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The start and development of technology have been long known. But 2019 became the beginning where people noticed the full potential that these technologies can give or do to human lives.

Now as 2020 is approaching there is a lot of buzz going around the internet about trends and predictions.

If these trends are about to come into reality it is certain that the digital world is truly advancing forward to provide users a more comfortable and convenient service. However, new trends emerging are not only helping to deliver great customer service for businesses.

Changes that are coming are also opportunities for IT personnel, web developers, and anyone whose work involves the internet can find new ways to incorporate into their job.

With that said, we would like to show you what are the new things that you are to expect this 2020 when it comes to web development. These trends are helpful to know in order for smart techs and business owners to reach their goals.


In 2019, there are about 3.9 million unique mobile internet users. This number shows how people prefer to use their phones to gain access to the internet or any social media. Therefore, web developers and businesses must incorporate a mobile-friendly design to their website or the website they handle.

Because of this trend, Google has now included having a mobile-friendly website in order for your site to rank on top of their search engine.


Chatbots are taking over. This form of artificial intelligence becomes now a norm in web development and businesses. Since customers prefer an immediate response to their inquiry, a business must provide these needs to consumers. The only way to give an immediate response is to use chatbots.

Chatbots provides huge benefits to business owners by avoiding extra cost when hiring a customer service representative and turning traffic or audience to a potential customer. In addition, this technology also increases productivity.

In 2020 about 80% of businesses are going to invest in chatbots.


Since Google included mobile versions as part of their SEO index to rank on their search engine, AMP has also been required. This encourages businesses or web developers to turn their mobile version websites to load faster as their desktop version.

However, most find this process restrictive, but AMP allows an immediate loading time from a 22-second non-AMP site to a .7 seconds AMP page.


The technology aims to lighten the workload and to bring comfort to people’s lives. Therefore, there a lot of it created. One important invention is the use of voice search.

Voice search like Siri, Cortona, Alexa, and more, have been developed to provide quick answers to users’ queries. Now that voice searches have been incorporated into search engines, and other devices, people use it more often.

In 2020, it has been predicted that 50% of searches conducted would be via voice search, which means that businesses have to invest in this technology.

Since most voice searches are conducted using a mobile phone, it only means that web developers should not only work to build a mobile-friendly and incorporate AMP in their projects. But to include the development of a voice search-friendly website too.

Like including mobile-friendly websites as part of Google’s ranking, Google has also included voice search in their index.


Another trend that will emerge in 2020 for web developers to incorporate in their work is the use of strong security for a website. As technology advances, it is certain that there will be a lot of attempts to conduct security breaches by these unknown individuals or hackers.

2020 will be the year when cybersecurity will become a priority to protect data of users or visitors of a website. If a website is secure enough, there is a possibility of an increase in the website’s traffic.

Website’s who invested in effective and strong security are likely to grow their business.


One thing to remember before 2020 comes, businesses, websites, services, and everything online are all due to the users’ demand. In the end, users are the one who decide if something will work or not. Therefore, web developers should incorporate designs that could entice users’ attention.

Simple web development techniques incorporated on a website to make visitors experience great will keep them coming back, and could even stay longer.

The best way to know what to do is do conduct some research on what your audiences want, and what will able to catch their attention before working on your plan.

Another technology to incorporate is the use of Motion UI. This can be used by web developers to keep the site more attractive and increases UX. If users are impressed or caught by this simple motion UI’s they are able to stay longer on your page and are likely to buy the product.


One trend that will still work is push notifications. This form of technology can gain a wider audience and could be a great way to market a business.

Push notification is a way to remind the audience about discounts, promos, or any activities a business is running on their site.

Web developers should take note then to include this feature when building the client’s website.


One hottest trend that will be used is the Progressive Web Applications (PWA). This web app can be made to load like a regular web page even without the connection of the internet.

Aside from loading without an internet connection, PWA allows users to view information on the web like using a Mobile App Marketing. There is no need for downloading the app to experience this.


Now that you know what trends are coming your way, you get the idea of what you can create for your clients if you are a web developer. If you are a business owner, you know what you want your developers to create for you to have a more attractive and engaging website. Following these trends could somehow turn your visitors into paying customers.

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