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In times when search engines are developing at a rapid pace, it becomes inevitable to optimize your website structure, content, and discoverability. For this reason, companies invest in digital marketing plans so that they can fetch a higher SEO Score. But a higher SEO Score can only be attained if any issues pertaining to site optimization are discovered and resolved well in time. This is where SEO Score Checker Tools come to the rescue.

Checking SEO Score helps identify the gap and utilize the best strategies to become a reputable name among your niche. The news that will make your day is that there are a plethora of online tools using which you can check SEO Score of your website.

The SEO score checker tools we’re going to discuss in this article include free tools that come with advanced paid features, as well as paid tools that offer free trials or free-to-access features. That’s why a piece of advice to you is to check the pricing of the features that you need to boost your site’s SEO score and invest after a diligent assessment of gains.

What Is SEO Score?

SEO Score indicates the overall health of your site and is reckoned after inspecting its issues. It involves complete website auditing in the context of backlinks, content, user experience, page load speed, site structure, etc.

What Is An Ideal Website SEO Score?

The SEO Score of a website ranges between 1 to 100. The higher, the better. However, it is not that easy to garner the desired score for your website. Read further to discover 15 SEO score checker tools.

Key SEO Elements Of A Website SEO

Before we proceed to talk about online SEO Score Checker Tools, let’s see aspects that are crucial to search engine optimization:

  • Loading Speed: The website’s loading speed is a matter of concern for SEO analysts. If a website takes too long to load or function, the user will not stay on it, as a result, the bounce rate will go up.
  • Content: Content is what addresses the users’ queries when they are on your site. If it is not authentic, fresh, and helpful for users, it will not rank well.
  • Links: Links are of the utmost essence in SEO. A website with a high-quality backlink profile will surely rank higher than that which comprises irrelevant, broken, or low DA backlinks.
  • Site Structuring: Proving useful information isn’t enough, it also needs to be well-structured. Your website structure affects user experience which is why it is crucial to SEO.
  • Keywords: Words and phrases around which the content has to be curated must be picked as per the users’ search query. If a website is under-optimized or over-optimized with keywords or doesn’t use less competitive keywords with more search traffic, it will not rank well.
  • Graphics: Any sort of graphics be it an image or a video, require optimization to get ranked on SERP.
  • Call To Action (CTA) Buttons: CTAs have to be viewable and clickable.

SEO Score Checker Tools

S. NO. SEO Score Checker Tools
1 Semrush
2 SE Ranking
3 Woorank
4 Ahrefs
5 Screaming Frog
6 SEO PowerSuite
7 Google Search Console
8 Google Analytics
9 SEOptimer
10 Moz
11 Website SEO Checker
12 Seobility
13 Monsterinsights
14 SEO Review Tools
15 RankMath

1. Semrush

This is one such tool that can put all your SEO hassles to an end. Semrush Site Audit tool is available once you set up an account and create a project in it with your domain. Afterward, you can change Site Audit Settings and run the tests. Although Semrush provides free features as well, its paid plans start at $129.95 per month with a 7-day cancellation policy.

SEO Score Checker

Businesses, freelancers, and digital marketing companies can also deploy this tool for-

  • Website auditing
  • Researching keywords
  • Planning social
  • Managing campaigns
  • Reporting with white label

From data insights to content marketing, Semrush can be your best companion for SEO. You can avail free trial.

2. SE Ranking

Another one in our list of SEO score checker tools that makes the work a lot easier is SE Ranking. It allows website auditing by simply setting an account and providing the keywords and locations of the place you want to check the rankings for. No matter if you’re a freelancer or an agency, this platform covers you for-

  • Rank check
  • Backlink check
  • Competitive analysis
  • Local marketing
  • White reporting

Its monthly plan starts from $55 per month and you can also avail 14-day free trial.

3. Woorank

To make your SEO a lit, Woorank is a specialized SEO score checker tool that covers data insights, lead generation, content marketing, and much more. 

Score Checker SEO

Woorank can help you get improved:

  • Keyword tracking
  • Site crawling and indexing
  • Website functioning
  • API
  • Lead generation

Its packages start from $89.99 a month after a 3-day free trial.

4. Ahrefs

Investing in Ahrefs website SEO score checker can prove to be a boon for your business’ exposure. It proffers advanced mechanisms to run a deep SEO check and detect more than 100 site issues including:

  • Broken links
  • Image sizes
  • Slow pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Missing tags

You can put Ahrefs in use for free with limited features or invest in its paid services which start from $99 per month.

