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In this time and age, social media forms a significant part of any brand’s marketing strategy. Many marketers opt for social media marketing for their brands. However, management is still a major struggle for most people who opt for this kind of marketing strategy. Understandably, there exist many moving parts to a successful strategy for social media. There are the issues of when to post, what to post on which channel, and what frequency to post.

Posting the same content on different social media platforms is possible, but is this a healthy habit for you as a marketer? Different channels have got different peak times, audiences, and even different character limits. With these vivid differences, considering what to copy for various social media channels is very vital. While creating these copies for your brand, have an extended voice to each channel. Let your audience recognize you each time they scroll through their feeds.

Below are some ways in which you can compose texts for different social media channels as you work out your content marketing strategy. Avoid words that may be misleading to users on what your brand stands for as you create copies.


Facebook is still the highest used social media network worldwide. It also has the majority of engagements amongst audiences.

With a large number of Facebook users globally, it would be the best platform to pay for ads or invest in a pay-per-click campaign.

Most Facebook users are visually driven; therefore, it would be appropriate if you used this channel to promote external content like videos, reports, and blog posts. Blog posts are also crucial due to the big character limit. Invest in a brief attention-grabbing text to increase the activity of your posts.

When posting on Facebook, make sure that you use the correct formatting to avoid auto-posting duplicate content. Use less text and allow the focus to shift to the visual content accompanying the text.


Twitter has a character minimum of 140 characters for tweets, yet they show more interactions.

As you compose copy for tweets, you must have in mind the fact that hashtags are the most effective ways to summarize and shorten a message. Get discovered by users who might be frequent users of hashtags in finding tweets in particular topics. Hashtags increase the engagement of a tweet. Also, limit your hashtags to one or two; this increases the engagements of tweets. Twitter can be a great digital marketing tool for you if you have these tips in mind while creating copies.


Instagram being a photo-sharing platform, the primary focus is visual content. However, it is crucial to share and provide relatable contexts for users. Limit your captions to at most three lines since from there, all the remaining text is cut out even though it does not have a definite character limit. Instagram users don’t go there to read long-form content; this is a fact you have to have in mind while creating content.

Use your caption in providing context to your post, especially if it is a video. Hashtags are also used on Instagram, and unlike Twitter, where two hashtags are advisable, here you can use more. It is, however, advisable that you use less than eight hashtags.

If you choose to use Instagram stories, don’t have too much text to obscure the photo or video, which should be the focus of the post.

Instagram stories is an excellent way to share great visual content for your brand. An exciting feature is that you can share video footage as well as static images and add music files to them. What better way to spice up your content than have music to accompany your image or video? Entertain your audience and keep them glued to your feed. Who knows, they might end up sharing or reposting your story.


The key content here again is still the visual content, so obscuring the visual content with too much text is not advisable. Avoid distracting viewers from the content with too much text. You can include a call to action button to your posts for your viewers to watch or read more about your post. You can include ads in your posts if your budget is flexible enough to permit. Use this to drive your brand, get attention for your content.


LinkedIn is a more professional social media platform that has grown to become a content distribution channel over the years. Through sharing simple business-related post updates like professional meetups and job openings, users share and receive information.

It allows its users to share content that has been published elsewhere on its platform. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to share the full texts and all the images of the work. It credits the original authors.

With this decentralized content policy, LinkedIn is better placed to be used to link and repost content. A number of the adult population use LinkedIn, therefore, take this opportunity and get your brand the kind of reach you want it to get to. Syndicate your content on this platform and get a larger audience while drawing more considerable attention to your content and work.

Combine your copy with Visuals

To get users flocking these different channels, entertain them by what you let them read and see. Both texts and content must be harmonious to increase creativity. It will help with increasing the attention span of your audience. Imagery is a bonus as it perfectly shows the details in a more eye-catching way.

If you can communicate your point in three words, do so. Some platforms like Facebook offer a sizeable real estate for you to have texts on, do not use all of it for most people will probably not read it all. Shorter copies are likely to be more effective than longer copies, ensuring that users understand your brand in the shortest time possible. Do not bombard users with long sentences. If you need any help in curating the right text in different languages to accompany your visuals, then go through Pick Writers to get a list of reputable translation services.

As you create copies to go with the different marketing channels, remember that there are specific details about your brand that will remain the same all through. Let users know all the information they need to know when they are engaging with your brand, and this creates a warm engagement. If you are having a hard time inculcating this, then think about your target audience and have them in mind. You can seek the services of Writing judge to help select a suitable writing service to come up with an all-inclusive text that brings out your brand’s identity.

What a fun task it must be to create compelling, creative copies of your work to suit the different social media channels.

Understand your audience’s preferences and draw information about them and use that to curate the best content for your different networks. Get the channel where you have the most engagement and repackage content from one channel and use it in another to draw attention.  This will attract traffic to your website. With these tips, creating, repurposing content, and copies for social media should not be a hard task for you.

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