioned Chat GPT alternatives are also based on deep learning language models but still differ.
  • Among all the other available chatbots, Chat GPT is the only one that isn’t fed with information over the year 2021. This means it doesn’t provide real-time data.
  • ChatGPT is restricted to provide answers to some sensitive topics, for instance- creating malware/ransomware.
  • ChatGPT and Bing GPT are the only two chatbots that are supported by Microsoft.
  • Unlike Character AI, ChatGPT and most other chatbots don’t feature characters/avatars.

How To Get ChatGPT?

You can download ChatGPT from this link. Alternatively, you can head to the official website to Sign Up and verify your account details to get started with ChatGPT.

What Are The Best Practices For Using Chat GPT?

Those who know what is Chat GPT and are familiar with its usability know that it has turned out to be a diligent guide that responds to a plethora of user search queries with its data-backed results. The rise of human interaction with AI-enabled bots has got an elevation with such a human-centric bot that proffers quite comprehensible and conversational answers. Here are a few best practices for using Chat GPT:

(a) Think Through Overall Aspects:

Bots like Chat GPT are AI-based advanced models developed to assist humans, let’s repeat it together- to assist humans NOT TO OVERRIDE their own opinion, emotional intellect, and behavior. These chatbots are trained with highly complex deep learning protocols, codes, and data.

This can sometimes produce a response that might not be feasible or realistic as per human psychology. That’s why the implications of actions from a human point of view can vary from that of a hard-core machine. So think through the aspects of responses before following anything with closed eyes.

(b) Think Of Long Term Implications:

Demand for human expertise has gone down to a considerable level since the launch of AI-powered chatbots like Chat GPT. These bots are highly competitive in nature to comprehend human intent to a certain extent that more and more tech firms are deploying such technology and laying off human resources, eventually causing a downturn in the economic level and disrupting people’s standard of living. ChatGPT creator and OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman himself raised this concern about their recent advancement. But human supervision plays its own unique and crucial role in deploying the technology at its par.

Moreover, the education system has seen a 360-degree turn after people went to leverage Chat GPT. Solely depending upon it students in various fields started to submit the extracts by Chat GPT in their names. Several institutions in New York reported this as an alarming issue as students’ ability to think critically will get depreciated. It’ll ultimately affect human intelligence in the long run.

We need to be thoughtful enough about the extent of use of technological innovations so as to turn in our favor and not degradation.

(c) Be A Little Explanatory In What You Want To Ask:

Sometimes working around a complex or alienated topic, you might get frustrated by typical definitions and responses of Chat GPT. But then you must remember that it is designed to answer users’ queries with ease, so it’s always better to add a line to make this OpenAI innovation understand your point of view. For instance, you can add a line like- explain this as if I’m 6 years old.

(d) Cross-examine Before Following:

Chat GPT can provide you with a lot of suggestions like a home remedy or an OTC medicines for some benefit. However, you must not forget that those are suggestions based on online information and your body’s response to a certain medication can vary. That’s the reason you must consult a healthcare expert and not rely on the information alone.

(e) Verify The Current Information:

Chat GPT provides answers based on its reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) without proper citations and references. That’s why a user must verify the information from other sources also in accordance with time. Also, Chat GPT itself admits that its database is only fed with the information and events of 2021. So it’s always good to verify the results side by side. 

Undoubtedly, AI has eased our lives to a lot of extents. But it also costs more in terms of monetary aspects, economic balance, and data privacy. Where the integration of AI systems has sped up the work, the overdependence on such tools and bots has depleted human intelligence and the demand for human resources and adversely affected the quality of life. Therefore, AI systems must be put to use to an extent where their benefits weigh more than their downsides for people.

How Can ChatGPT Help In SEO?

So far, we’ve discussed what is ChatGPT and what are its various applications that can help different businesses. OpenAI has laid forth various applications of ChatGPT in a plethora of search engine optimization techniques.

OpenAI ChatGPT helps in a vast range of activities from data computation to data analysis to content strategy. Nevertheless, human expertise has a great role to play in formulating plans for SEO Strategies like better understanding of search intent, aligning business goals, keyword research, etc. and that is exactly what Mind Mingles does for its clients. We look after the proper balance of high-tech tools and human intelligence to not leave any ends untied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. What Is ChatGPT AI?

ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that responds to human queries in highly conversational tones. GPT in ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformers.

#2. Who Made ChatGPT?

The credit for developing ChatGPT goes to the OpenAI team.

#3. Who Is ChatGPT Founder?

OpenAI is behind the advanced technological revolution ChatGPT. Its founders include- Elon Musk, Ilya Sutsveker, Greg Brokman, Trevor Blackwell, Wojciech Zaremba and Andrej Karpathy.

#4. When Was ChatGPT Released?

OpenAI released ChatGPT latest version based on GPT- 4 on 26th March, 2023.

#5. Is ChatGPT Free?

Both free and paid versions of ChatGPT are available to users around the globe. The premium version ChatGPT Plus is available on the official site at a charge of $20 per month.

#6. What Are ChatGPT Alternatives?

ChatGPT has many alternatives that stand in a line of competition with this GPT- 4 highly advanced AI-based bot, to name a few- Google Bard, Bing GPT, Jasper Chat, YouChat, Quora Poe, etc.

#7. What Does It Mean- Chat GPT Is At Capacity Right Now?

Chat GPT acquired quite a user base as soon as it was out which sometimes makes it busy and inaccessible at some point in time. That’s why some users see this notification- “Chat GPT Is At Capacity Right Now.” It simply means you can come back later to use it or you can refresh and access the site after some time.

#8.What Can ChatGPT Do?

OpenAI ChatGPT provides human-like conversational responses to users’ queries in general. Business organizations and researchers also utilize it for-

  • Automated Customer Response Generation
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Generating Content Ideas
  • Translation 
  • SEO and much more.

#9. What Are The Challenges of Chat GPT?

Two key challenges in front of OpenAI Chat GPT are-

  • The database of ChaGPT has access to the year 2021 only. That’s why it can’t provide information on any events or developments after that year.
  • It doesn’t enlist any references or citations which makes it difficult to assess the results authenticity.

#10. How To Get ChatGPT?

You can sign up here for ChatGPT or visit the link to download ChatGPT for your device- https://www.chatgptdownload.org/.

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