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Many new technologies are available within Internet marketing, made to satisfy the requirements of users as much as possible. It is very important to keep abreast of current events and be able to predict for six months to a year in advance, as the situation in the niche regularly changes. In this article, you will learn about the key trends in Internet marketing that marketing specialists should prepare for in 2020.


Imitators of live interlocutors are rapidly gaining popularity, the peak of which will reach this year. About 85% of customer interactions will be through new generation bots. According to the estimates of analysts, in 3-4 years, companies will be able to significantly reduce their revenue from sales and increase through the introduction of chatbots!

The advantage of chatbots is to save time for individual employees, as well as to provide quick feedback at any time of the day. The bot can offer a purchase, answer questions, help find the right product. It is very comfortable!

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Instant messengers

Another trend in Internet marketing in 2020 is the use of instant messengers. Now it is much easier for people to contact a company representative through a messenger than via email. Each mobile application has its characteristics, which must first be studied. Indicate WhatsApp or Viber (or better, both) on the site, connect the newsletter, set up a Telegram channel and post useful content there.

Artificial Intelligence

It is assumed that this year, artificial intelligence will completely supersede the profession of consultants in any field. Millions of people will find themselves without work, but let us not be sad, because progress is always a step towards something better! At least for businessmen, this is a great chance to save on staff wages. Artificial intelligence gradually comes everywhere, allowing us to achieve maximum automation of business processes in the company. In Internet marketing, artificial intelligence manifests itself in different ways. These are voice assistants, and automatic ad management, and conducting an advertising campaign.

Hyper-targeted advertising

The next trend in Internet marketing in 2020 means that most companies will more carefully target advertising to segments of the audience. It is time to say goodbye to the classic targeting, which has shown its inefficiency and greet hyper-targeting. The division of site visitors by socio-demographic, geographical, psychological and other characteristics will allow:

  • Significantly reduce the circle of people who need your product right now;
  • Solve the problem of ignoring advertising messages;
  • Improve brand authority.


This trend was outlined at the beginning of 2019, but personalization will be able to show its effectiveness only if an individual approach is taken into account. The use of modern technologies, the correct storage, and the processing of personal information about users will help build more personalized relationships with them. As a result of this is an increase in sales and conversion. This trend has one main drawback – the creation of personalized content requires large financial and time costs. Luckily, the first services to solve this problem have already begun to appear.

Flexible marketing

In the beginning, we already mentioned that times are changing, there are many innovations and cool technologies that allow us to optimize business processes. One of the main trends is flexible marketing (agile marketing). It appeared in 2016 but began to gain momentum only in mid-2019. Its essence is the rejection of long-term planning and the construction of work processes from small and simple tasks. It is necessary to attract users here and now, without making plans for 10 years in advance – it may be good in personal life, but it makes no sense in business.

SEO 2.0

Copywriters can breathe a sigh of relief, because next-generation SEO Services mean refusing to choose keywords, word forms, carefully write headings. Google search algorithms gradually come to the point that useful for people content goes on top, and is not custom-made for keywords. So recently, large updates to search algorithms were announced and Google has Bert. It is estimated that in 2020 the quality of search results will be improved significantly.

Voice search

Users are less likely to type on the keyboard and are increasingly using voice commands, starting from communication on social networks and ending with a search in the browser. People are more comfortable working without hands. This trend was largely facilitated by the emergence of smartphones with voice control and the rapid development of voice assistants (Siri). Analysts say that in 2020, at least half of the search queries will be voiced. That is why when adapting content, you need to focus on low-frequency queries and interrogative phrases (what? How? Where?).

Social Media Commerce

People spend more and more time on social networks (a third of the time on the Internet, according to Gfk), therefore it is not surprising that it is easier for them to make purchases right there without opening a browser. More than 30% of users use instant messengers and social networks for shopping. According to many marketers, social networks today are an integral element of marketing communication. For example, now there is an opportunity to make purchases on Instagram. Buyers are attracted by the speed of purchase and delivery, lower prices compared to offline stores. It is expected that this year, sales through social networking websites will grow.

Algorithmic Advertising

Artificial intelligence as it develops opens up more and more new opportunities in many areas. So, thanks to AI in Internet marketing, it has become possible to create automatic and personalized advertising campaigns, groups, and even the ads themselves for each user, based on our knowledge about him.

Influence marketing

This trend of Internet marketing in 2020 means a way to promote goods or services through people (influencers) who influence the target audience. Nowadays, such people are the most often popular people from Instagram or YouTube with a large number of subscribers. Thanks to them, a large number of people can immediately find out about your brand. Depending on your product, it can be photographers, travel bloggers, winners, beauty bloggers, fitness trainers, culinary geniuses.

Content marketing

We put one of the most significant Internet marketing trends in 2020 in the last place on purpose because those only who are interested in this topic will get to the most important information. Content marketing Services has the following advantages:

  • Cheaper than other promotion methods;
  • Brings 3 times more potential customers;
  • Allows bypassing ad blocking preinstalled on many devices;
  • Great for promoting a small business.
  • Increases conversion by almost 6 times!

Do not save on visual and user-friendly content, implement smart technologies, do not forget about the growth of voice search, take care of the usability and then you will increase the audience!

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