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Are you free from committing rookie mistakes for your business? 

The digital marketing industry is always expanding, providing more opportunities for brands to promote themselves on the internet. 

But with a lot of competition out there, you need to look for unique and creative ways to stand out. With so much on the line, you couldn’t afford to commit these costly mistakes. 

Here are the ten rookie Digital Marketing Services strategies that brands should avoid:

1. Spending Too Much

While advertising is one of the best ways to gain quick results, you need to have a solid digital marketing campaign to back it up. That will help you create a more lasting impact by providing your audience value. 

Instead of throwing your money and spending it on a pay-per-click campaign, consider investing it in high-quality content. 

High-quality content includes whitepapers, high-quality blog posts, infographics, and so on. Content like these have a one-time cost but could be shared indefinitely by your target audience. 

2. Lack Of Keyword Research

Even in the age of social media, if you want to gain organic traffic on your site, then you should focus on keyword research. 

Keywords will eventually determine what your site will be all about.

Unless you put in the effort to structure your site with the right keywords effectively, you’ll make it difficult for search engines to determine the exact nature of your business. 

3. Targeting The Wrong Audience

The most common mistakes a lot of people make in their digital marketing strategy is spreading themselves too thin. Their niche is too broad, and they’re out there, trying to cater and please everyone. 

But this doesn’t often lead to satisfying results. 

For instance, many start-ups will usually set up social media accounts on virtually every social media platform out there. But managing all of them will be nearly impossible. 

If you do manage to post on these social media platforms through the help of automation tools, you’re still not delivering a kind of experience that’s specially tailored to the platform. You’ll be missing out on tons of engagement from your audience as a result. 

It helps that you do your research first on a particular niche that you’re interested in and passionate about. That will help you come up with a more targeted audience. Also, take time to know who your audience is and their needs, habits, and wants. That way, you’ll be able to find who your target market is, rather than desperately trying to find them.

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4. Not Encouraging Reviews

Do you know that 92% of your prospective customers will check the reviews first before contacting you? 

Having a lot of 5-star, and positive reviews will help you in your tumultuous first year of managing a business. 

But do you know that not all businesses that get the best reviews don’t always have the best products or offerings? 

But what sets them apart is that they have one of the best reviews collection systems. They’re using software to help manage these reviews or use promotions and discounts to people who leave reviews. 

5. Using Pop-Ups Ads

Instead of gaining more sign-ups and leads, pop-ups now have the oppositive effect on users. Most people are often annoyed with them, as it interrupts the user experience. 

You might end up throwing your money down the drain if you invest so much on them. You also run the risk of sending your prospects to your competitors’ sites. 

The effectiveness of using pop-ups have significantly declined over the last couple of years. 

One way to effectively them is through exit-intent pop-ups. Since the user is about to leave your website, you virtually have nothing to lose. 

6. Fail To Realize The Importance Of Visuals

A lot of brands fail to realize the importance of using high-quality visuals. Because of the highly competitive nature of the internet, you can utilize visual imagery to stand out. 

Neglecting your brand’s visuals might cause you to stand out, but all for the wrong reasons:

  • Low-quality images: Low-quality imagery, visuals, photos, and videos might cause others to perceive your brand as incompetent.
  • Decreased recall: Your customers can easily distinguish a visual that’s cliche or boring to high-quality branding that adds value to them. So, put in the effort to be original and unique. 
  • Using the colors: All colors have meaning, and colors that you choose will say a lot about your brand. So, when creating a brand strategy, select the colors that match your brand values and identity.

7. Not Familiar With Best Digital Platforms

When creating a digital marketing strategy on social media, it’s also crucial that you’re familiar with these platforms. 

Picking the right platforms early on can easily turn your brand or business into a trendsetter, and it’s always a good thing. 

8. Forgetting Mobile Users

Simply having a website that caters to desktop users isn’t enough. 

Almost everyone these days has a phone in their pocket, and most of them are using these devices to access the internet and stay connected. 

So, ensure that you’re not looking for mobile users as well. The number of mobile users has already surpassed those that are using a desktop. According to Statista, this number is forecasted to grow to 7.26 billion and keeps on growing. 

So, it is essential for your site should be optimized for mobile users. 

9. Expecting A Fast Or Immediate Result

Most business owners want fast and immediate results for their efforts.

If they don’t immediately see quick results, most of them get discouraged and pull out. 

But building a successful digital marketing strategy takes time, a lot of hard work, and perseverance. 

10. Neglecting SEO

If brands and businesses often neglect SEO, they’ll be setting themselves up to fail right from the start. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how users come across anything on the internet. It is also where your target audience will find you on search engines. 

Over To You

So, there you have it. Keep these points in mind to avoid these blunders, and stay on top with your current digital marketing campaign, helping you achieve the best possible results. Good luck!

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