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If you’re in the digital marketing niche, you probably know how important search engine optimization is.

Let’s say that you’re an agency that wants to sell its services to clients, yet you don’t have an in-house team of SEO experts, then you could resell your SEO Services.

As long as you have strong sales skills or knowledge of your selling products, you could SEO reseller services.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the seven effective ways how you can sell SEO like a champion:

1. Improve Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition will explain why your services are helpful and how they will benefit target customers.

This will explain how your services can solve your customers’ problems, how it will improve their current situation, and how it will provide them value.

Your value proposition will also differentiate you from the rest of your competition.

Just note, though, that it shouldn’t be some strapline or some positioning statement. It should have the following elements:

  • Headline: Describes and summarizes the end benefit to the customer.
  • Subheadline/Short Paragraph: A detailed explanation about what you offer.
  • Bullet points: Details the benefits and features of your service.
  • Visual elements: A video or image which enhances your proposition.

When thinking about the why and how of your offerings, consider the 4 Ps of marketing: the product, price, place, and promotion.

2. Have Enough Time To Prepare

If you come up with a half-baked pitch, then you’ll lose your chances of closing in on a sale. The more you study your prospects and the industry, the easier it is for you to talk to them about their pain points and the reasons why they need your SEO services.

By having enough time to prepare, you’ll get to know better who you’re talking to, their specific pain points, needs, wants, who their competitors are, and whether or not they’re improving.

Adequate preparation is crucial to the overall sales process. Doing so will set you on the right foot, and every step you take will allow you to gain more clients on board.

Here are some handy things that you might need before starting your sales journey:

  • A CRM: This tool allows you to be mindful of every lead, ensuring that nothing will slip through the cracks. A CRM enables you to scale, follow-through rapidly, and allocate your time and efforts in the most promising relationships you create.
  • A professional email: Having a generic email with a @gmail or @yahoo sounds amateur.
  • A website: The time to pitch clients is usually limited. So, why not place your value proposition out there on the internet for everyone to see?
  • A shortlist of people in your network: Consider them as your initial handshake. Usually, these are the people which you’ve met at a conference or in the same niche as you. They are the ones who are the easiest to reach out to when it comes to selling SEO.
  • A handful of questions to help break the ice: Usually, preparing questions beforehand allows you to make the conversation more natural instead of your usual marketing spiels.

3. Be Active On Social Media

Getting your name and brand out there needs a good social media strategy. Since social media and digital marketing often go hand in hand, it’s vital to have various social media platforms.

Setting up an SEO blog on your business website allows you to create a new and returning traffic platform. This will also eventually set you up as a key contributor and thought leader in the online content world.

Crafting highly informative articles (how-to articles, listicles, opinion pieces, or news content) you can regularly share on your social media channels allows you to become an essential figure on social media.

Also, you’ll never know which social media connections will need your services in the future. Therefore, treat every social media interaction as an exercise of your long-term gains.

Similarly, you should link your social media marketing with your email marketing. Add social media links to all your emails so that your warm leads won’t burn out.

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4. Brand Your Services

Once you’ve identified your target niche and market, the next thing that you need to do if you want to be a seo reseller is to be visible in that market.

  • Create profiles on various platforms on social media, and respond to them on these platforms. Share some helpful content here.
  • Think about what content can interest your clients. This can be trends or events in the SEO industry or SEO strategies that will help them improve their performance.
  • Participate in various forums in your niche, sharing your insights about the most trending topics.

You’ll also need to constantly increase your knowledge in SEO so that you can remain relevant with your clients.

5. Know If You Can Cater To Their Needs

If you want to sell your SEO services effectively, then you should focus on providing solutions.

Many people tend to get this wrong by using almost the same strategy for all of their clients. However, not all people face the same challenges, especially in digital platforms.

For example, most of them struggle to boost their rankings on social media and improve their online presence.

Eventually, you’ll lose out on clients if you tend to offer the same solutions. The right approach here is to let your clients define their problems with SEO.

Before you engage in discussions with your clients, check first their websites and social media pages. Identify the key issues which affect their competitiveness, and identify the things that you can address.

Then, try to bring up these issues, explaining to your clients how you can address these issues.

6. Accept The Objections

Often you’ll encounter very little resistance when selling SEO services. However, if you ever encounter any objections in your pitch, then portions of your sales process are probably weak at this point.

Here are some handy tips on how you can deal with these objections:

  • Acknowledge: Perhaps one of the most powerful phrases you can use when you want to overcome objections is the word “I hear you,” diffusing any situation.
  • Isolate: Don’t let these objections turn into two, three, or more issues. You can say, “If I’m understanding this correctly, your main concern here is…” Try not to mention concern or problem.
  • Own: Another powerful statement that you can say is, “I will.”
  • Act: Finally, commit and follow through. If you don’t trust, it can be lost, and you might lose out on sales.

7. Stay Updated

The last thing that you need to do is to stay updated. The thing is, SEO tactics change over time because of the changes in the behaviors of consumers, as well as search engine algorithms.

Therefore, you need to stay updated with the latest SEO strategies in your niche and other fields.

Furthermore, if you want to outdo your competitors, you should be willing to invest the time (and effort!) to learn every new strategy out there.


There are many advantages to becoming an SEO reseller. It’s an excellent way for you to grow your company and the services you offer without the hefty costs! Hopefully, this guide will help you get started.

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