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With the advent of new social media apps, figuring out where you should spend your money and time is troublesome. Should you exploit every single app’s potential or target your customers on only a handful of them? This confusion will get clear as today we’ll discuss the list of social media sites and how you can decide which apps work best in your favour.

In recent years, social media sites have engrossed people’s attention more than ever. The thriving journey of these sites has made them the apple of the eyes of business organizations as well. No wonder people today spend 151 minutes on social media daily, as per Statista reports for this year. Furthermore, the same source states that:

  • 86% of the professionals in social media marketing have seen tremendous growth in their business exposure with integrated tools.
  • 76% of marketing professionals reported growth in web traffic. 

So if you’ve lost count of how many social media sites there are that can fetch engagements and clientele for your business, you must scroll down to see the social media list and read this article till the end.

Bright Side Of Social Media Promotions

Although business operations are handled within the office premises, today, its marketing is done through social media. On this note, here are five key benefits that can uplift returns for business organizations.

  • Provide Networking Opportunities: There is no better solution that can provide business organizations with an abundance of networking solutions than social media sites. That’s why marketers are keen to know social media lists so that they can segregate the best platforms for generating over-the-top returns from businesses.
  • Establish Thought-Leadership: Another reason why social media sites have to be a go-to option for businesses is to establish thought-leadership among their respective niche categories. Businesses that keep up with social media presence actively attract more customers in comparison to those that don’t.
  • Makes Sales Process Efficient: Social media apps provide ample opportunities for business organizations to make the sales process efficient. From deal/offer announcements to product launches, social media sites can assist in acquiring interested prospects for everything. Furthermore, social media marketplaces make it easy to display the offerings impactfully.

List Of Social Media

  • Real-Time Customer Interaction: Real-time interactions with customers have a more positive impact on them. This is the reason socially active businesses have seen much-expanded reach and generate higher returns. In addition, if queries from prospects are handled well in time on social media, it increases the chance of sales.
  • Utilize Optimum Opportunities: In today’s era, it is inevitable to be informed about ongoing and upcoming trends. Social media is no less than a news channel when it comes to sensing upcoming opportunities. For instance, the news about Twitter changing to X was widely out on Twitter itself.

Every business firm is looking for a social media list that can be put to use to gain advantage over their competitors. Here is the list of social media sites with high DA and high PA sites:

