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Pay Per Click Trends You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Pay Per Click Trends You Cannot Afford to Ignore

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The reason you see a reduction in traffic to your website is because you are not keeping up with the marketing trend. Pay Per Click is a decent strategy and a fruitful choice to generate traffic to your website. As per the statistics released from Google for the last quarter of 2019, the company released 18 Ads updates. On the contrary, Microsoft made only four changes. 

Irrespective of the platform that you use, understanding, and learning how pay per click functions gives you a better chance at controlling the traffic to your site. Likewise, you will have to keep up with the changing trends to ensure that you are in the race and having a competitive position against your competitors. Whether you are a PPC agency or an advertiser, standing on top of the trends is essential to take all your PPC efforts to the next level. 

The Latest Marketing Trends Of Pay Per Click

Most companies are either hiring PPC management services or opening an in-house department to add new trends into their marketing strategy. With digital marketing creating waves and its continued evolution, you are likely to generate validated leads that bring more revenue with time. 

Pay Per Click Automation

The new and happening trend in the field of Pay Per Click advertising is automation. As a PPC agency, you will have resources to implement the necessary changes to ensure that you offer your client the best services. Automation is the process where you will be using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the intense labor tasks related to advertisements. According to statistics from Google and Microsoft, the automation industry worldwide will generate $240 billion in revenue by the end of 2021. 

Automation is not a new technology. However, it is changing the marketing department and predominantly having a significant impact on the paid process advertising segment. The best way to take advantage of the automation process is by setting goals. As every business varies, setting the goals is essential to ensure that the automation process provides a better opportunity to take complete advantage of pay per click advertisement. 

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The automation in the PPC is helpful for: 

  • Calculating the bidding strategy according to the set goal
  • Setting aside numerous conversions at a preferred cost per action 
  • Enhancing cost per click by identifying ad auctions that help in generating additional conversions
  • Identifying underperforming advertisements
  • Identifying performance issues
  • Creating and optimizing advertisement copies
  • Generating performance reports of the advertisements

Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact on Pay Per Click

Artificial intelligence helps in creating an effective ad campaign for PPC management services. Unlike automation, artificial intelligence technology is evolving slowly. The notable advantage of technology is the way it learns and helps to gather data. For instance, it uses the programmed algorithm to monitor customers’ buying behavior and come out with a predicting output that suits the needs of a business. Likewise, it has the potential to predict the click-through rate for upcoming ads and the impact it creates on the overall quality score. 

The significant factor about artificial intelligence is the analysis it carries out. Rather than manually vetting the bids, the A.I uses algorithms that help calculate the effective proposals that assist in generating traffic to the posted ad campaigns. Moreover, with the A.I technology evolving at a faster pace and improving the accuracy, completing tasks faster than humans has become possible. All the leading platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Bing have invested millions of dollars in machine learning to ensure that the ad campaigns target the interested audience and generate the specified revenue per user/customer. 

Videos and Smart Bidding

Videos have become an effective medium to spread a message. They help businesses tell their story, the product they are offering, and their service/services. Seeing what a brand is offering is the fastest way to build trust among customers or possible clients. PPC agency will help set up the needed videos to ensure that visiting customers begin to trust the brand. As per statistics, about 88% of users spend more time on a site that contains videos. Therefore, optimizing the website by including the videos relevant to the business brings a closer connection with the people. 

Smart Bidding is another procedure that is trending in the Pay Per Click advertisement. It falls under the automated bidding procedure and uses machine learning to improve ad campaigns. The conversions in an auction ensure to improve according to the received input. The technology is new and powerful. However, it is developing and requires appropriate inputs. The Smart Bidding procedure requires a learning period, and hence, optimizing the ads helps deliver the best results. The following are essential for a successful ad campaign: 

  • Selecting the appropriate bidding strategy 
  • Allowing waiting period before generating a performance analysis 
  • Continue monitoring the performance analysis and keep optimizing the same

Using Negative Keywords

Choosing negative keywords during the Pay Per Click campaign helps in refining searches. What makes the use of a negative keyword is that it helps prevent an ad campaign from appearing in irrelevant searches. You can use Google’s query search to generate a report of negative keywords that help in reducing PPC advertising. You must pick this report based on your business, future expansion, and focused audience.  


Without an appropriate strategy and view, it is not possible to reap the benefits provided by PPC. With changing trends, keeping up with them is crucial to reach the audience and make an effective medium to market your business. Likewise, PPC turns into a nightmare when you are out of focus and running without a clear strategy. Improper management of PPC can generate leads and traffic to your website, but they are incapable of justifying the revenue expenses for the return. Ensure that you are opting for a strategy from the current trends that help create a successful campaign. If possible, follow the rules and trends explained in this blog post for achieving a high rate of interest.


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