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Selling SEO to local businesses is not easy. 

You may encounter many challenges, which can include the following:

  • Lack of sales training
  • Lack o SEO marketing tools
  • No defined sales process
  • Lack of preparation before a meeting.

Luckily, you do not have to be a genius in SEO to be successful. 

In this post, we have gathered some actionable steps that you need to take to drive more leads to your agency and boost your sales. 

Prepare Before Selling

Dedicating some time to prepare allows you to look for information about your client. This includes knowing their challenges and how your business can help them.

Preparation is an essential aspect of the sales process. It sets you in the right direction, making sure that every move you make will get a prospect onboard.

Here are some things that you might need in your journey:

  • CRM: A tool that allows you to be mindful of every single lead. It lets you scale your ability to scale, follow-through, and dedicate a part of your time to cultivating meaningful relationships.
  • A professional email: Going with a generic @gmail or @yahoo email makes you look a bit amateur.
  • A website: Keep in mind that your pitch is only limited. Thus, you must have your value proposition placed on your website, which your prospect can access with ease.
  • Shortlist of people from your network: These might be people you have met at a conference or someone from your industry. Chances are, these are the low-lying fruit or the people that you can easily reach out to when you are selling SEO. 
  • Thoughtful questions to break the ice: Preparing ice breaker questions can help ease tension. This can make your client feel comfortable about you. And this is the first step in cultivating meaningful relationships.

Be Transparent And Honest

It is imperative that you can share your SEO strategy with your client or prospect. Otherwise, a potential client may think that you are a fly-by-night company.

Most of your would-be clients would want to know what you are doing.

Some clients will want to know every link built on their site, or the changes are being done. 

Meanwhile, some clients will also be some clients that, as long as you present them the details of the work done, they will scan it and be okay with that. 

No matter what, SEO agencies and consultants should be transparent and honest with their clients should they ask for details. 

Understand Core SEO Principles

You do not need to learn everything about SEO. But if you are offering them services, you need to understand the core principles. 

It would be ideal to know how it works so that you can explain it better to your clients. Your job is not to become an SEO expert. It is translating SEO into results- a focused description that your client will understand. 

Doing so allows you to focus on creating a picture of how results through SEO will help their business, and it is also easier on your part to close a deal. 

Understand The Niche

Because we now live in a highly digital world, SEO reseller services have now been in demand in all industries. Similarly, your strategy can also work for any business in any field.

  • If you are offering SEO services for quite some time, you probably know what your niche is. Where do most of your clients come from?
  • Are they coming from the same industry?

If most of your clients belong to the same industry or niche, you need to focus more on that industry.

But if you are starting your business, conduct your research on the specific industries that need SEO services. This might include legal, home, or medical services. 

SEO reseller services

Emphasize Your Value Proposition

The thing is, no one wants to read 20+ fluff pages that detail how amazing you are as an SEO agency. Thus, your communication with your customers should focus on highlighting your value proposition.

Why is your service out of the box, and why should the client pick you in the first place?

This should explain how your service could address a prospective client’s ranking challenges. It would also help if you can provide them with customized solutions and what benefits it can provide to their business. 

Provide A Solution

If you want to sell your SEO services to others, you need to provide them with solutions. 

You will lose a lot of clients over time if you offer them the same solution as others. Thus, the right approach you can take is to let your clients define their SEO problems. 

Before you engage in a discussion with them, visit their website or social media pages. Identify critical issues that affect their competitiveness and how you can address that.

Now, bring these issues up, and explain to the client how you intend to address them. 

Never Make False Promises

If you want to sell SEO professionally, you must never make promises that you can’t keep. 

Whether they are open to making a considerable investment or are jaded about SEO, they expect value for money. For your clients they want to know whether you can provide them with the boost in revenue that they need.

But still, it is essential that you stay grounded and do not guarantee them with SEO results to win them over. 

What you can do instead is to convince them that you want to provide them with realistic and achievable results. 

Key Takeaways

The key to selling SEO Services to your clients is to focus on what value you can provide them.

Hence, we have highlighted in this post the top tactics that you can do if you are an SEO reseller. But at the end of the day, every strategy will depend on your niche and your situation.

So, it is vital to test each one of these strategies to determine which one should work best for you. It can even bring you success in the long run.

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