List Of Social Media Sites 2023

S. No. Social Media Site Year Of Launch DA PA
1 YouTube 2005 100 100
2 Linkedin 2003 99 86
3 Google+ 2011 99 67
4 WhatsApp 2009 98 87
5 Facebook 2004 96 100
6 Vimeo 2004 96 97
7 Medium 2012 95 84
8 Myspace 2003 95 82
9 Line 2011 95 75
10 TikTok 2017 95 67
11 Instagram 2010 94 100
12 X (previously Twitter) 2006 94 91
13 Pinterest 2009 94 97
14 Scribd 2007 94 81
15 SoundCloud 2007 94 86
16 Discord 2015 94 75
17 Foursquare 2009 94 72
18 LiveJournal 1999 93 99
19 Photobucket 2003 93 88
20 Goodreads 2006 93 84
21 Yelp 2004 93 85
22 Twitch 2011 93 81
23 Quora 2009 93 79
24 Skype 2003 93 78
25 Academia 2008 93 75
26 Taringa 2004 93 68
27 QQ 1999 93 68
28 Open Diary 1998 93 50
29 Viadeo 2004 91 57
30 Flickr 2004 92 95
31 Reddit 2005 92 91
32 Imgur 2009 92 84
33 Digg 2004 92 82
34 Snapchat 2011 92 76
35 ReverbNation 2006 92 73
36 Messenger 2011 92 71
37 MeetUp 2002 91 78
38 Slashdot 1997 91 76
39 Stack Exchange 2009 91 72
40 DeviantArt 2000 90 87
41 Buffer 1999 90 73
42 Steemit 2016 89 68
43 Tieba 2003 87 78
44 Tumblr 2007 86 100
45 Ello 2014 86 67
46 Badoo 2006 85 65
47 Viber 2010 85 64
48 We Chat 2011 84 65
49 CafeMom 2006 84 61
50 Nextdoor 2008 83 70
51 Picsart 2011 83 68
52 Buzznet 2016 83 67
53 CaringBridge 1997 81 67
54 Douyin 2016 81 66
55 Renren 2005 81 47
56 LibraryThing 2005 80 71
57 We Heart It 2011 79 95
58 8tracks.com 2008 79 73
59 Cyworld 1999 79 62
60 Tagged 2004 78 65
61 Bebo 2005 78 24
62 NING 2004 77 67
63 Flixster 2007 76 67
64 Ravelry 2007 75 68
65 DailyStrength 2006 75 66
66 Fotki 1998 75 66
67 MyHeritage 2003 73 70
68 Habbo 2000 73 59
69 Classmates 1995 72 64
70 Netlog 1999 72 63
71 Yammer 2008 71 64
72 imo 2007 71 60
73 Telegram 2013 69 91
74 Threads 2023 68 59
75 Kuaishou 2012 67 52
76 LinguaLeo 2010 65 41
77 Athlinks 2001 63 55
78 Brainly 2009 61 60
79 Multiply 2003 59 61
80 beBee 2020 58 56
81 Triller 2015 58 52
82 Mixi 1999 56 46
83 MocoSpace 2005 55 41
84 Likee 2017 53 54
85 SixDegrees 1997 49 46
86 Fishbrain 2010 47 52
87 Tuenti 2006 42 41
88 Cellufun 2005 42 24

Newly Budding Social Media List

1 gab https://gab.com/ 82 66
2 Threads https://www.threads.net/login 69 50
3 WT.Social https://wt.social/ 66 53
4 MeWe https://mewe.com/ 66 63
5 Diaspora https://diasporafoundation.org/ 62 59
6 A SMALL WORLD https://www.asmallworld.com/ 59 47
7 peanut https://www.peanut-app.io/ 58 55
8 CaffeineTV https://www.caffeine.tv/ 57 52
9 Yubo https://www.yubo.live/ 50 48
10 23snaps https://www.23snaps.com/ 46 46
11 Elpha https://elpha.com/ 41 47
12 Valence https://valence.community/ 36 41
13 Amikumu https://amikumu.com/ 35 42

But should you advertise your business on every single site on this social media list? The simple answer: no. To keep it simple for you to decide which sites from this list of social media can work the best for you, this article explains a handful of them. So read further to explore more about the top 15 sites from our social media list.

Top 15 Social Media List Based On Monthly Active Users

S. No. Social Media Site Monthly Active Users (MAU)/Participants
1 Facebook 2.96 Billion
2 YouTube 2.5 Billion
3 Instagram 2 Billion
4 WhatsApp 2 Billion
5 We Chat 1.3 Billion
6 TikTok 1 Billion
7 Linkedin 930 Million
8 Viber 800 Million
9 Telegram 700 Million
10 Pinterest 450 Million
11 Quora 300 Million
12 X (previously Twitter) 541 Million
13 Reddit 500 Million
14 Snapchat 375 Million
15 Threads 100 Million

1. Facebook

  • Monthly Active Users: 2.96 Billion
  • Year of Launch: 2004
  • Founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz & Chris Hughes

With almost 3 billion users checking in monthly, Facebook Marketplace offers splendid opportunities for businesses. To stand out in the race, you can use Facebook to amplify your brand name with enthralling video content (both short and long-form videos), image posts, organizing events, ads, etc. Not only that, Facebook Business Page provides you ample opportunities to maintain a bond with your audience and answer their product or service-related query even from groups.

Plus to that, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Chatbot, and Facebook Pixels help you target different groups of audiences with highly engaging and relevant post formats.

