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When you want to start something new and fresh, blogging is a faster and effective way to spread your words. You have many things in your mind, but you cannot turn your thoughts into words. Because for the new bloggers, this seems a little bit challenging. But when you are taking the help of a blog site, this work is becoming easy and fast.

When you want to share your words by blogging, you must maintain some statistics to build your blogging site. And for beginners, these seem very challenging. Because when you are just starting your blog, all the technicalities behind blog writing are unknown to you. Even though all the things are unknown to you, you can start your blog by taking the help of the blog site builders.

7 Best Blog Sites To Build Your Website

Blog sites are the most effective way to spread your words. But without taking any extra effort. Among these most popular blog sites, some are free, and some have the paid options. But not only the blog sites, but a website traffic checker is also required to measure the performance of your blog sites. You can use SEMrush to check the performance of your blog.

Check out the seven best blog sites to build your blog sites without taking any extra effort.

Word press is the most popular free blogging site. Word press is a free and open-source content management system. The code is written on PHP and paired with My SQL. The most attractive part of word press is a robust free platform. You can write on plugin architecture and a template system.

You can create a well-built website with the use of WordPress.You only have to host the software itself. You will get multiple choices of different templates for your blog sites. And you have to choose the templates and the functionalities of the blog sites when you are using the word press websites. You are getting three attractive features with the world press platform. A good collection of themes are available here. You can create from your mobile, and 24×7 expert support is available with the platform.


Weebly is a good combination of the blog site and selling platform. You not only can create a blog site from the blog site’s platform you can also sell some of the products. You can customize your blog site by adding some extra features to it. 

The best feature of Weebly is that you can simply add some extra button or drag and drop facility. You can customize the outlook of your blog sites by using the extra features.

Weebly is providing all of the extra features to build an attractive blogging site where you can simply do your business. Photo galleries, slideshow, sidebar, and media boxes, along with the 500 MB storage facility, all you get within one single platform.

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When you are writing a personal blog, all you need is the best support. Blogger is one of the oldest blogging site creators. If you want to build a website that is more of a personal blog. This is the best platform you are going to get. But if you want to create a professional blog, a blogger is not a good choice for you.

First, you have to create a count here then you have to choose any default themes for your blog sites. Blogger is more like a simple word page where you are going to write. As the bloggers are a very simple kind of personal blog creator. So when you are not going to have different choices of themes.


When you are a beginner at writing blogging websites, the easy handling blog site creating a platform is more effective for you. Wix is just like that. You can simply do all of the operations from the front end of the page. The functions are so simple you can handle all the functions from the front end.

Wix is a multifunctional blog-creating platform. As a beginner from the front end, you can add all of the extra features to your page. On the other hand, as the professional bloggers, you also can add some features. The template layout selection along with the different purpose themes, all you can customize from the front end of the page.


Are you interested in social media content publishing? Tumblr is a free platform where you can build blog sites. But the biggest advantage of Tumblr is it is more like a social media content publishing platform because you can create a blog site and publish all the contents, which are more like multimedia content.

From this platform, you are getting multiple choices of post format from this platform. This platform’s functionalities are very simple. You only have to register first then you can start your posting. You are getting multiple choices of different formats which are suitable for your content.


Joomla is another blog site creating a platform. The features are almost similar to the word press. But unlike WordPress, when you are using Joomla, you have to host the domain. Joomla is a multitasker platform. 

You can create blog sites, and the features of Joomla are helping you handle the operations of the more complicated websites. You are getting multiple choices of custom templates and different extensions. The operations are really easy to handle.

The best feature of Joomla is you can simply create the blog page from the front page. From the front page, you are getting all types of options like word page and keywords and including the meta descriptions of the writings. You can easily edit and format your blog posts from the front end with taking help from the editor.


Medium is another blog site creating a platform with multi functionalities. You can simply write and create the blog sites just after creating the account in the medium. This is an online publishing platform. Medium has almost 60 million readers, and anyone can write here.

Medium is an open platform where you can pick any type of topic and start writing. If you are planning to write the blogs like a social media journalist. This site is the right place to explore the vast platform of the audiences. When you want to publish longer articles, t5he social media pages have page limitations. So you can simply use Medium and publish your writings.

Wrapping It Up:

Creating a blog means first you have to analyze the niches and your target. Then you have to pick up the topic which you want to publish. The following websites are easy handling platforms. When you plan to start your blog, free platforms are the best place to start writing. And these platforms are very professional. If you think blog writing means you have to enter the technicalities of the page, you are wrong. You can simply do all the work from the front end. So, what is your opinion about blog writing? Do not forget to share your opinion with us.

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