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In search of infographic submission sites? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Since the concept of digital marketing came into existence, content has been distributed in many forms. We get to see text-based information called blogs and video-based information, popular as vlogs, and in between these two, comes other formats which comprise gifs and images called as-infographics.

Infographics have become a new trend in the digital world. Brands and business organizations widely use it. If you’re good at designing infographics, you can earn a nice chunk of change. In this article, you’ll learn what infographics are and discover some splendid infographic submission sites. What’s more? You’ll also get tips to create splendid and optimized infographics. So let’s get started.

What Are Infographics?

The term ‘infographics’ combines two words- ‘info’ (that stands for information) and ‘graphics’ (that depicts digitally designed designs). In simple terms, infographics are representations of data in images or visual forms. It is quite an enthralling way to capture audiences’ attention and convey the message more conveniently.

Benefits Of Infographics Submission

Infographic Submission Sites are third-party websites where you can submit your self-designed infographics. Submitting self-designed infographics offer brand recognition as they provide the following:

(i) Increased Engagement Rate

An increased engagement rate is one of the most significant advantages of infographic submission. Compared to texts, infographics carry information in more vibrant and eye-catching formats, garnering users’ attention easily. Not only from the perspective of SEO, but infographics are also a go-to option for enhancing social media engagement presence.

(ii) Enhanced Brand Visibility

Every business wants to maintain a distinct place for itself in the market. While the online competition is so cut-throat, infographics offer a chance to stay ahead. It is a crucial off-site activity that reaches netizens via search engines and social media platforms. You can put a logo on infographics to get your brand name to catch the limelight.

Benefits Of Infographic Submission Sites

(iii) Leverages SEO Strategy

Infographics submission is a crucial off-page search engine optimization technique that drives traffic, engagement, and conversions. Thus, it expands the business’ reach and helps establish thought leadership and credibility among the audience in a specific niche. Furthermore, infographic submission helps acquire backlinks, a considerably inevitable search engine ranking factor.

(iv) Brings In More Conversions

Many big brands exploit the potential of infographics to their fullest and acquire attention from a large pool of audiences. Because infographics are appealing enough to get the user hooked, they are extensively used to promote deals and offers and launch a new product or service via search engines and social media sites.

(v) Conveys Message Briefly

Infographics make it as easy as a pie to break down specific topics and ideas that are incomprehensible otherwise. That’s why they have secured an irreplaceable place among online publications, including blogs and social media posts. They make it super easy to deliver a message in fewer words and, most importantly, in a catchy manner.

Types Of Infographics

There are a plethora of topics that can be covered with different types of infographics effectively:

  • Process Explanatory Infographics: Process explanatory infographics are highly inclined towards making a concept clear with the help of diagrams and flowcharts. They present a process in a step-by-step manner.
  • Statistical Infographics: To represent data-based research, statistical infographics are used, which usually include pie charts, graphs, reports, etc. They are widely used for educational purposes and trends report presentation.
  • Comparison Table: When you want to highlight the differences between concepts or things, infographics with comparison tables are the best alternative.
  • Listicles: Such infographics usually list certain points that relate to benefits, factors, or stepwise instructions. Among all other types of infographics, listicles are the most typical.
  • Timeline Infographics: Timeline infographics are used to represent the evolution of a process or concept over a period of time. Whether you want to explain a historical event or your brand’s journey, timeline infographics can do total justice to it.

What Is The Role Of Infographic Submission Sites?

Infographics are the essence of online publications, including blogs, articles, and website content, but only if they are published on the right submission sites.

  • Many infographic submission sites pay money to submit self-designed visual work. 
  • As a business organization, you can save a lot of money by self-designing infographics for your blogs, articles, and websites and submitting them on relevant sites.

Free Infographic Submission Sites

Your hunt for free infographic submission sites is about to come to an end because here is the list you were looking for:

1 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ 96 100
2 SlideShare https://www.slideshare.net/ 95 86
3 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ 94 100
4 Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/ 94 97
5 X (formerly Twitter) https://twitter.com/ 94 100
6 Pixabay https://pixabay.com/ 94 84
7 Photobucket https://photobucket.com/ 93 88
8 Pexels https://www.pexels.com/ 93 80
9 Freepik https://www.freepik.com/ 93 81
10 Flickr https://www.flickr.com/ 92 95
11 Behance https://www.behance.net/ 92 84
12 Reddit Infographics https://www.reddit.com/r/Infographics/ 92 71
13 Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/ 86 100
14 9GAG https://9gag.com/ 86 73
15 Visual.ly https://visual.ly/ 86 72
16 Daily Infographic https://dailyinfographic.com/ 80 58
17 Infogram https://infogram.com/ 80 71
18 MorgueFile https://morguefile.com/ 76 66
19 Cool Infographics https://coolinfographics.com/ 60 52
20 Visualistan https://www.visualistan.com/ 59 48
21 Elearning Infographics https://elearninginfographics.com/submit


59 42
22 Infographic Journal https://infographicjournal.com/ 57 53
23 Rankfrog https://rankfrog.com/infographic-


54 23
24 Infographics Archive https://www.infographicsarchive.com/


54 45
25 I Love Charts https://ilovecharts.tumblr.com/ 52 75
26 graphs.net https://graphs.net/ 52 53
27 Info Graphics Mania https://infographicsmania.com/


