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What are the most significant changes you want for your business this year?

For instance, as every year passes by, various trends are being introduced to the niche of conversion rate optimization. Thus, knowing them helps drive success rates. 

The key is to optimize your site’s conversion rates so that you’ll be able to maximize the number of users clicking through your site. 

Doing so allows you to improve your revenue, contributing to the success of your site. As the new year has set in, here are the eight conversion optimization trends that you need to think about. 

1. Good UX

User experience is an essential aspect of conversion rate optimization. As Google places a higher emphasis on creating “delightful user experiences” for its users, more and more updates have been introduced. 

Things are loading faster. Almost everything becomes easier to find and highly accessible across various platforms and devices. Sites that deliver this kind of user experience will be rewarded with greater visibility on search engines. 

The user has to be the center of every decision you make. Having a lousy site UX eventually leads to low bounce rates, directly affecting your search rankings and conversion rates. 

It will be a lot more difficult for you to convert people if they’re not sticking around in the first place. 

2. AI And Automation

More and more sites are now using chatbots for customer service. These bots are not only quick to respond, but they’re also smarter and more responsive to your customers’ needs. There’s also a growing dependency on predictive targeting, modeling, and analysis. 

So, what does this mean? Well, for both content and layout, sites can tweak user experiences in real-time. Static content needs to make room for winning strategies based on machine learning instead of conventional analytics and cookies. 

As more and more machine learning processes run background checks, vital metrics should also increase. 

Predictive targeting allows you to implement new changes and strategies without needing marketing feedback other than just a simple click. 

3. Personalization

No matter the setting, your prospective customers will always appreciate the feeling that they are given special treatment. 

Your company site will reflect personalization through proper planning, which, in turn, affects your conversion rates. 

You don’t necessarily need the scale of social media platforms to achieve your personalization goals. But you can certainly get ideas and then tailor various parts of your site interface based on the geographic location or the browsing history of the user. 

In the same way, you should focus your personalization efforts on creating value for every new visitor. Ideally, the type of “value” that you provide eventually leads to a conversion. 

You may have to test out various personalization modules—for instance, an adaptive content recommendation or a customizable interface. Once you’re done, you can pick a method that will best fit your audience. 

4. Lead Capture Forms

No conversion rate optimization services are complete without creating lead capture forms.

Lead capture forms can also play a key role in impacting your site’s conversion rates. These are the most crucial point of your funnel because they are the final interaction that separate leads from non-leads. 

One of the most common mistakes of marketers is driving customers at the start of the purchase funnel with very little or no consideration for optimizing conversions in the final stages. 

Often, it is even considered just secondary detail. However, lead capture forms play a significant impact on its ability to convert more leads. 

conversion rate optimization services

5. Quantitative Testing

Digital marketers should also form a hypothesis, test a live user base, and then collect actionable data. 

Once implemented correctly, these tests can provide you and your team with a treasure trove of data. Managers can use this to make tweaks to the site’s user experience to meet users’ needs. 

For instance, many teams have been using various modern website platforms to do A/B tests on their site. Doing an A/B test will allow the user to add two or other options for a specific article title. 

Then, gather data depending on which particular option has gotten the most attention from its users. 

Once compounded, the data collected from these tests will allow you to personalize your site depending on the audience’s interest. 

6. Multiple Website Versions

If you have a diverse market and want to cater to different people, you need to develop multiple versions of your site to fit these demographics better. 

For example, in your online store, you have a men’s and women’s clothing section. By designing uniquely themed web pages, you can offer your customers a more personalized user experience. As a result, they will be more likely to make a purchase. 

You can also break it into other categories, such as:

  • Gender 
  • Age
  • Shopping habits
  • Past site activity
  • Geographical location
  • Previous purchases
  • Content engagement levels

7. Improve Your Metrics

If you’re operating your business online, then you need to gain access to various metrics, whether it’s through your site, online store, or social media pages. 

By using them, you’ll be able to know more about your customers, letting you gain insight into who they are. 

Once you know how to laser target your target customers, you’ll enhance your conversion rate optimization because you’re giving them what you want. 

8. Be Transparent And Honest

People need to trust you first before putting in their money. That’s why it helps that you’re honest and transparent with your customers. Let them know what you are all about and then own it. 

Apart from generating content that will help boost your engagement rates, you need to show a little behind-the-scenes action, provide case studies, and collect user-generated content. 

Over To You

Conversion rate optimization is all about providing a better connection with your customers. 

This allows you to connect with them at a more personal level and build meaningful relationships. The result? Your conversion rates will, no doubt, go up. 

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