2. YouTube

  • Monthly Active Users: 2.2 Billion
  • Year of Launch: 2005
  • Founders: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen & Jawed Karim

The second most popular social media platform that is profoundly known to be the most used video search platform, YouTube, has more than 2.2 billion active users. If this reason isn’t enough for you, YouTube has engrossed people so much that for the past few years, people have reportedly spent over 1 Billion watch hours on the platform. You can use this platform for advertising purposes and for delivering public reviews about your product/services. YouTube reportedly garners most of its views and users in the US, India, and Japan.

3. Instagram

  • Monthly Active Users: 2 Billion
  • Year of Launch: 2010
  • Founders: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger (Presently owned by Meta)

With the perfect blend of reels, infographics, images, and videos, Instagram has become a favorite place for youngsters to spend time on. It creates a splendid choice for B2B and B2C connections, and is thus, a part of this social media list. To target diversified groups, there are many ways to keep your audience hooked with IG stories, polls, and reels.

Whether an e-commerce store owner or an influencer, you must use Instagram to generate ROI with its exquisite features.

4. WhatsApp

  • Monthly Active Users: Million
  • Year of Launch: 2009
  • Founders: Brian Acton, Jan Koum (Presently owned by Meta)

WhatsApp is used for business purposes a dime a dozen these days. It proffers features that boast business networking, such as sharing locations, emails, catalogs, promotional messages, images, videos, group formations, etc. It also offers a wide range of consumer-oriented benefits, like sharing QR codes and payment integration methods that have made it easy to shop. With WhatsApp, businesses can drive engagement, app installs, reviews, orders, etc.

5. X (Twitter)

  • Monthly Active Users: 354 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2006
  • Founders: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone & Evan Williams

Social Media List

Maintaining a repo of a buzz-creating platform, X (formerly Twitter) has encapsulated a wide range of audiences for any niche category. It provides ways to talk about trending topics and businesses to make themselves a trend. Over 53% of the platform users are inclined to buy from new businesses. If you’re considering advertising on this site or social media list, you must be an X Premium (Blue) Subscriber to generate revenues. 

6. We Chat

  • Monthly Active Users: 1.3 Billion
  • Year of Launch: 2011
  • Founders: Tencent Holdings Ltd.

We Chat possesses all the potential to be on this list of social media platforms. Its multi-functional nature has made it garner a community of users as huge as 1.3 Billion, as per Statista. From showcasing your product/service portfolio to holding up with customer inquiries to running ads, We Chat is a full-proof marketplace that businesses can use to target audiences in China and US as it rakes in most users from these two demographics.

It must be noted that We Chat is not currently accessible to Indian users. Not only businesses but influencers too can boost their fame with this platform, especially those who consider themselves gaming pros.

7. TikTok

  • Monthly Active Users: 1 Billion
  • Year of Launch: 2010
  • Founders: Zhang Yiming (Presently owned by ByteDance)

We all became well-versed with TikTok during the pandemic, right? Its features such as background music, filters, lip-sync, etc. made it one among the most profoundly used sites. TikTok is worthy to use if you can captivate your audiences’ interest with 3 to 10 seconds short videos. The app has seen tremendous growth before the ban.

It must be remembered that TikTok is banned in several countries. So you need to check before investing in TikTok marketing whether it’s available for your target audience.

8. LinkedIn

  • Monthly Active Users: 950 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2003
  • Founders: Reid Hoffman & Eric Ly

With a community of around 950 Million users, as per the platform’s own report, LinkedIn secures a place in this list of social media sites that are extraordinarily popular. It is an avant-garde alternative for B2B and B2C connections. The central focus of LinkedIn is to serve as a common point of communication between recruiters and professionals. Plus to that, it also proffers content-sharing features helping businesses to create a buzz of their name.

9. Viber

  • Monthly Active Users: 800 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2010
  • Founders: Rakuten Inc.

