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Do you know what blog submission is and why is it important? If you’re willing to solidify your off-page SEO strategy, blog submission can do wonders for you. But are you aware of which blog submission sites are the best for acquiring traffic and top search engine rankings? Today, you’ll get answers to all such questions.

Blog submission acts like a pillar for off-page SEO that emphasizes building thought leadership by acquiring a new audience. No wonder, till date, over 600 Million blogs have been published online. So are you too willing to improve your site’s SEO Score, earn more web traffic, and establish thought leadership in your niche category? Then be ready with your fresh content as you’re about to discover 100+ blog submission sites in this article.

What’s more? You’ll also get to know how blog submission sites differ from blog directory submission sites. So let’s start…..

What Is Blog Submission?

Blog Submission involves crafting a well-researched blog and then submitting it to a third-party blog submission site. It is an excellent way to attract traffic and increase your website’s visibility in online searches.

Search engines take a plethora of facets into consideration while allotting the ranks to blogs, one of these crucial factors is backlinks, an essential aspect of link building. For those looking for expert assistance on blog submissions, there are professional link building services in the UK that provide expert strategies to enhance your online presence and open a hub of opportunities to garner high-quality backlinks. But the scope of its benefits is not just limited to that, so read further to explore more.

Bright Side Of Blog Submission

As per a report published by Hubspot, business organizations that opt for blog submissions have attracted 67% more leads than those which don’t.

That is to say, blog submission proffers splendid benefits:

(i) Generates Quality Backlinks: Submitting blogs on niche-specific sites helps in generating quality backlinks which are an invincible search engine ranking factor.

(ii) Increases Domain Authority (DA): When you submit your blog on high-DA sites to generate backlinks, the DA of your website also increases.

(iii) Boosts Networking: Blogging proffers a wide network of publishers and web traffic and establishes a distinguished name in the industry.

Blog Submission Sites Benefits

(iv) Improves Ranking: Since blog submission allows the generation of quality backlinks, it can increase the search engine ranking of your website.

(v) Attracts Target Audience: Blog submission is a quintessential technique to deliver your content to a specific target audience and spend wisely.

How To Pick The Right Blog Submission Site?

You’ll find a plethora of blog submission sites on the internet. But you need to make a diligent choice, otherwise, your website can stand in deep water. Now the question is how will you know that a particular site is good for you or not? Here are 2 key aspects that you must consider while selecting a blog submission site:

(a) Domain Authority: First of all, you must check the Domain Authority (DA) of the site you’re willing to submit your blog to. DA is an SEO score metric between 1 to 100 that signifies how authoritative a site is. So you must submit your blogs on sites with DA 20 or higher. Moz is a splendid and reliable DA checker tool that can help you with this.

(b) Niche: It has been seen that blogs that are submitted on niche-specific sites generate relatively higher returns. That’s why you must publish your blog on sites that are relevant to your niche. Submitting blogs on sites that don’t cater to your audience will not even get approval, let alone returns.

Instant Approval Blog Submission Sites

There are zillions of paid and free blog submission sites. The table below comprises a list of top blog submission sites based on DA:

