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Social media has become an innate part of your everyday lives. No wonder there are now people who earn by posting informational content on social media.

They are called social media influencers, and businesses tap them to help spread the word about a product or service.

But did you know that there are different kinds of influencers? If you are curious about what those are, keep on reading.

1. Bloggers

If you think that blogging is a dead art form on the internet, you will be wrong.

There are still plenty of people who connect with bloggers online and take into account their opinions. Whether it is on social media or their blog, bloggers still have a lot of social capital that you can make use of on social media.

What’s excellent about bloggers is that they have a decent following. And these followers can be your potential audience and customer. No wonder a social media management company always has a roster of bloggers with a significant social media following.

2. Vloggers

Video content is perhaps the most engaging piece of content out there right now, and one popular type of content is vlogs.

Vlogs are usually videos where the vloggers share their everyday life. Most of them make their content on YouTube, and they get quite a big following behind them sometimes.

These vloggers can range their content from everyday life types of vlogs to all sorts of things. Therefore, you should check a vlogger’s content first to verify if it will be a fit for you.

Sure, you should consider the number of views and subscribers. But you should also keep in mind whether their audience makes up your target market.

3. Mega Influencer

Mega-influencers do not operate under a specific niche. Nonetheless, they have more than a million social media followers. Mega-influencers have tons of people watching or keeping an eye out for their content, so expect them to be pricey.

However, the issue with many mega-influencers is that they do not have a specific niche once they start to be too big. They operate on a grander scheme which means that they don’t have a niche audience.

If you want to be more strategic with your influencer marketing, you need to understand the pros and cons of getting a mega-influencer.

4. Gaming Influencers

A considerable portion of social media, especially on video streaming platforms, is dedicated to gaming. That’s why there are influencers who are more prominent within the gaming world.

If your product or service is something aligned with the type of audience they attract, gaming influencers are a great choice.

Many gaming influencers have a solid following behind them that is loyal to them, which is an aspect that makes them great to work with as a business.

These gaming influencers also do live streams of their gaming content, so there are many things that you can do with that information.

5. Beauty Influencers

The beauty industry is an ever-thriving industry, and the number of successful beauty influencers is a testament to it.

Beauty influencers are another type of influencers who have a good following behind them if they manage to accrue such influence. Plenty of people follow a beauty influencer in one way or another.

As a business in the beauty niche, beauty influencers are one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. They can have the authority to review your products, so many people will want to use your product if you get their approval. Different collaborations happen between beauty influencers and brands everywhere.

There are a plethora of ideas that you can apply when connecting with beauty influencers. Regardless, it should drive brand awareness and sales for your business.

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6. Micro-Influencers

You do not need to connect with mega-influencers all the time to be able to spread the word about your business. You can always connect with micro-influencers who likely have a more comfortable rate for marketing.

Micro-influencers will have a smaller following, unlike the mega-influencers. But that does not mean that you can look down on the type of influence they have.

In the case of micro-influencers, what you really should be looking at is their engagement rate. Micro-influencers benefit from being more engaged with their followers. And this is something you would want to have for your influencer marketing plan.

If you plan on saving some money but still want to work with influencers somehow, the right micro-influencers can be a massive help.

7. CGI Influencers

Another more affordable way to get social media influencers to work with you is by connecting with CGI influencers.

CGI influencers are some new-age inventions and a sign of modern times. Although it might seem a confusing concept at first, you will soon find that it is not as confusing as it may seem.

They are usually from advertising or social media management agencies. So, it is more affordable to work with them because fewer intermediaries are involved. Although CGI influencers are still not very commonplace, they are still a viable option if you are interested.

Because what’s important is that they connect and engage with their followers.

8. Photographers

Social media is, more often than not, a visual game. People curate the look and feel of their social media because of it. Thus, it is a good idea for any business to connect with influencers who are visually adept.

One such influencer that may get a lot of followers is photographers.

What’s excellent about photographers is that you can expect a high-quality social media post from them. More so if you want to run an Instagram campaign, as the platform is 100% visual.

However, you should still do your audience research. That way, you know which types of people will see your business and if they are a viable group of people for you.

9. Activists

Thought leaders or activists are also influencers that you might want to work with. More so if you aim to showcase your brand values.

If you want to promote your company’s mission and vision to the world, connecting with activists and thought leaders is the way to go.

However, be careful, as carelessness might not go unpunished if you do not know how to work well with activists online. What’s important is that you are genuine and do want to help.

10. Experts

Connecting with experts in the field or industry you are in is one of the best types of influencers for any brand. That’s because they are the go-to person that people will look for when making purchasing decisions.

However, there is one caveat here: experts usually are more critical of a product. After all, they have a reputation to maintain.

If you are not confident about the value of your product, you might not want to connect with an industry expert. However, their stamp of approval is something that you would like.


If you want your brand to thrive on social media, you should include influencer marketing in your strategy. That’s because the right influencers can help you reap the following benefits:

  • Connect with your target audience or market
  • Get your marketing message across
  • Build brand awareness

If you want to establish your brand’s social media presence, ensure that you will work with the ideal influencer.

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