5. Screaming Frog

Check SEO Score

This is a comprehensive SEO tool that can accurately check SEO score of your site after deep inspection. The platform opens a hub of opportunities to redefine your SEO improvements as it assists in fixing:

  • Crawl javascript websites
  • Audit redirects
  • Image optimization
  • Fix broken links
  • Review robot directives

You can even schedule your site audits from time to time. Although a wide range of features can be availed for free, additional SEO Spider Tool features of Screaming Frog start with a charge of $208.94 annually.

6. SEO PowerSuite

To ace the game of SEO, you can rely on SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor tool as it eases the burden of marketers with its automated software. The diligent software covers each and every aspect of site optimization and social marketing:

  • Ranking
  • Keyword research
  • Content data
  • Local marketing
  • Reporting

SEO PowerSuite is considerable enough to let users avail its advantages for no cost to some extent. If you need data extraction in PDF and other formats, scheduling, report saving, etc., you must invest in its paid plans which start at $299 a year.

7. Google Search Console

With the help of Google Search Console, you can accelerate the process of crawling and indexing your website. It is an all-inclusive SEO Score checker tool that can help you with:

  • Well-performing keywords
  • Site structure
  • User experience
  • Sitemap submission
  • URL inspection

8. Google Analytics

Another free tool to check SEO Score and run site auditing from Google is Google Analytics. Although it is not a hard-core SEO tool, you can inquire about your website traffic and its related problems in detail through this tool.

Here is what Google Analytics can help you with:

  • Tracking live traffic
  • Proportion of traffic from different countries and devices
  • Demographics
  • Pages receiving maximum traffic
  • Timewise measurement of traffic

9. SEOptimer

This is an SEO audit tool that is used to do 360-degree website inspections with an advanced grading system. It provides a complete report on-page, off-page, and technical SEO in depth. Along with that you can generate XML sitemap, robot.txt, keywords, meta tags, etc. free of cost.


SEOptimer will get you through the hassles of:

  • Robots.txt generator
  • Bulk reporting
  • Backlinks inspection
  • Keyword research
  • Meta Tags optimization.

Its paid plans start at $19 a month.

10. Moz

Moz is another SEO score checker tool that comes with advanced features. It dictates the SEO metrics of a site such as a site’s spam score, page authority (PA), and domain authority (DA). Moz is used for keyword research, rank tracking, site crawling, content optimization, link research, and many more factors.

The majority of SEO experts utilize Moz for:

  • Keyword research
  • Speed crawl
  • Link tracking
  • DA & PA check
  • Rank checking

Moz can be used for free to a certain extent, and its monthly paid plans start from $99 and yearly plans start at $79.

11. Website SEO Checker

This one is an easy-to-use and free tool that can help you assess your site on SEO benchmarks. It helps in analyzing a site’s:

  • domain authority (DA)
  • Citation flow
  • Alexa rank
  • Content quality
  • Backlinks and much more.

12. SEObility 

This is a tool that well deserves a place in this list of SEO Score checker tools.

Website SEO Analysis

It emphasizes the site issues related to the domain and subdomains. With SEObility by your side, you can check:

  • Site crawling issues
  • TF*IDF details
  • Ranking
  • Keywords positions
  • Content quality

It comes with a few free basic features and its agency plan price is $200 a month.

13. Monsterinsights

This tool is an avant-garde plugin for WordPress websites that can help you track your website performance. Here is how it guards a website’s health:

  • Google Analytics set up
  • Dashboard management
  • GDPR compliance
  • Affiliate link tracking
  • Real-time stats

It provides paid features for organizations and e-commerce integration.

14. SEO Review Tools

This tool provides free access to audit and check SEO score for a site and reports the issues in detail. With this one, you get to know about your site:

  • Tap targets
  • HTTPS status
  • Canonical tags
  • Links
  • Crawlability and index report

It’s a great tool for working out all the major and minor SEO details.

15. RankMath

Website Analysis

Not just an SEO score checker tool, but RankMath is also a plugin that can boost your website’s overall functioning. Its plugin comes in a free version and extends to paid features which include:

  • Keyword tracking
  • Schema generator
  • Podcast module
  • Elementor integration
  • Importing data

Its paid version starts at $5.75 per month (billed annually) ex VAT.

So, ready to check SEO Score of your website?