50 35
28 Infographics Zone https://www.infographicszone.com/ 48 45
29 Infographic Portal https://www.infographicportal.com/ 47 42
30 Submit Infographics https://submitinfographics.com/ 47 50
31 Infographic List https://infographiclist.com/ 45 47
32 Gifographics https://gifographics.co/ 42 40
33 IngographicLabs https://infographiclabs.com/ 41 47
34 Infographic BEE https://www.infographicbee.com/


41 36
35 Love Infographics https://www.loveinfographics.com/ 41 49
36 Media Caffeine https://mediacaffeine.com/ 38 41
37 Shit Hot Infographics https://www.shithot.co.uk/ 36 36
38 InfoCarnivore.com https://infocarnivore.com/submit


35 31
39 Infographic Website https://infographicsite.com/


32 40
40 Infographics Posters https://www.infographicsposters.com/ 30 46
41 Infographic Plaza https://infographicplaza.com/ 30 45
42 Infographic Post https://www.infographicpost.com/ 30 47
43 Cool Daily Infographics https://www.cooldailyinfographics.com/ 28 51
44 dumbfunded https://www.dumbfunded.co.uk/


27 29
45 The Infographics https://theinfographics.blogspot.com/ 26 35
46 Video Infographic https://videoinfographic.com/ 24 41
47 Infographic Database https://infographicdatabase.com/ 24 39
48 VISUALLATIC https://www.visulattic.com/ 24 36

How Do I Publish An Infographic?

Now that you have a list of free infographic submission sites, you must know how to publish your infographics:

Infographic Submission Sites

1. Check The Site’s Guidelines & Terms

To start with infographics submission, you must check whether your designed infographic complies with the site’s terms and guidelines. If not, try to change its size, formatting, file type, as per the requirement.

2 Sign Up

Then sign up to the infographic submission site and provide the required details. You might also get the option to sign up using a third-party account such as Google or Facebook Account.

3. Upload Your Infographic

After that, upload the infographic that you want to submit.

4. Provide Title & Description

Then provide a catchy title and description for your infographic.

5. Submit The Infographic

Recheck the details before the final upload and confirm your submission.

If you’re not generating the desired results with your infographics, we at Mind Mingles are happy to be at your service. We have 10 years of experience designing eye-catching creatives for search engines and social media marketing for business organizations in diversified industries. Our designed infographics will deliver your message to your audience concisely and effectively.

5 Tips To Create Catchy Infographics

Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and Pixlr top the list of best  online infographic maker platforms. While creating infographics, these five tips can help you:

  • Know your audience: Before making an infographic, research who your audience is and how you can convey your message to them in a method convenient for them to understand.
  • Be creative and genuine: You’ll find zillions of infographics on the internet. If you want to catch your audience’s attention, add a twist to your unique ideas. 
  • Use vibrant colors: Choosing optimal colors for infographics is inevitable. Or else the whole purpose of creating it will be ruined. So pick a nice blend of vibrant colors that don’t overlap each other.
  • Go for readable fonts: Make sure you don’t compromise on the readability of your text while selecting the font. Otherwise, you won’t be able to convey the message to your audience.
  • Add text to make your point clear:  Explaining your issues by adding bite-sized crisp text pieces works best in favor of infographics.

How To Optimize Your Infographics For SEO?

Since the basic purpose of creating an infographic is getting it in front of your audiences’ eyes, you must optimize it for search engines. Here are the three key factors that will affect the discoverability of your infographics on search engines and social media platforms:

How To Optimize Infographics

  • Image Alt Text: Whenever you go to submit an infographic on an infographic submission site, ensure that you provide it with a suitable Alt Text. Alternative Text (or Alt Text) is readable by search engines which helps them index your infographics and is used by screen reading tools to explain about the image to visually challenged people. Without alt text, your image won’t be discoverable when a user runs a relevant query on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Image Title: Another important element of an infographic is its title. Although it doesn’t affect search engine ranking, it makes the purpose of your image clear. You must keep the image title concise and to the point.
  • Image Description: Image description provides a chance to explain your infographic in detail. It is primarily used to describe the function of infographics to visually challenged people who use screen reading tools. Nevertheless, image description can also be used to make users understand a difficult concept.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. What Is Infographic Submission In SEO?

Infographic submission refers to designing an infographic and submitting it to a third-party site. It helps in acquiring backlinks, generate traffic and enhance engagement rate.

#2. Where Can I Make Infographics?

Some of the typically used infographic creation platforms are:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pixlr
  • CorelDRAW

#3. How To Submit An Infographic?

Here is the step-by-step process for submitting an infographic:

  • Design an eye-catching infographic as per the guidelines of the infographic submission site.
  • Sign up or register on the infographic submission site.
  • Upload your infographic.
  • Provide a title, alt text, and description of the infographic that fits it best.
  • Recheck the details and submit the infographic.

#4. How Can I Change Infographic Format/File Type?

This has to be done before you upload an infographic on an infographic submission site. When you create an infographic, online infographic creation platforms and tools provide you with features to download your infographic in different formats/file types.

#5. How To Optimize Infographics For SEO?

To optimize infographics for SEO, provide image title, description, and alt text while submitting your work on infographic submission sites.

Bottom Line

Publishing self-created designs on infographic submission sites is an awesome idea to generate backlinks, increase brand exposure and improve your website’s search engine rankings. The above article has enlisted over 40 infographic submission sites that can be your go-to option for submitting your original work. A piece of advice is that you must pick the sites with high DA that serve the audience in your niche. Otherwise, your website can get penalized too. If you need professional expertise for your creatives or SEO activities, contact Mind Mingles.

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