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Pay-Per-Click advertising strategy has been in the industry for quite some time already, and it’s one of those effective go-to marketing tactics that brands like to invest in.

It works this way: when you see an ad or a keyword on a website, and it somehow caught your attention, there’s a huge possibility that you would click it—especially if it piques your interest. Advertisers pay a certain amount of fee to the site every time their ad is clicked.

But how do you maximize its potential? How do you make sure that an ad is interesting enough to be clicked? How do you fight for that coveted advertising spot on a website? There are so many questions that fill our heads; it’s time to answer them one by one.

This conversion to sales is a massive part of the marketing process, so you got to pay attention to how you execute the entire strategy.

Here comes the problem: how do you do the pay-per-click strategy when you’re on a budget?

We’ve got eight ways to maximize PPC strategy when you’re on the tight end.

Keyword Search

By choosing the right keyword, you will have a fighting chance against big brands who have the budget to buy any keyword they want and bid for it.

Improve your strategy by carefully choosing the right keywords to put you straight up to the top of the board. While you’re at it, make sure to select the most relevant keyword to your brand to make it more successful. 


When you already know your market and have pretty much understood how they consume information online, you’d know that geo-targeting is one way to use your budget wisely.

It saves you from investing in something you’re not sure of. When you geo-target your ads, it’s pretty much hitting the bull’s eye. By specifically targeting a particular market sector that you know would click the ad you have put up, you increase your success rate.

It also matters to pick the right agency to help you with your PPC campaign. There are plenty of options available for you, but PPC services in India are topnotch.

Study The Data

Research is equally important in this type of marketing strategy. You have to know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the kind of advertisement you want to invest in.

The pay-per-click ad is crucial in terms of effectiveness. For it to work, it has to be backed up with data that could help you improve your plan.  

For a small PPC spend, you would have to make sure that the tiny investment goes a long way. To do that, you frequently have to study the data you’re faced with to come up with excellent results.

PPC services in India

Ad Scheduling

A tight budget will force you to stick to a plan and make sure it works in your favor. One strategy that you can focus on is to do ad scheduling. 

It will help you control the number of times your ad will appear on a website. You can schedule it at certain times of the day that has high traffic. You can also put it up for one to two weeks only, depending on how much budget you’re willing to spend.

Be sure to schedule it so that it sticks within your budget.


Much like geo-targeting, retargeting helps you be more visible among the audience that already knows your brand and is likely to purchase from you.

Of course, as a brand, you want to talk to someone willing to listen to whatever you are advocating for. There’s no point talking to an audience that would only turn cold when they see your ad. That’s completely normal, but if we’re talking about effectiveness, target those whose lifestyle fits your brand’s messaging.

Quality Vs. Quantity

You don’t want to be the annoying brand that uses every keyword possible and turns it into an ad. Aside from the fact that it’s an expensive thing to do, high frequency isn’t always the practical route.

In this case, less is better— for as long as you make sure that the quality is through the roof. Ask yourself countless times: is this keyword worth buying? If yes, then go for it. But if it doesn’t carry your brand as you expect it to, then spare your bank account from further bleeding.

It’s time to be wise about the number of ads you’re putting out there. Don’t go shopping for words that don’t matter. Remember, you always have to go back to the first item on this list: strategically choose your keywords.

Small Ad Groups

Smaller ad groups allow you to focus on more targeted campaigns. By doing so, you would quickly know which keywords are relevant to use.

An audience within a small group has a higher probability of paying more attention to what you have to say than going forward among the wolves on a bigger platform without the assurance that your campaign will fly.

For those with a tiny budget to spare for an ad, targeting small ad groups may mean success.

Monitoring And Testing

We’re not fooling anyone when we say research is vital in this type of advertising. There may be a formula as to how you can execute your PPC strategy, but before you cop the foolproof technique, you have to go through a hundred—maybe even a thousand—monitoring and testing.

You have to be committed to learning the ropes and understanding the numbers so that you can apply it the next time you invest in another PPC advertising strategy.

Analyze the performance of the campaign, and see where you can improve and adjust. You might have a better keyword you can use, or you can also choose a better timeslot for the ad to appear. Either way, it’s always a learning process, so don’t give up easily when your first campaign doesn’t go as planned.

If you’re finally planning to ride the tide of pay-per-click advertising, you must understand that you have to run some risks before achieving success.

There are sacrifices you have to make, such as running on a small budget, for example, but once you get the hang of it, the fulfillment is beyond compare.

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