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The monumental rise of TikTok showed the entire world what videos are capable of achieving and how persuasive video content can be. But with every online business scrambling to create videos, you need to find new ways to drum up your website traffic.

As more and more businesses blend their content to create videos, standing out in the crowded marketplace will be difficult once again unless you’re prepared to take your marketing strategy to another level.

That’s where another type of video content called live broadcasting comes to your rescue.

Live broadcasting is a type of online streaming where viewers can watch or stream videos, comment, and leave their reactions in real-time. It helps you reach millions of users worldwide and perfectly matches the requirement of your digital customer who wants instant gratification.



According to research, 44% of viewers watch less TV as a result of video broadcasting. With these statistics in mind, a business that undermines the power of live broadcasting is the one that falls prey to digital Darwinism.

Now, it’s the right time to use this type of video content and turn your passive customers into an army of loyal brand advocates.

In this article, we will explore how real-time live broadcasting can help your business achieve its goals.


Let’s dive in!

5 Tips To Increase Your Website Leads Using Real-Time Live Broadcasting

Here are five tips you can use in your digital marketing to ensure your website has a high influx of customers.

1. Broadcast Live Events

With COVID-19 forcing almost a complete shutdown in various parts of the world, broadcasting your events live on streaming platforms like  Whisbi, Instagram, YouTube Live, Facebook, and Twitch is a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level despite the barrier to a physical location. Apart from increasing your website leads, it can help you gain traction with existing customers.



Today, it’s a perfect way to humanize your brand and create a long-term connection.

For example, when the DIY queen Martha Stewart created a live tutorial to make Christmas ornaments, her live broadcast garnered more than 590K views. It was a success because viewers could see in real-time how she created beautiful Christmas ornaments. Though her tutorial was extremely popular as a live video, it continued to gather views and followers as Video on Demand (VOD) content.

Those are the figures you can achieve when you live broadcast your events to your customers.

Pro-tip: Consistency in going live can pay off handsomely in the long run. Like Martha Stewart, who was consistent in going live and educating her viewers, you can increase your website leads by following her path to success.

2. Host Training Seminars

‘How-to’ sessions of common service or product your brand provides is a great way to engage your customers while showcasing your product to them. Offering a training session and walking customers through a step-by-step process can help you increase your website traffic and engagement.

For example, if you are a cosmetic brand, you can host a training session by giving a step-by-step walkthrough on how to apply makeup. Use your brand’s cosmetics to

increase awareness and offer tips and tricks on the usage of various cosmetic products.



Apart from educating your viewers, you can ask them about products they would like to see in your next broadcast. It’s a great way to understand the product preference of your customers while increasing engagement.

Leverage your broadcast to educate your customers and try to understand their pain points and their expectations from your product/services.

Pro-tip: Apart from hosting a training session, you can host a critique, have a Q&A session, launch new products or services, show how you create your products, and conduct interviews with your industry leaders.

3. Promote Your Broadcast

Before you broadcast your event, you need to create excitement for it. So, spread the word around different social media channels so that you generate as many views as possible. A persuasive and intelligent invite is everything you need to promote your event.

Create a dedicated landing page and remember to include information like the date and time of your live event, and where viewers can watch your broadcast. For creating noise in your target market, you can even create a short video personally inviting your guests to attend the event.

Also, to boost your website leads, you need to promote your event exclusively to your subscribers. Select any relevant email list and send invites to your customers but remember not to go overboard with promotions.

The rule here is simple: the more you amplify your real-time live broadcasting promotion, the more website leads you can acquire.

Pro-tip: While you can go live at a moment’s notice, it’s a good idea to plan your event as it gives you ample time for promotion.

4. Repurpose Your Video

After your live broadcast is over, you can let out a sigh of relief. But, it doesn’t mean you can forget about it. You have probably spent sleepless nights preparing and nailing your live broadcast. So, do you want it to become a fleeting moment?

You can always use it outside of the period when it’s aired.

If your platform allows, you can download your video and repurpose it into a blog or DIY tutorial. You can share the video or short clips of the recorded session with links to share and watch on other platforms. This will ensure that you engage customers on all digital platforms.



To further increase your customer engagement, try to repurpose your video into a quirky and attractive infographic. If you showcased a product or service launch on your broadcast, you can grab screenshots from the video and share them as teasers on your social media channels.

Furthermore, with over 60 million US homes listening to the podcast, it makes sense to repurpose the audio from your session into a podcast. Tweak a few changes like adding an intro and removing the Q&A sessions to make it worthwhile for your listeners.

While there will be no shortage of content, you need to master the art of repurposing your videos into content that resonates and brings in new customers.

Pro tip: Repurpose your live video into a format based on your customer’s interest and your niche.

5. Focus On Video Transcoding

Did you know that the quality of the streaming experience can influence a viewer’s perception of your brand? When your viewers watch your live sessions in poor quality, it becomes difficult to engage viewers in this battle of engagement and attention.

That’s why you should focus on video transcoding.

In transcoding, you create multiple copies of the same video but at different quality levels. This empowers your viewers to watch your live broadcast at the quality which their internet speed supports. With 63% of video broadcasting customers citing buffering as a common challenge, video transcoding could be an answer to end this misery.



It also minimizes buffering, reduces latency, and reduces your bounce rate. This ensures that more customers view your live broadcast and increases the chances of winning website leads.

Pro-tip: Invest in an expensive video transcoding app, upload your video and transcode into multiple quality levels. If possible, hire services of a company offering cloud transcoding functionality.

Bottom Line

Live broadcasting is quickly setting the platform for yet another breakthrough breed of digital marketing. From scripted video sessions to entertaining training courses and insightful Q&A sessions, brands leave no stone unturned in creating a new community of people who love watching live events.

The landscape of this form of video marketing is still developing, and in the coming years, it’s likely to explode into the next ‘big thing.’

Brands that now understand the power of live broadcast are the ones who are likely to witness exponential growth in their website traffic. Furthermore, for conducting a live session, you don’t require a new anchor personality. If you have expertise in your field, you are good to go live.

Furthermore, don’t get stuck in the vicious circle of old marketing ways of doing business. Think out of the box and go with the flow. Otherwise, you might end up with the same fate as Kodak, who refused to shift to digital photography and stuck tight to their age-old traditional photography. As a result, today, Kodak has become worthy of featuring in case studies of companies that failed due to denial of acknowledging disruptive technology.

Embrace live broadcasting because it’s likely to become a game-changer in the marketing world.

With certain risks associated with live broadcasting, playing it safe will never get you the desired website traffic and leads.

Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established business, you can start generating views and leads from your live videos using the five tips above.

Which of these live broadcast tips are you planning to use to boost your website leads? Did we miss out on anything?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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