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Search engine optimization is one of the most popular services that a digital marketing agency can offer. However, not every marketing company can pull it off correctly.

SEO can be pretty technical. And if you are not tech-savvy and data-driven, it can be challenging for you to implement it. This is where SEO reselling could come in handy.

SEO Reselling: What It Is and Why You Might Need It

SEO reselling is the process of hiring an SEO service provider to do the work for you. This means that there are two parties involved:

  1. You who is hiring a service provider
  2. The service provider who will do SEO for your client

In SEO reselling, however, you can make it look that you are the one who rendered the service.

This may sound unfair, but some companies include SEO reseller packages in their services. That’s because it can be a win-win strategy.

For one, you can provide a service that the client needs. On the other hand, your SEO service provider can have a steady stream of clients, thanks to you.

If you are a marketing agency and thinking whether you should hire an SEO reseller, here are seven benefits that you can reap if you do so:

1. Get Expert Advice

As mentioned earlier, not everyone can pull off SEO correctly. Hence, you will need someone tech-savvy who can explain the nitty-gritty of this marketing technique.

You will also need someone who can do it for you. That someone should be an SEO expert who can implement related tasks. This includes keyword research, web analysis, meta optimization, and more.

Moreover, having an SEO expert allows you to have someone who can troubleshoot why a website is not ranking well. Another benefit is that you have a team that can implement SEO efficiently.

2. Great Learning Opportunity

Being able to work with an expert provides you with great learning opportunities.

That’s because SEO reselling is more than just closing deals and making a profit. It is also about keeping yourself abreast with the algorithm updates and marketing trends.

Doing so opens the door for the exchange of knowledge. And this will let you serve your clients better. More so if they have qualms about whether an algorithm update can hurt their search engine ranking.

After all, a decent SEO specialist will help you manage expectations, including your ROI.

3. Get Reliable Service

If you worry that an SEO reseller will take on a task and leave without a word, think again.

Such a case can be common among individual SEO service providers. However, SEO resellers are also agencies. But unlike other marketing companies, they are dedicated to providing SEO-related services only.

That means you can make them accountable. It also means that someone can handle the tasks you require them even if one of their team left. That’s because an SEO reseller agency is comprised of people who have the right skills and experience.

This means that when someone leaves their team, there is another who can handle your SEO requirements.

4. Cost-effective Outsourcing

Another advantage of working with an SEO reseller is that you no longer need to build a team of specialists.

Mind you, hiring and employing people can cost a considerable amount of money. So, if you are strapped for cash, consider outsourcing your SEO services instead.


Advantages of Hiring an SEO Reseller


This is where SEO resellers could come in handy.

For one, you no longer need to employ a team of specialists since resellers are a group of SEOs. Second, you only need to pay a wholesale rate for an SEO service.

5. Service Expansion

What’s cool about hiring an SEO reseller is that you can expand the services you can provide without hiring new people.

This means that if a potential client approaches you for SEO consultation, you can forward the tasks to your reseller instead. They can do the auditing and recommend action plans for your client.

In relation to this, you can discuss these recommendations to know how to explain them with your client adequately.

Doing so not only allows you to expand the list of services that you can provide. It also allows you to be efficient in rendering an in-demand service.

6. Mutual Growth

As mentioned earlier, SEO reselling can be a win-win situation for you and your service provider.

For one, an SEO reseller gets a steady stream of clients. And when they can have constant client, it means they continuous income, thanks to you.

On the other hand, working with an SEO reseller allows you to cater to numerous clients. And when you can cater to many clients, you can have many earning opportunities.

Moreover, you do not have to spend too much on overhead costs since you do not have to hire your team of SEOs.

7. Scalability

In relation to the previous point, working with an SEO reseller allows for scalability.

Say you do not have any new SEO clients this month. You do not have to worry about what could happen to your SEO team. That’s because you do not have one, technically speaking.

Moreover, SEO resellers are usually paid on a per campaign basis. This means that you only need to pay them if they rendered a service.

And in case you have plenty of SEO clients, you can always forward the campaign implementation to your service provider or two.

Maintaining a Meaningful Relationship With an SEO Reseller

There is no denying that you can reap many benefits from working with an SEO reseller. But for that to happen, you need to maintain a meaningful relationship with your service provider.

Here are some quick tips to do that:

  • Know what to look for in an SEO reseller
  • Consider your deal as a long-term partnership
  • Communicate your goals and requirements effectively
  • Learn as much as you can about SEO
  • Play with your strengths

Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to maximize potential results. However, generating excellent results is just a matter of finding a competent SEO service provider you can work with.

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