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Marketers are scouting around for PDF submission sites and PPT submission sites heavily these days. Why? Because not only do these sites help in developing a qualitative and enriched backlink profile but they also help in gaining audience traction. Along with that, they can also help in generating backlinks considerably.

People have different choices, likes, and biases, some prefer to read long-form texts on the go, and others prefer to have a look at engrossing visuals. This made online promotions a fun task for marketers, and a little demanding as well.

Today we see so many different forms of content that are aligned with images, videos, and gifs. This need for merging text and visuals gave birth to the form of PPTs and PDFs/docs. Consequently, PPT, and PDF/Doc submission became an essential part of SEO.

So do you want to know about such sites where you can upload PPTs and PDFs/ docs? Then give this article a read.

What Is PDF/Doc, And PPT Submission In SEO?

SEO undertakes a plethora of on-page and off-page activities that are imperative to stand in the race of online marketing. PPT and PDF/Doc Submission is an off-page SEO activity that generates high-quality backlinks which are critical for search visibility. It isn’t rocket science to guess that this process involves submitting PPT or PDF/Doc on third-party sites.

How Does PPT/PDF/Doc Submission Help SEO?

Search engines support various ways to interact with users and aim to deliver information in convenient ways. That’s the reason why instead of bestowing all their love on text-based content (articles, blogs, news journals, research papers, etc.), they feature other formats as well. These formats include PPTs, PDFs, GIFs, docs, images, videos, and infographics. Although none of the formats are forbidden to include text and information, their appearance and comprehensiveness increase when presented as docs/PDFs or PPTs.

Apart from making content presentation interesting, these formats contribute to content marketing strategy as well. How? Read further to discover:

  • Acquire Quality Backlinks

One of the key reasons why PPT submission sites and PDF submission sites are in high demand is backlink generation. Marketers, authors, and site owners look forward to high-quality sites where PDFs and PPTs can be submitted because they help generate backlinks. So if you also want to fetch quality backlinks, you must use this SEO technique.

  • Provide Enormous Online Exposure

PDF Submission Sites

One of the key benefits of submitting PDFs and PPTs on third-party websites is that they provide huge online exposure. Not only among customers but also among the professionals and researchers who are related to a particular field. Such visual formats are enticing, hence, provide brand engagement and traffic.

  • Convey Message In An Impactful Manner

PPTs, PDFs/docs are an impactful way to reach out to your target audience in a convenient manner. Businesses can express their products/services quality via informational, yet easy-to-understand impressive visuals and presentations to capture their audiences’ attention. 

  • Build Brand Awareness

With optimal use of PPT and PDF submission sites, you can establish a distinguished identity for your brand among a wide range of audiences. Researchers, students, and clients can also be covered quite tactfully via these formats. Such formats encapsulate the audience and leave your brand impression in their minds.

DOC/PDF/PPT Submission Sites

1 slide share https://www.slideshare.net/ 95 86
2 issuu https://issuu.com/ 94 83
3 SCRIBD https://www.scribd.com/ 94 81
4 4shared https://www.4shared.com/ 94 78
5 send space https://www.sendspace.com/ 93 71
6 Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/ 92 75
7 calameo https://www.calameo.com/ 92 75
8 deposit files https://depositfiles.com/ 92 68
9 YUMPU https://www.yumpu.com/en 90 62
10 visually https://visual.ly/ 86 72
11 Speaker Deck https://speakerdeck.com/ 85 65
12 docdroid https://www.docdroid.net/ 83 64
13 MediaFire https://www.mediafire.com/ 80 94
14 emaze https://www.emaze.com/ 80 68
15 2SHARED https://www.2shared.com/ 78 64
16 edocr https://www.edocr.com/ 76 62
17 Free-Ebooks.net https://www.free-ebooks.net/ 73 67
18 divShare https://www.divshare.com/ 71 63
19 YUDU https://www.yudu.com/ 71 62
20 pdf archive https://www.pdf-archive.com/ 70 56
21 SlideServe https://www.slideserve.com/ 69 67
22 Mirrored.to https://www.mirrored.to/ 65 48
23 PowerShow.com https://www.powershow.com/ 58 59
24 Share Presentation https://www.sharepresentation.com/ 31 42
25 PING PDF https://pingpdf.com/ 25 48

How To Create PPT, PDF/Doc?