1 Blogger https://www.blogger.com/ 100 100
2 LinkedIn https://in.linkedin.com/ 99 86
3 Github https://github.com/ 96 92
4 Live Journal https://www.livejournal.com/ 93 99
5 OverBlog https://www.over-blog.com/ 93 90
6 Instructables https://www.instructables.com/ 93 76
7 Academia https://www.academia.edu/ 93 75
8 Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/ 92 75
9 Scoop.it https://www.scoop.it/ 92 75
10 ehow https://www.ehow.com/ 92 75
11 Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ 92 76
12 Bored Panda https://www.boredpanda.com/ 91 71
13 Patch https://patch.com/ 91 70
14 Seeking Alpha https://seekingalpha.com/ 91 72
15 Boing Boing https://boingboing.net/blog 89 56
16 Your Story https://yourstory.com/ 87 63
17 Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/ 86 100
18 DZone https://dzone.com/ 84 66
19 HubPages https://discover.hubpages.com/ 82 57
20 The Free Library https://www.thefreelibrary.com/ 80 67
21 APSense https://www.thefreelibrary.com/ 80 62
22 bcz https://bcz.com/ 76 59
23 buzzle https://buzzle.com/ 77 61
24 penzu https://penzu.com/ 76 68
25 My Trending Stories https://mytrendingstories.com/ 75 53
26 write.as https://write.as/ 70 61
27 e27 https://e27.co/ 71 58
28 wakelet https://wakelet.com/ 71 68
29 Vocal https://vocal.media/ 70 59
30 Blog Directory Submission https://www.blogdirectorysubmission.com/ 70 48
31 Let’s Diskuss https://www.letsdiskuss.com/ 62 49
32 Nouw https://nouw.com/ 65 58
33 Blog Engage https://blogengage.com/ 68 53
34 TeLeType https://teletype.in/ 61 59
35 storeboard.com https://www.storeboard.com/ 62 44
36 MindsMag https://mindsmag.com/ 54 36
37 WriteOnWall https://writeonwall.com/ 57 29
38 News To Buzz https://newstobuzz.com/ 54 33
39 News Ethnic https://newsethnic.com/ 53 42
40 uberant.com https://uberant.com/ 56 58
41 AbiLogic https://articles.abilogic.com/ 57 52
42 busika https://bukisa.com/ 56 52
43 MarketBusiness Times https://marketbusinesstimes.com/ 53 43
44 LifeUnited https://lifeunited.org/ 55 41
45 Apkevents https://apkevents.com/ 54 45
46 The Publishing Herald https://thepublishingherald.com/ 53 44
47 Mega Mind Magazines https://www.megamindmagazines.com/ 54 26
48 Easy Business Tricks https://easybusinesstricks.com/ 54 43
49 Today Story https://todaystory.org/ 53 37
50 Experts Advices https://expertsadvices.net/ 51 51
51 Know World https://knowworld365.com/ 52 45
52 Mcnezu https://mcnezu.com/ 51 43
53 TechFoodTrip https://techfoodtrip.com/ 53 39
54 Technolf https://technolf.com/ 53 39
55 HitUponViews https://www.hituponviews.com/ 52 33
56 CANVASLOCK https://canvaslock.com/ 49 46
57 Articleinon https://articleinon.com/ 52 43
58 ✔ARTICLE https://ticarticle.com/ 52 43
59 Articles Need https://articlesneed.com/ 52 41
60 Tiago Martinho https://www.tiagomartinho.com/ 52 27
61 The Mega News https://themeganews.com/ 51 37
62 SooperArticles https://www.sooperarticles.com/ 51 60
63 Freelively https://freelively.com/ 51 41
64 TECHNOLOS https://technoloss.com/ 52 42
65 Amazines https://www.amazines.com/ 49 59
66 Fabsswing https://fabsswing.com/ 48 44
67 Blogadda https://www.blogadda.com/ 45 64
68 PromotionWorld https://www.promotionworld.com/ 45 53
69 ArticleBiz https://articlebiz.com/ 43 53
70 FORTUNE https://fortunetelleroracle.com/ 43 53
71 Indiblogger https://www.indiblogger.in/ 40 64
72 Fuzia https://www.fuzia.com/ 43 50
73 Business Net https://ny.biznet-us.com/s 42 43
74 Author https://www.authormagazine.org/index 39 27
75 123ArticleOnline.com https://www.123articleonline.com/ 39 52
76 CompleteConnection https://www.completeconnection.ca/ 41 45
77 Bioneers Live https://bioneerslive.org/ 38 41
78 Bloggeries https://www.bloggeries.com/ 36 52
79 Blog Ville https://www.blog-ville.com/ 38 36
80 Go2Article https://go2article.com/ 36 45
81 Articles For Website https://articlesforwebsite.com/ 36 48
82 Area19Delegate https://www.area19delegate.org/ 37 43
83 Article Wood https://www.articlewood.com/ 34 34
84 POPULARARTICLES https://popularticles.com/ 38 47
85 Other Articles https://www.otherarticles.com/ 31 51
86 Articles@PR3 https://www.pr3-articles.com/ 54 47
87 Prolink Directory https://www.prolinkdirectory.com/ 32 54
88 Blog Collection https://www.blogs-collection.com/submit/ 33 44
89 Article Pedia https://articlepedia.xyz/ 35 45
90 Blog Directory https://www.blogdirs.com/ 30 55
91 Articles Reader https://www.articlesreader.com/ 32 44
92 Article Seen https://www.articleseen.com/ 30 48
93 Travel & Tourism Directory https://www.traveltourismdirectory.net/ 25 48
94 My Articles https://myarticles.io/ 26 39
95 Blog Certified https://www.blogcertified.com/ 25 32
96 The ARTICLE Trunk https://www.articletrunk.com/ 22 51
97 Finder Master Blogs https://blogs.findermaster.com/ 24 44
98 H1 Ad https://articles.h1ad.com/ 21 44
99 Storify https://storify.me/ 21 36
100 Blog Dir https://blogdir.co.uk/ 21 42

Blog Submission Sites v/s Blog Submission Directory

One common question that many ponder upon is what blog directory submission sites are and how do they differ from blog submission sites. We’ve just talked about blog submission sites. Now, a blog directory submission site gives a specific spot to multiple companies or writers to enlist all their blogs in a designated place on the website. Here are a few examples of top blog directory submission sites:

1 AllTop https://alltop.com/ 70 65
2 Blogarama https://www.blogarama.com/ 59 71
3 entireweb https://www.entireweb.com/ 50 59
4 Ontoplist.com https://www.ontoplist.com/ 45 64
5 Blogging Fusion https://www.bloggingfusion.com/ 38 57
6 Cipinet https://www.cipinet.com/ 29 53
7 Sonic Run https://www.sonicrun.com/ 27 63
8 SPILLBEAN https://www.spillbean.com/ 21 48

Selecting The Right Blog Submission Sites: What You Must Pay Attention To?