Much like Whatsapp, Viber (also referred to as Rakuten Viber) is also a splendid choice from social media list that can help businesses elevate their ROI. The platform reports over 70 million interaction engagements every hour from its users. With features like ads, chatbots, and funnel marketing, this instant messaging app can muck in with businesses to generate an over-the-top return on investment.

10. Telegram

  • Monthly Active Users: 640 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2013
  • Founders: Nikolai & Pavel Durov

Telegram was out when the debate regarding WhatsApp’s privacy policy surfaced. Now it has secured a place in this list of social media sites that have grown its user base enormously. Although a decline in its monthly active users has been witnessed recently; it presently has 8.7 per cent of the global population as active users in January this year, Statista reports. It resembles the same features of one of the most used social media sites we discussed earlier. Right! WhatsApp it is!

11. Pinterest

  • Monthly Active Users: 444 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2009
  • Founders: Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra & Evan Sharp

Pinterest is an optimum platform that proffers dual benefits for businesses. First, it provides an opportunity to generate backlinks via image submissions. Secondly, the Pinterest community constitutes users who pin’ images with purchase intent. So businesses can boost their SEO and ROI simultaneously. If your business focuses on women’s essentials, apparel, and accessories, you must go for Pinterest because the majority of its users are females.

You must leverage Pinterest advertising formats to serve different audiences. If you’re considering investing in Pinterest marketing, you must know how much Pinterest advertising costs.

12. Quora

  • Monthly Active Users: 300 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2009
  • Founders: Adam D’Angelo & Charlie Cheever

Quora is a must-use platform for business owners who deal in the education sector, banking sector, digital marketing, real estate industry, e-commerce industry, etc. In short, this platform opens a hub of opportunities to build a connection with your audience by resolving their queries about a product, experience, brand, procedure, or update. With that in mind, you must know that, till date, over 4 lakh topics have been discussed on this social media site. It offers splendid opportunities to build thought-leadership among the audience in almost every niche category.

13. Reddit

  • Monthly Active Users: 1.7 Billion
  • Year of Launch: 2005
  • Founders: Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz & Alexis Ohanian

With Reddit, businesses can reach users by sharing insights and trending news. It has a community as huge as over 1.7 Billion users, as per the reports of Statista. The main center of attraction that runs Reddit is engagement via publicly accessible forums, known as ‘subreddits.’ Be certain not to talk all about promotions because Reddit rubs through it. If done within the guidelines, this platform of our list of social media sites assures optimum ways to drive engagement and traffic to businesses.

14. Snapchat

  • Monthly Active Users: 375 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2011
  • Founders: Snap Inc.

This year Snapchat reportedly garnered 375 Million monthly active users. As per Statista, the social media site witnessed an escalation of 14 Million daily active users recently. This indicates how steadfastly this platform is accelerating to elevate its features and offerings to its audience.

With features similar to Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat has made sharing videos and images enthralling. Lately, Snapchat emoji meanings spread like a buzz among netizens. If your target audience is youth, then Snapchat must be a part of your social media list for marketing.

15. Threads

  • Monthly Active Users: 100 Million
  • Year of Launch: 2023
  • Owner: Meta Platforms

Threads has witnessed an incredible journey just in a brief time after its launch. The platform allows sharing links and images with up to 500 characters and videos as long as five minutes. It shares parity with Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) and serves as a channel of communication among its users.

Threads have garnered 100 Million users globally in no time, as per Statista. The enhanced AI integration supports the app with self-generated image descriptions and editable Alt Text. If you’re pondering upon the idea of expanding to a new site of this social media list, consider Threads.

At Last

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. No wonder everyone, from influencers to business organizations, are in the race to mark their distinctive identity on social media platforms. If you, too, are willing to start your social media journey or expand your reach, consider the list of social media given in this article.

It’s always better to be familiar with the range of features a social media platform proffers before you step into it. For one thing, you save your money, and secondly, you can strategize better how to utilize these platforms in your favor diligently. The above article has enlisted social media lists and provided a brief-up about a couple of such sites that are used a dime a dozen globally. Hope it helps!

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