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Meta has been quite expeditious in providing enhanced ways for creators to engage with their audience. One such feature is the broadcast channel on Instagram which has been exquisitely fostering the bond between creators and their audiences. If you also want to leverage this feature, read this article as we uncover how to start a broadcast channel on Instagram.

Besides streamlining the interaction, IG broadcast channels are also great for strengthening relations with collaborators. In addition, it saves you from shifting between masses of DMs that seem like clutter. So learning how to create a broadcast channel on Instagram becomes inevitable. Furthermore, you’ll get to know a handful of tips for maximizing your reach and exposure with this feature.

What Is A Broadcast Channel On Instagram?

Have you joined any broadcast channel on WhatsApp? If yes, then understanding what an IG broadcast channel is easier than you think. 

Broadcast Channel On Instagram

Launched On: 16th February 2023
Available In: Rollout started to (since June 2023)
Purpose: Creators can send messages and share updates in their broadcast channel that can be seen by anyone despite the creator account being private.
Interaction Medium/Format: Creators can send texts, images, gifs, polls, videos and voice notes.
The audience can only react to the message by choosing an emoji or voting in polls.
Eligibility: Only Creators with more than 10,000 followers are eligible to start a broadcast channel on Instagram.

Broadcast channels on Instagram are a unique sort of messaging feature that enables creators to interact with their audience. Creators can send texts, videos, gifs, polls, voice notes, and images to which their audience can react (only react). This makes it easier to avoid chaos as with DMs. The best part is, that you are free to invite other creators to your channel to foster collaborations and engage your audience.

How To Start A Broadcast Channel On Instagram?

To begin with, you must have an Instagram creator account because this feature is only for them. So if you’ve a personal or professional Instagram Account, first convert it into a Creator account.

Convert Personal Account to Creator Account: Menu > Settings and Privacy > Switch To Professional > Creator.
Convert Professional Account to Creator Account: Menu > Settings and Privacy > Professional Tools & Controls > Change Account Type > Creator.

Once done, you can proceed to create a broadcast channel following the below-stated steps:

  1. On your Instagram homepage, tap on the DMs icon or Messenger icon. 
  2. Then, you’ll find a pen and paper icon on the top-right corner, tap on it.
  3. Now hit the Create Broadcast Channel option. Then you need to provide a name for your channel. In addition, you can:
    • select the audience for your channel, 
    • choose in what way to display your channel on your profile,
    • select a date to end your channel.
  4. Once done, tap on the Create Broadcast Channel option displayed at the bottom.

That’s how you can create an IG broadcast channel of your own and start engaging with your community. As soon as you share the very first message on your IG broadcast channel, your followers will get a notification about the same. Alternatively, you can self-promote your channel by sharing an invite link or uploading a Story of the message by simply tapping and holding it.

Benefits Of Using An Instagram Broadcast Channel

IG Broadcast Channel has led to a revolutionary change in the way creators engage with their community.


Benefits Of Using Broadcast Channel On


Here are some reasons how it can elevate a Creator’s presence on the platform:

(a) Better Interaction:

Broadcast channels are amusing to hold direct conversations. The best part about managing them is that creators can segregate their audience based on different purposes. Moreover, managing notifications becomes quite easy with features like mute.

(b) Monetize Your Channel:

Instagram confirms that creators with subscriptions can make their exclusive content available to limited audiences (subscribers). This gives creators an added advantage to foster their relationship with their loyal community and engage in a more engrossing manner.

(c) Boost Engagement:

Sharing live updates and other information becomes more convenient with IG broadcast channels. It not only saves the creator’s time by garnering and analyzing the audience’s reactions at a single spot but also boosts engagement. With multiple broadcast channels, you can manage segregate interaction as per the likability of different audience segments.

(d) Share Branded Content:

IG broadcast channels are a splendid way to share branded content and see how your audience engages with them. In addition, creators must not forget to use paid partnership tools and label the message for the same. Policy adherence is another factor that must be taken care of for branded content.

(e) Form Collaborations:

IG provides ample opportunities for creators to collaborate with influencers. With a broadcast channel on Instagram, creators can extend their reach by inviting a collaborator to their channel. It allows leveraging a new audience base and expanding the reach. 

Simply tap on your channel name > People and tap on Add next to Collaborators and choose who you want to add. Finally, tap on Invite to share the link.

Meta also states that new control features are being explored, for instance, collaborators can send messages, and manage members and content in a broadcast channel. So stay posted as they roll out new features and harness them to their full potential.

Tips To Utilize Instagram Broadcast Channel To Increase Reach 

Here are some tips that can help you boost your reach with Instagram Broadcast Channel:

  • Be consistent in sharing updates and making announcements.
  • Leverage different content formats including texts, images, videos, and polls.
  • Provide engaging content that keeps your audience engaged with your channel.
  • Promote your broadcast channel in Instagram Story and Profile to drive increased traffic.
  • Ensure using relevant and suitable hashtags to make your channel discoverable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How To Make An Instagram Broadcast Channel On Desktop?

Instagram broadcast channel is only available to operate on Android and iPhone users, not on desktop versions.

2. How Many Broadcast Channels Can I Make On Instagram?

A creator can start multiple broadcast channels on Instagram to target different audiences.

3. Who Can Send Messages In Instagram Broadcast Channel?

Only the creator can send messages in an Instagram broadcast channel. Followers can react to the messages or vote in case of polls, other than that they can’t send any messages in the channel. However, collaborators invited by creators and moderators can also send and even remove messages within a channel.

4. How To Find A Broadcast Channel On Instagram?

You’ll get a notification of the creator’s broadcast channel when they send a message for the first time. Alternatively, you should check for the pinned link in their Instagram Profile or access the joining link via their Story sticker. Once done, you simply need to hit on the Join Broadcast Channel option. Then go to your Instagram inbox and find the channel beside your message thread.


Creators on Instagram have always enjoyed different means to connect with their audiences. After all, the platform provides an abundance of creative opportunities like the broadcast channel. With broadcast channels, creators get an optimum way to share updates, and announcements and take reviews in a crisp and orderly manner. The above article aims to make you familiar with how to start a broadcast channel on Instagram.

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