Specific SEO Tools

Once you check SEO score for your site, you need to fix its issues as soon as possible. The SEO tools mentioned below will help you in resolving those issues:

SEO Tools For Website

  • Siteliner

This tool helps your website identify duplicate content and broken links. Its Premium API scans will stop your site from getting low ranks and highlight the issues for each page of your site for $1c.

  • Website Grader

This one is a brilliant free website SEO score checker tool that can also help build a proper premise for your reports. All you’ve to do is enter your site’s URL and get the score checked. It also provides solutions for specific issues.

  • Nibbler

Among the best tools that can tell you your site’s SEO health, Nibbler is considerably faster as it claims to provide a white-label audit report in 60 seconds. It allows you to run the first 15 checks free of cost and then charges $49.50 a month for 50 audits.

SEO Tools For Content

  • Answer The Public

To amp up your content, Answer The Public is an optimum tool that helps in decoding what your audience is interested in. It is a social listening tool that can improve your content SEO and allows you to search 3 free keyphrases that your target audience is searching for on Google, Bing, and YouTube.

  • Google Trends

This is one of the most reliable tools for content planning as it provides data on keywords that are being searched the most. Its highly specific settings help discover topics and keyphrases in different demographics, for different time periods, and in different industries. One can use it to discover topics for YouTube, Google Shopping, news search, web search, and image search.

  • Buzzsumo

When it comes to content ideas, you can’t leave Buzzsomo off the list. Its automated APIs, research patterns, and rich data insights make it easy to dwell in the world of content creation. With a 30-day free trial, its plans start from $199 per month.

SEO Tools For Keyword

  • Google Trends

Here comes one of the best keyword research tools that is trusted by SEO professionals around the globe. It provides keyword insights so that you can get to know the search volume of queries and phrases used by people in different languages.

  • Ubersuggest

This is one of the widely used keyword research tools that can fetch data about keyphrases in abundance. The more you use it, the more you’ll fall for this because such detailed analysis of keyword search volume, competition, and CPC is hard to find these days. After a free trial of 7 days, you’ll need to pay $12 per month for the basic plan and more for others.

  • SpyFu

Whether you’re willing to boost your site’s organic rankings or make your PPC campaign a success, this tool will take care of everything. It extracts bulk keywords that suit your camping or projects the best based on its requirements. Plus to that, it also runs detailed competitors’ keyword analysis.

SEO Tools For Backlink

  • Broken Link Checker

Broken links harm a site’s SEO score. That’s why it is essential to run a regular check of links. Broken Link Checker is an SEO tool that helps you identify broken links, such as 404 error links and 301 error links. After identifying such links, you must replace them with functional links otherwise, your site’s rank will decrease.

  • URL Profiler

With a starting plan of $19.95 per month (billed yearly), URL Profiler provides detailed inspection of links, content, social sharing, and penalty audits.

  • Buzzstream

Building quality links is not an easy task, but with Buzzstream, you can generate the best links and extract descriptive texts, titles, and tags. The tool comes with highly useful free features and splendid paid services to open a hub of opportunities to attract maximum traffic and reach.

SEO Tools For Page Load Speed

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

Pagespeed is also an important element that contributes to SEO. To improve your site’s technical search engine optimization, you must pay attention to the site’s page load speed. Using Google Pagespeed Insights, you can discover the reasons which are responsible for decreasing your site speed, that too for free.

  • GT Metrix

This tool provides an optimum webpage loading speed score and also reveals the underlying issues that impact it adversely. Although there is a lot that you can do with its free plan (which includes web vitals, lighthouse metrics, waterfall, etc.), its paid plan starts at $10.67 per month.

  • Pingdom

To rule the kingdom of SEO page speed, Pingdom can offer splendid utility. It not only evaluates site speed but also highlights issues that hamper it. Plus to that, you get DNS monitoring, uptime reports, and granular details of site health. It offers both free trial and paid services starting at $10 per month.

Improve Your Website SEO Score With Mind Mingles

Attaining a good site SEO score can be a daunting task. But when you have professional help by your side, you can save your time and money. Mind Mingles is a full-scale SEO agency that can cater to your project needs well. We’ve plans for all your SEO needs whether you want to rank in local searches, mobile searches, recover the site from penalties, PPC, or white label reporting.

Check our SEO plans or visit our www.qsxyi.com/mindmingles.


SEO score matters a lot to site owners and agencies working in digital promotions. That’s why it has to be evaluated and improved with time. There are a plethora of factors that affect SEO score, but that can only happen when you know where you stand. The above article enlists 15 SEO score checker tools and specific tools for various factors that impact the site’s SEO score. Hope it helps!

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