Although you have unleashed the list of blog submission sites, you must not run for submitting your article right away. In spite of that, you must evaluate the site for the following parameters beforehand:

  • Whether it complies with DMCA regulations or not.
  • Its terms and conditions must be transparent and clarified beforehand.
  • Pay attention to the total number of links they are providing (including do-follow and no-follow links).
  • How long it allows the backlinks to stay.
  • The payment-related terms of the site (if you’re submitting your content on a blog submission site that pays).

How Do I Submit A Blog?

Knowing about blog submission sites is only worth it when you know how to submit a blog on them. So let’s talk about that now.

1. Scrutinize Site’s Terms & Requirements

Inspecting the site’s terms and requirements has to be your first and foremost step to find:

  • whether it serves the audience in your niche category
  • how long blog does it require (word length)
  • what are the total number of backlinks it allows, etc.

Such details are usually given on the ‘Write For Us’ page of the website. Nevertheless, you can inquire about them via mail. Advanced inspection of terms and conditions will save you time and elevate the chances of your blog getting instant approval.

2. Sign Up/Register

When you have a blog ready as per the site’s terms and requirements, you can proceed to sign up. The majority of blog submission sites allow signing up with third-party accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

3. Add Your Profile Details

How To Submit A Blog

The next step is to add the important information: your website URL, description, social media handles, name, image, etc. and to set up an author box.

4. Submit The Blog

Now, you can proceed to submit the blog under the right category, with keywords, links, a suitable title, etc.

5. Upload Media Files

Lastly, you must upload relevant media files (infographics, gifs, videos, etc.) to make your blog more enthralling. Proceed by following the instructions appearing on the site to complete the blog submission.

Getting instant approval on your blogs seems troublesome? Contact Mind Mingles and avail our guest blogging, content writing, and content marketing services. We serve a wide range of industries with our digital marketing services across India and US. With more than 9 years of experience, we can get you backlinks from reputed and authentic publishers.

3 Tips To Curate The Perfect Blog

If your blogs are not getting approved, here are three tips to get them approved in a blink of an eye:

  • Gulp Down The Guidelines

Yes, you read that right. Before even proceeding to curate your perfect blog, thoroughly go through the instructions and requirements of the site you are willing to submit your blog on. Generally, writers tend to overlook this section since it’s way more lengthy than their blog. But it’s an undeniable fact that most blogs only get rejected because they are not as per the requirements of the site. So when site owners get the impression that you didn’t pay attention to the instructions page, they don’t bother to give a read to the submitted blog.

  • Create For Niche

The coin of blog submission has two flip sides: either you choose a niche you’re interested in, draft the blog, and go for its submission on such a site that caters to the audience whom you wish to reach; or you go through a site and see which niches they do cover and then proceed to draft a blog. But never go for submitting your blog on sites that serve outside your niche. It’ll just bring back rejection and dwindle your enthusiasm.

  • Write Fresh Content

Blog submission doesn’t mean copying someone else’s content, twisting a few words and submitting it by your name. Site owners want fresh perspectives so that they can keep their readers hooked. That’s why if they find your content is nothing but a reproduction of someone else’s work, they reject it.

Think of how you can connect to the audience while delivering the same piece of information. It’ll surely get your blog through the evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 What Is Blog Submission?

Blog submission refers to the practice of submitting your blogs to third-party websites to foster your off-page SEO.

#2 Why Do We Do Blog Submissions?

Blog submission is done with a view to generate backlinks, attract more audience and amplify the business name.

#3 How Do I Submit A Blog?

The step-by-step process for Blog Submission:

  • Draft a blog adhering to the guidelines of the blog submission site to which you wish to submit your blog.
  • Sign up/register on the site.
  • Enter your profile details such as your website URL, your name, social media links, etc.
  • Submit the blog in the right category, with adequate title, keywords, links, author box, etc.
  • Upload the relevant media files (images/gifs/videos) that you want to insert in the blog. Furthermore, follow the on-screen instructions to submit the blog. 

#4. How Can I Increase The Chances Of My Blog Getting Approved?

For instant approval on your blog posts, you must:

  • Be considerate of the site’s guidelines regarding the blog’s format, word count, niche, etc.
  • Curate a blog with fresh and qualitative content.
  • Provide relevant information with enthralling media.

#5. What Is Blog Directory Submission?

Blog Directory Submission refers to such blog submission sites that allot a designated place to a particular website/brand/business to showcase their blogs on their site. For instance, AllTop is a splendid example of a blog directory submission site.

Bottom Line

Blog submission is an invincible off-site activity that is done to acquire quality backlinks, establish an authoritative name in the industry, improve SERP ranking, get more visibility on search engines, and attract more web traffic. It’s a quintessential method that proffers a chance to foster your relationship with publishers. The above article has unveiled the list of 100+ top blog submission sites. Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind to shortlist those sites that have relevance to your niche.

Garnering backlinks in bulk from irrelevant sites will only increase your spam score and if worse comes to the worse, your site can get penalized by the search engines. If you face any problem with blog submission or need an SEO agency for your blog optimization and promotions, then feel free to contact Mind Mingles.

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