8 Crucial Rules To Follow For A Successful Instagram Marketing



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Instagram is one of the largest marketing platforms worldwide, with over a billion active accounts. Moreover, brands and businesses use this platform to gain thousands of followers, drive brand engagement, and boost sales. 

If you are using Instagram as one of your primary channels when marketing your business, you can opt for Instagram marketing packages to maximize the social platform.

Here are the nine crucial rules that you need to follow for a successful Instagram Marketing:

1. Write a Compelling Bio And Leverage Stories And Feed

Your bio, Instagram Stories, and the newest items that you post on your feed are among the first things that users will see the moment they land on your profile. That’s why you must make an excellent impression to convince users to follow you online. 

Come up with a compelling bio telling what you do, and focus on creating high-quality content. 

Here are also other exciting marketing tips that you can try:

  • Use Boomerang videos. These are videos that usually play backward after it often plays after a couple of seconds.
  • Schedule posts during peak times of the day where your followers are most active.
  • Post content that you know will capture your audience’s attention.
  • Provide a quick reply to the comments section or at least like them using a “heart.”
  • Leverage on Stories by creating quick polls, time-sensitive offers, or other updates to compel your followers to take action. 

Stories are also essential to how frequently your updates will appear on users’ feeds. The more they engage and interact with your Stories, the more posts from you that they’ll see on their feed. 

2. Use Branded Instagram Hashtags

According to data in the Sprout Social Q3 Index, 57 percent tend to unfollow brands on social media simply because they come off as “too promotional.”

If you want to market your brand without being sales-y, you should consider using branded hashtags.

Seven out of ten hashtags on Instagram are branded. Thus, the hashtags you’ll be using should be memorable, engaging, and unique. 

Use hashtags that provide some interaction between users and your brand. Instead of being “too promotional,” use it to highlight users. 

Just keep in mind that you research your chosen hashtag before using it, as it might be associated with something else. 

You can also hire marketing agencies that offer Instagram promotion services. This helps you avoid any potential embarrassment along the road, and be thorough with your hashtag campaign.

3. Run A Sale Or Promotion

Running a sale or promotion is commonly used by brands. This rewards their followers, enticing them to visit your account, look up sales, or apply discount codes. 

Holidays and certain times of the year are excellent for running sales. The platform is also attractive to run a flash sale using a promo code, and could only be applied for a limited period. 

It’s a fantastic way to drive in pre-sales before a product launch or move out some products from your inventory to make way for brand new items.

4. Launch An Instagram Contest

Another tactic that generates a lot of engagement on Instagram is IG contests. You can come up with rules that help support your campaign goals. 

For instance, to enter a contest, you can ask your followers to tag a friend, which helps you broaden your reach and reach new followers. Another example is that whenever they buy Instagram packages, they can win a future online raffle.

Meanwhile, asking followers to enter using a form allows you to grow your email list over time. 

Instagram marketing packages

5. Be Active And Post Regularly

Brands know that they need to be consistently active on Instagram to boost their engagement rates. But the question is, how involved should you be?

An excellent posting frequency is to come up with at least 1-2 posts a day according to studies.

Doing so allows your feed to stay fresh and relevant to your followers. It also provides you with more opportunities to attract more people to your content. 

Similarly, the ideal posting times can widely vary. Some experts say that you should post between 8-9 am or between 2-5 pm. However, we’re not saying that you should stick only with these times, though. The key here is really to try to uncover your follower’s habits via the Insights Feature in your Instagram Business Account. 

This allows you to identify the times of the day wherein your followers are most active. That way, you can schedule your posts accordingly so that it consistently appears on top of your follower’s feeds. 

6. Offer Solutions, Not Products

Too often, many brands fall into the trap of treating social media only as a sales platform and not a platform wherein you can create conversations. 

So, don’t spend your time selling all the time. Share with your followers what you care about, your ideas, and goals. 

When curating your content, follow the 4-1-1 principle. This means that you post about shared interests, come up with one post that sells, and one post that highlights the company or brand. 

7. Have A Compelling Call To Action

You might roll out the best content out there, but if you don’t provide them with a call-to-action, they wouldn’t know the next steps. 

Aside from stunning visuals, captions that you create are essential if you want to create a successful Instagram account. 

They provide your audience context on what your products and services are all about, and it also helps drive conversion forward. Similarly, the link that you place in your bio should be relevant and fresh as well. 

8. Measure What’s Important

Focus your energy on the things that matter most to you and your brand. Set clearly defined goals to come up with metrics that help you identify the progress of these goals. 

You must come up with a transparent process so that you measure these metrics regularly. 

If you want to launch a product, connect with people, and cultivate an excellent brand reputation, creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy will help you achieve that goal. Luckily, some agencies offer customizable Instagram advertising packages that you can apply for your brand. Using these tactics will help you maximize results and achieve success in the long run.

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