10 Reasons Your SEO Is Not What It Could Be



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Did you recently notice your search engine rankings are falling and you think this might be because SEO isn’t working for your website? Your position on the SERPs can fluctuate at times but, regular failing of your SEO efforts suggests you are doing something wrong, but what?

After a complete research on this problem, we have brought together 10 reasons your SEO is not working as expected. Read this blog to know what is wrong with your Search Engine Optimization Services and what you can do about it.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Reasons your search engine optimization services are not giving results

1. Your SEO Is Based On outdated tactics

With Google and various other search engines updating their algorithms frequently, SEO also changes regularly. If you feel your SEO isn’t giving results, you first need to check your tactics, in case you are using outdated techniques.

Checkout some tactics that are out of use today:

Targeting only long-tail keywords: If you are targeting your web pages with one single long-tail keyword, you are about to get crushed. You need to try some skyscraper techniques to boost your rankings.

Content machine: It’s not that content marketing isn’t worthy for SEO, but going for cheap and low-quality content in large chunks is not going to help you. You need to address the users’ questions or else Google won’t see your website as important to be ranked on its top pages.

Keyword stuffing: Yes, you need to stop this right away. Repetition of a particular keyword in your content is poison for your SEO. This could even end up penalizing your website by Google.

2. You Focus Too Much On Keyword

Going after a specific long-tail keyword is no more a unique SEO tactic (as explained in the first point of the blog). Today, Google prioritizes big brands on its top pages, even though your keyword is used exactly in the blog title. It’s surprising, but true!

What can you do to turn into a big brand? Check out the following points:

Create great content: Try answering all the top questions of your users in your web blogs. This can help you becoming a brand in the business.

Tie-up with reputed brands: The best way to do this is guest posting on high authority websites in your industry. If you do not have much to trade, you can provide them free content marketing. Can you do that?

Turn into a storyteller: Relatable stories always engage users. If you are able to reach your audience creating stronger bond than your competitors, you can beat them even though they use better SEO techniques.

3. You Are Not Building Relevant Links

Building links is excellent, but after the Penguin and Panda updates of Google, it is evident that building old links is no more useful for SEO. We would suggest you avoid the below-mentioned link building tactics:

Link Directories: You can’t deceive Google anymore. If you place a link among a hundred other links in a directory, it won’t take you anywhere.

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