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SEO is an industry which tends to revolutionize with each passing day by making itself technically advanced. SEO undergoes a constant change in its algorithmic structures and has been asserted a dead quite a number of times from the past few years, however, those assertions haven’t made any difference to its importance and is still in charge of reputation creation of millions of websites worldwide!

Since SEO plays an integral part in the virtual business community, therefore a few predictions have been made regarding the status of the future SEO’s. Let’s have a look at four of them:

SEO Trends and Future Predictions: Staying Ahead in the Ever-Changing Landscape - Digital Mogli

The Reason behind the predictions: MOBILE!!!

Technology has seen a major amount of advancement in the fields of technology in the form of mobile phones. From the QWERTY keypads, to the water proof smartphones the mobile world has taken a huge leap of advancement where more of productive enhancement are awaited to be discovered.

Since the use of mobile phones has seen a huge hike, therefore the number of time the search engines are being used has outnumbered the number being used on other devices.

Therefore the following predictions are made on the basis of the usage of mobile phones for search engines:

Local SEO:

Local Search Engine Optimization has always proved to be an essential element, however the year 2018 and beyond would make it even more important. In order to grasp the best audience a company has to ensure a command over organic searches, and if the company gains a control over the local searches, it makes the company win half of the battle.

Google’s latest pigeon update has a lot more than what you can imagine out of a technological upgradation. For this feature to run smoothly you need to ensure your current information on google maps, this would lead to the creation of local directories and reviewing sites which display consistent NAP information and writing content which optimizes the local keywords.

In case you need integration of your business information into your mobile apps, Google could then scrape data from all mobile apps and the information would be flashed in the search results.

Voice search:

Since the usage of mobile phones as grown, therefore it becomes convenient for the users to speak out in the voice search. It is estimated that the actual growth of voice search would be seen in the year 2018 and beyond. For the voice search to work, users rely on Google now, Siri and Cortana as speaking is far easier and faster than typing. The advantages of using voice search would be that there would be no specific keywords fixed for your results to fetch as your slang language would do your job. You would just have to request the question in the voice search and your required information would be readily flashed over the screen!

Structured Data and Direct Answers:

Structured data refers to the websites which have yellow stars, thumbnails or price tags which a website gets tagged do as to get recognized by the search engines in a better manner.

Schema.org is where a website gets a schema markup.

In order to check the successful implementation of your schema you can refer Google’s structured data testing.

The answer boxes appearing in the search queries as a first result are known as direct answers.

In the direct answers boxes we easily get the answer to the query, however, we hardly get the link from where the answer has been extracted. Now it would be possible for the link to appear, as people will have to serve as an authoritative source for the answer to be featured in the direct answer box along with the structured data markup.

Although you won’t be referred the number of people who visited your site, however, it would be still better as you won’t be ignored due to the presence of other websites serving the same purpose.

Interaction Of Digital Marketing:

SEO has been the most important element in terms of displaying ourselves outstanding in the fields of the service they deliver. Whenever some content is framed for the purpose of serving the objectives of the company, the content is framed according to the strategy which makes it outnumber all the websites and makes it first.

Digital marketing services has seen a huge explosion of SEO’s wars amongst million companies which are surely not going to run down in the coming years.

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