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Introduction About The Computer IP Address

IP is the short form for internet protocol. The IP address is the label of the network hardware which one needs to keep safe. It helps in connecting the computer to some other devices on the same network and all over the world. An IP Address is usually made up of the numbers or the characters. The gadgets that are connected to the internet got a unique IP address. Some of the five ways of resetting the IP address will be discussed in this article.

Types Of IP Addresses To Consider

  1. Public IP address: This is referred to as an external IP address. This is the address that is assigned to any device.
  2. The private Ip address: This address is not shared with an external network. This address is mainly used by any device to connect to another device on private networks.
  3. Local IP address: This is like the individual IP address. The router only assigns a local IP address to the device. 
  4. IP Version 4 IP address: The IPv4 is the IP address that uses 32 bits in its number.
  5. IP Version 6 IP address: The IPv6 typically uses the 128 bits. This has got more available addresses.


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Top Reasons For Resetting The IP Address

  1. Some websites collect information as someone visits them. Sometimes they may create some fake profile of the user. So, to avoid this, it is necessary to hide the IP address.
  2. Some websites put some restrictions on viewers of a particular location. By protecting and resetting the IP, one will be able to overcome the geographical limits.
  3. Like some websites collect the information, the hackers do collect the data from different users. They can misuse this information. If someone is using a VPN to hide the IP address, then they can prevent the hackers from seeing any of the user’s online actions at all.
  4.  It is essential to protect one’s location and identity when they are using public Wi-Fi hotspots. This is the way one will have a different IP address from the Wi-Fi, keeping the user safe. By using a VPN, one can protect themselves.
  5. By changing the IP address, one can have internet freedom.
  6. In the case of schools and workplaces, they sometimes restrict the internet access of the users. If someone changes the IP address while using the restricted network, one can easily overcome any of the restrictions.
  7. In some countries, the government has banned internet marketing services India use for its citizens. The government used to spy and collect data from the citizens. For the safe use of the internet in those countries where this kind of activity is conducted, it’s best to change the IP address. When someone accesses the internet with an IP that appears to be located in a different country, their government will not be able to link the citizen’s online activities to their location.
  8. When someone is traveling abroad, then they can use a VPN to bypass any country restrictions and can safely access their email, local news, some favorite websites, and entertainment.

Top 5 ways To Reset The IP Address

  1. Change of location: A straightforward way to change the IP address of any device is to switch to a different network, over here you can learn how. For example, if someone is browsing on their home network on the smartphone, then they can turn the Wi-Fi setting off and use the mobile data. This can change the IP address because a different IP address is assigned for each network connection.
  2. Resetting of the modem. When someone resets their modem, this can also reset the IP address. By unplugging the modem for 30 seconds and then plug it back and connect as one usually would.
  3. Connecting via the Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will keep the public IP address private and provide the signal to the network that the user is connecting from different locations, thus changing the IP address. This generally happens through an encrypted tunnel.
  4. Using a proxy server. By changing the proxy settings in the web browser settings, one can hide the IP address.
  5. To improve its IP address, one can do it with the help of the ISP.
  6. Any device other than a windows-based computer requires complete power off and then power it back on. Now the same machine will request a new IP address when this reconnects back to the network.


There are lots of reasons why someone will want to change their IP address. Before proceeding, one should understand the type of IP address they are going to change and the easiest way to do this. One can use a friend’s or some other person’s network for hiding their IP address. Before changing the IP address, one should have proper technical knowledge for doing the same. 

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