With all the information compiled in one place, you can create a PDF/doc or PPT by using free online PDF converter tools and PPT converter tools, respectively. You’ll find hundreds and thousands of free online tools for this purpose on the internet. The best part is most of them follow somewhat similar procedures:

  • Select a tool of your choice from the list of free online PDF/PPT converter tools.
  • Then, choose the option of converting Word to PDF (or PPT). If you have the content in another form say Excel or JPEG, etc., choose the option accordingly.
  • Upload the file you want to convert.

You’ll get the desired PDF/PPT in just a while. Most tools also allow you to make alterations and add GIFs, images, videos, etc. of your choice in editing mode.

How To Do PDF/PPT Submission?

The procedure is quite simple for making PPT or PDF submissions:

PPT Submission Sites

1. Select A Site: Go to the PPT/PDF submission site.

2. Go Through Terms & Sign Up : Click on Upload to submit your file. While proceeding, you might get asked to sign in, so do so. You can also sign in using third-party accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc. on most PDF/PPT submission sites.

3. Upload The File: The next step is to upload the file and make the necessary modifications (add GIFs, images, videos, etc.), if any

4. Preview and Submit: Once everything is set, preview the PPT or PDF in full-screen and then publish it on the site. Copy the link and use it for your brand promotions.

How To Optimize PPT, PDF/Doc Submission?

The below-mentioned two tips are applicable on making an SEO-friendly PPT or PDF/doc:

  • Create Keyword Rich PPTs And PDF/Doc

While creating PDFs and presentations, you must remember to integrate keywords diligently. Using keywords is an effective way to deliver your presentations in front of your target audience. However, their usage should be natural so that there won’t be any stuffing. This will improve your content’s search visibility and site’s discoverability.

  • Focus On Structuring

To enhance your PPT or PDF/Doc make sure you pay attention to its structuring. Although the formats are different, the flow should be maintained. It’ll assist your audience in understanding the content better. In addition, your overall presentation will become more convincing and captivating.

Here are some additional tips:

Provide fresh insights Content should be presented in captivating layouts Highlight the important sections so that readers don’t miss on them
Use images to make content understandable Images  can be used to make content understandable Use images to make content understandable
Talk about the related aspects Provide precise data which speaks more in less words Detailed analysis and results must be discussed

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 What Is PPT Submission In SEO?

PPT submission is a crucial off-page SEO practice wherein we submit our PPTs to third-party PPT submission sites. It helps garner backlinks and reach out to the interested audience.

#2 What Is PDF Submission In SEO?

PDF submission is an inevitable part of off-site SEO. When we submit our PDFs (or docs) to third-party PDF submission sites, we can increase our brand awareness and establish an authoritative thought leadership in our niche.

#3 How To Create PDF?

There is an abundance of online tools that can help you convert any piece of text into PDF. However, some cloud-based storage software/apps or drive spaces (such as Google Drive and Word), can also assist in creating a doc that can be converted into PDFs using online PDF converter tools.  

#4 How To Create PPT?

Google Drive, Canva, and Microsoft provide easy-peasy ways to create PPTs with a wide range of options for layouts, animations, template designs, etc. You can also take the help of PPT converter tools to transform docs/PDFs into PPT.

#5 How To Submit PPT, PDF/Doc?

To submit PPT, PDF/ Doc, simply head to a PDF/Doc or PPT Submission Site> check its DA and terms>sign up>upload the file and attach media files>preview and submit the file. Now you can use the generated backlink for brand promotions on social media and across search engines.

Bottom Line

SEO demands matching your audiences’ interest in the format they like to see the content presented. This is to say that there is more than blogs and vlogs in online promotions. Thus, you have to go for PPT, PDF/doc submission. The above article has enlisted 25 legit PDF/Doc and PPT submission sites where you can upload your files and get exposure to interested prospects.

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