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4 Emerging Trends In Content Marketing That Are Worth A Shot


4 Emerging Trends In Content Marketing That Are Worth A Shot

Over the years, the field of content marketing has been changing on all fronts. Marketers should have an eye for predicting changes not just in the behavior of general consumers but more so, in the different marketing trends that emerge every now and then. Today, even more strategies continue to emerge. Although it may be difficult to predict and identify which ones would most likely be effective, there are still some that may be worth a shot if you play your cards right.

Content Marketing 101: Marketing Methods To Try

Not all trends in content marketing are created equal. Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer who’s looking for the next big thing in content creation and marketing, you need to be more intuitive in knowing which trends are set to make a difference. Although the result will still rely heavily on how you go about your content strategy, take a look at the list below as these trends might just be what you need to elevate your company’s marketing game:


1. Participate In The Podcast Phenomenon

The recent years saw a significant increase in podcast listeners and that number is more likely to grow exponentially with time. A podcast is an on-demand talk radio series wherein listeners won’t have to tune in live as it happens. Listeners are free to listen to the series anytime and even anywhere they feel like it. Because podcasts are usually in-depth and talk about very specific niches, they’ve gone quite popular in terms of content marketing.

Before you try giving it a shot though, make sure that your intention isn’t just for the sake of producing content alone. You should see this tool as a means to engage and communicate with your audience on a more meaningful and deeper level. The goal isn’t to have a large number of generic listeners, but rather, to have patrons that are interested in your niche and brand.

2. Curate Empathetic Video Content

With so many inauspicious occurrences in the past years, consumers are said to have geared more towards brands that advocate humanity and empathy. In that sense, content marketing is also predicted to be more geared towards understanding audiences to an empathetic and tactful extent. Companies that step up and bravely share their convictions on critical and social issues seem to be more recognized and favored by consumers who are eager to rally support with them behind a social cause.


The use of creative and innovative videos may not be new in the world of content marketing, but adding empathy to this already effective tool is indeed a trend worth trying out. As you devise your future marketing plans and objectives, make sure to not ignore how your audience feels or thinks about certain subject matters. Speak to them through visuals that reach their emotions and don’t easily disregard their need to be understood.

3. Feature Information That Educates

Knowing that there are thousands of amounts of content being made and marketed every day, consumers are somehow aware of which one would offer them the most valuable information. It’s not enough that your strategy is entertaining—it should also be educational in a way that it can help people in teaching and improving themselves.

To get started on this content marketing trend, you can consider thinking of what your brand or company is an expert in and go from there. You can create video tutorials, how-to articles, DIY or do-it-yourself project guides, and the like that can help your customers in addressing their problems or concerns. Consumers need to see that you’re a qualified expert in the topics that you’re talking about and you’re willing to share valuable information to help them.

4. Don’t Be Anxious About Memes

Memes are considered to be a quintessential part of the modern-day Internet experience. They are generally popular and a lot of people can relate to the humor they are presented with. However, not all brands are comfortable using them for their content marketing plans. Perhaps it’s because they’re too scared that doing so will make their name seem unprofessional or not serious about what they do or offer. Yet memes are getting more and more popular that they’ve become hard to ignore.

If you want to create content that your audience can easily and effortlessly relate to, consider making memes that are relevant to your brand. It won’t hurt to arouse some good ‘ol laughs and add playfulness as you reach out to your target market. They might see your company as something ready to try something new while also staying relevant in the digital era.

Taking Your Shot

Content marketing has greatly evolved with time. If you want to stay on top of your game, you should be aware and ready to take a gamble when it comes to the emerging trends in this industry. Try and tap into the power of podcasts, memes, and the like to make sure that your marketing prowess never loses its sparkle and stay on top of the competition.

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