Dental SEO: 10 Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Search Engine Ranking



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Many medical professionals with private practices don’t know how to get more clients or patients in their service. If you want to get more patients through the Internet, you have to work on your search engine ranking. However, since SEO isn’t precisely a dentist’s expertise, they can have a hard time ranking.

There are several common mistakes that you might be making that will ruin your search engine ranking. Here are ten of them that you need to avoid and rectify once you identify the lapse in judgment.

1. Not Setting Up Google My Business Account

If you’re looking into search engine optimization Services for dentists, you can start by setting up a Google My Business account. When you have an account on Google My Business, it allows you to have a more considerable presence on Google. Therefore, if they search up your dental practice’s name on the search engine, they’ll find information about it there.

It can even show the location of your clinic on Google Maps. Think of it as the classic newspaper business listings back in the day.

Users can even leave a review there or book an appointment. It will show your contact details to whoever finds you in the search results, which is very convenient.

2. Neglecting Keyword Research

Many SEO services, including those for dental SEO services, will always have keyword research as part of their SEO strategy. Therefore, if you’re not doing your keyword research yet, you’re seriously missing out on many crucial strategies that are a part of SEO. In some cases, you can even say that keywords are the core of many SEO strategies.

You can’t pick a random keyword and go with it just because it feels like it goes well with your dental practice. You have to do a bit of keyword research first. Otherwise, you might be slacking on your keyword choices.

You have to look into what keywords people are typing into search engines when they have a dental concern. For example, you can consider the dental services you provide as crucial keywords because they’re what people might type to look for that service.

Local Keywords

When thinking about strategies for search engine optimization for dentists, you should shift the focus to local keywords. Local keywords are usually location-specific, which is excellent for businesses and local practices with a physical location. If your SEO strategy’s goal is to get more people into your clinic, local keywords will be beneficial.

Of course, if you’re going to use local keywords, you also have to arrange local keyword research. Most of the time, the most uncomplicated local keywords indicate the city where your clinic is. For example, if you’re from New York, you should use iterations of the “New York dentist” keyword in your SEO strategy.

3. Poorly Designed Website

If you don’t have a website yet, you should start now. When you get dental SEO services, they will want to drive traffic into your site and your clinic. If you have a website, you have to ask yourself if you designed your website with an SEO strategy. Your website could have more traffic by incorporating some SEO into it.

Aside from SEO strategy, your website should be easy to navigate for most users. If they can’t figure out where everything is supposed to be, they’re going to leave your site as soon as they land there. Therefore, make sure that visitors on your site will find the information that they need as soon as they land on your homepage or any other pages for that matter.

4. Lack Of Practice Information

An essential tip for search engine optimization for dentists is to use the information and talk about the services you offer. No matter where it is, including the services you offer, it is crucial information that potential patients will want to know. Whether it’s your website or on Google Business, try and indicate which services you offer.

As mentioned before, the keywords that your potential clients are typing are also keywords you’d want to rank overall. You can indicate the services that you provide in your website on a separate page altogether. You don’t have to put your prices there, but you can display a general price if it’s something you want.

5. Ignoring The Analytics

It’s not only dental SEO services that want you to focus on analytics. Analytics and metrics are crucial data that will let you know whether your SEO is effective. It will also let you know which areas of your SEO strategies need improvement. Therefore, you should make sure that you track your analytics and record them well.

Use the information you get from your analytics to help create an SEO campaign that’s more effective based on your set goals.

Each campaign will have a different set of metrics that can better give critical data about what’s going on and what happened in the campaign. Take the time to study each metric to know what they indicate in terms of your SEO.

6. Poor Or Non-Existent Ctas

You don’t need to get an appointment out of a website visitor as soon as possible. Sometimes, you need to convince them to make that booking slowly. What’s important is that you still have a connection with them in some way so that they can eventually book your services. That’s why you should have a call-to-action on your website.

For example, you can ask them to contact you for any queries or comments. Your call-to-action should be a contact form. You can also create a call-to-action to get them to sign up for your newsletter. Whatever it is, it’s an effort that goes into nurturing a lead.

7. Thin And Duplicate Content

Content on your site is an excellent way for you to get traffic into your website. Content marketing is a massive part of many people’s SEO strategies, which is why you should consider creating content for your site. It will also make your site more favorable to Google in this case. Your searches will rank higher since the content you produce shows Google that you are an authority on a particular topic, in this case, dentistry.

Plus, if you get website visitors that are looking for the issues that they’re experiencing and your blog content comes up, it can make you more reputable in their eyes. If you can, make some content on your site.

8. Failure To Keep Up With Trends

What’s difficult about SEO is that people are often at the mercy of the algorithm, so you have to change with it when it changes. What the search engines view as worthy differs over time, so you always have to adapt. That’s why you should keep up with the trends and SEO news as much as possible.

A side effect of this is that you also need to evaluate and reevaluate your website’s SEO repeatedly.

9. Weak Backlink Profile

Backlinks are simply links that lead back to your website. The more reputable and high-authority websites link back to your website, the more respected you become as well. That’s why you should consider connecting with other websites. The most common way to get a backlink would be by creating content or guest posting on their blog.

Not only are you giving value to a different audience, but you’re also looking more favorable under the eyes of search engines.

10. Weak Customer Service

If your SEO strategy and marketing get you a client, you don’t want to lose them because of your weak customer service. If you have a receptionist, make sure that you give them the right training. Ensure that they are professional, approachable, and excellent in customer service.

Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, their actions would still reflect on you. Therefore, you should be careful who you get for your customer service needs.

These are, but a few of the SEO strategy mistakes you might be doing that you can quickly rectify. Before you enact a new SEO strategy, analyze your current one first. Identify the problem areas and run through this article to determine which ones you’re committing and solve that.

Once you have a clean slate, you can then start anew with a much better SEO strategy. You’ll begin to get patients through your site in no time.

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