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Are you scared of the conversion rate optimization (CRO) process?

Does it seems complicated to you and making you take a step back for it?

Let me tell you, you are not alone, we have found many marketers getting scared with the CRO due to various reasons.

conversion rate optimization services

If you really want to improve your conversion rate than you have to take some calculative risk of CRO.

My intention behind writing this chapter is obviously to make your views clear about CRO and also let you know how the implementation of CRO can enhance your business opportunities.

You should not be much scared, as conversion rate optimization services can be considered as the best practice as it delivers great results.

However, as every website has its own set of visitors, CRO results can be surprising as well.

Below is the set of 21 CRO practice to perform so as to improve your leads, conversion and sales:

1.Reduce Form Fields:

Reduced form fields can increase conversion by 160%. All you have to do is reduce the unnecessary fields like, company’s name, the zip code, reconfirmation of the password, the CVV of a credit card for payment and enjoy the benefits of easy-to-fill form.

2. Color for your call to action button:

Just by changing the color of you CTA with the one that pops-up better on your website can help you’re with conversion.

You might have seen people going for the red color button as it provides 32.5% more conversions than the green one. I am not telling you to make it red, mark it with the magnetizing yet most soothing color.

3. Leave your automatic image slider:

You may belong to the category who thinks automatic image slider looks cool.

I don’t agree and same is the opinion of the conversion expert Peep Laja. As per him, automatic image slider does not allow the users to explore your website. They can even create some misconceptions. Replacing them with static offers can give you improved conversion.

4. Say a NO to stock photos:

Remember people love to deal with humans, not with websites. It is proved with the studies that a website having a picture of its owner or founder grabs the customers focus, far more than the one having some stock photos.

Use some real photos like pictures of your employees, instead of going with the models. As per the stats, a website have some real pictures gets sign up 35% more than the one that doesn’t have.

5. Improvised Call-To-Action Button Text:

Instead of using text like sign up or submit your CTA button write something that can tell your users what they have next.

Like you can write “Create Account to Get Started” as per the Michael Aagaard expert the text “Get Started” highlights the benefits and improves conversion.

6. Place the CTA Above The Fold:

An unbounded A/B tested their hypothesized and landing page that shifting their valuation CTA on top of the fold ought to boost their conversions and their hypothesis tested to be right. The treatment page with CTA visible on top of the fold redoubled their clickthroughs by forty-first.

7. Add Some videos:

By adding a product video on your website you can show your product in action. It is a must-have for those dealing with some complicated products.

Don’t forget to use a 2 to 3 minutes video as users generally avoid going for a long-running.

8. Get a Clear Headline:

A headline is the most noticeable and important thing on a landing page and making it perfect can amplify your conversions.

Make your headline easy to read and yet clearly describing your product.

9. Create Urgency:

Go for some limited time offer. Tell them why they should sign up now and not after few days.

You might have seen some Ecommerce stores showing “last three items left” on the website page. Similarly, you can even use a timer on sign up offers, free shipping, one-day delivery and more.

10. Mark Your Phone Number with Bold and Big Font:

Adding a phone number on the website’s landing page is a good idea so that your viewers can’t miss it. This tells the users are you are easy to approach and adds credibility to your website. Writing a contact number with a bold font, placed at a noticeable area can be helpful.

11. Replace Your CTA link With Button:

You might not be able to notice the CTA links as they get easily lost with the surrounded text. Adding a button to your CTA can highlight it and make it more noticeable for the viewers.

12. Take The Advantage Of The Word “FREE”:

No one can overlook the magic of word “Free” on any kind of website. This tiny word has contributed towards the conversion for a countless number of websites.

Give your website a try with this word as it will take just 2 minutes and experience some good results.

13. Add some Valuable Offers:

Your customer should understand what they are getting values much more than what they are about to spend on it. I simply mean you have to add some special offers on your website and you can see the rising conversions.

14. Add Testimonials:

Never use fake testimonials as the customers of this generation are smart enough to identify them.

Go for the real one having pictures of your clients, their full name and valuable reviews, this will actually take your conversions higher.

15. Show off the Award Badges:

Show-off your awards if you have one and this will really help yours with conversions. One of our websites implemented this increased the conversion by 72%, isn’t that huge?

16. Know your Value Proposition:

You should know what makes you better than your competitors and try to show-off the same. If you are great with timely deliveries then you can show it to your customers.

17. Use Trust Badges:

Use a badge showing why your customer should trust you. Like you have some great reviews on Bing than you can add a badge saying “People Love Us on Bing”, this can enhance the conversion rate by 70%.

18. Add Security Seal:

Though security seals are a bit expensive adding this can provide your customers with an assurance that their credit card details are in a safe hand.

19. Live Chat:

A live chat tells your customer that you have a superbly active website and hence it can pull a good number of customers.

20. Use Relevant pictures:

A picture should not be just to break the text but also appeal to your viewers. A picture relevant to what you are trying to convey can boost your conversions by 40%.

21. Serve them With The Price Match Guarantee:

Your customers should be assured that they are not getting ripped off. Give them the best price guarantee and hence raise your conversions.

You can experience the best conversion rate optimization services with Mind Mingles.

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